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Two Years After September 11 - Hurriyet
Chalabi Will Not Ask Turkey For Troops - Hurriyet
Chalabi To Ask For 10,000 Turkish Troops For Western Iraq -
Ambassador Edelman: Credit Issue to be Finalized in Dubai
Guarantee From Edelman Against Terrorism - Sabah
Denktas Plan versus Annan Plan - Milliyet
US Delegation to Discuss PKK in Ankara - Milliyet
Edelman: President Bush Promised to Eliminate the PKK -
FM Gul Says Annan Plan Can Be Re-Discussed - Hurriyet

Bush's Rating at its Lowest Two Years After September 11 -
Yeni Safak
Edelman: Details of US Credit After Dubai Meetings - Yeni
The Day That Changed The World - Yeni Safak
Two Delegations For Iraq - Radikal
The Day That Rocked the World - Cumhuriyet
An Anniversary Video From Bin-Laden - Cumhuriyet


Anniversary of September 11 Attacks: All papers note that
today marks the second anniversary of the horrific attacks
of September 11, 2001. "Cumhuriyet" notes that September 11
was the day that rocked the earth and caused the American
people to lose their trust in their future and security.
Meanwhile, Al Jazeera TV broadcast a new tape reported to
contain Osama Bin-Laden and his deputy Al-Zavahiri praising
the September 11 attacks and calling on Iraqis to fight
against the Americans.

US Delegation Comes to Turkey to Discuss PKK/KADEK: All
papers and TV channels report that a delegation from the US
State Department will arrive in Ankara today for meetings
tomorrow with Turkish officials. "Vatan" notes that the
visit represents the first step in cooperation between
Turkey and the US to eliminate the PKK/KADEK presence in
northern Iraq. Following his meeting yesterday with
Parliament Speaker Arinc, Ambassador Edelman reminded that
President Bush has promised to eliminate PKK/KADEK, and
confirmed that a US delegation will come to Turkey to
discuss this issue.'

Ahmet Chalabi in Ankara Today: "Sabah" reports that the
chairman of the Iraqi Interim Council Ahmet Chalabi comes to
Ankara today to request Turkish troops. Chalabi's spokesman
had already indicated that the Council would welcome 10,000
Turkish troops to be deployed outside of the Kurdish region,
in western Iraq, under a UN umbrella. "Sabah" draws
attention to Chalabi's remarks, which appear to contradict
this claim. At a press conference yesterday in Baghdat,
Chalabi reportedly said that he will not request troops from
Turkey. Calabi pointed out that the Iraqi Interim Council's
policy is not to bring more foreign forces to the country,
but rather to reduce the number of foreign forces currently
in Iraq.

$8.5 Billion U.S.Credit: Following his meeting with the
Turkish Agriculture Minister, U.S. Ambassador Edelman said
that details concerning the $8.5 billion loan will be
clarified at the IMF-World Bank meeting in Dubai on
September 23-24. "Zaman" reports that markets were
encouraged by positive signs on the credit, and that the
central bank had to intervene to prevent a further decline
in the value of the dollar.


"Lessons of September 11"
Sami Kohen wrote in mass appeal Milliyet (9/11): "After
9/11, terrorism has become an international phenomenon. It
is not only a serious threat against the US, but for the
whole world. Any country should be able to take measures to
protect itself. Yet the fact of the matter is that the
fight against terrorism cannot be achieved solely through
military means. The reasons for terrorism should be
evaluated, and necessary economic, social and political
steps should be taken as well."

"Weakness and Dauntlessness"
Fikret Ertan argued in the Islamist-intellectual Zaman
(9/11): "The perpetrators of 9/11 were targeting the US-
Israel alliance. The attack proved the incompetence of
American intelligence units. Although the 9/11 attack
occurred during the Bush administration, real responsibility
should be given to the Clinton administration, which failed
to monitor Al-Qaeda and to take preventive measures.
However, the Bush administration has continued to make poor
policy choices and to implement practices that cannot be
justified. . Unfortunately, even today the US continues to
ignore the rest of the world and move forward unilaterally."

"Thoughts on September 11"
Fehmi Koru wrote in the Islamist-intellectual Yeni Safak
(9/11): "In the post-September 11 era, the world has become
more vulnerable to terrorism. Today the international
equilibrium stands at a new low. The US ignores and
neglects important human values such as democracy, human
rights and the supremacy of law. Blood, tears and agony
have become the symbols of 9/11."

"The Ominous Day"
Soli Ozel wrote in the mass appeal Sabah (9/11): "9/11 was
an assault against the US, but also against the world
system. The US has thus supported the entire world system
through its steps to protect world order. After September
11, the United States had a unique opportunity to forge
worldwide cooperation on this issue. It is therefore
unfortunate the policy to deal with the issue was shaped by
the neo-conservatives in the American administration. .
Europe has also made a mistake by remaining aloof from the
issue. In this atmosphere, the US was drunk with its own
power, a condition which led to the unilateral war against
Iraq. The US interpreted the 9/11 correctly at the
beginning, but later began implementing the wrong kinds of
remedies to deal with it."


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