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US wants Turkish, Spanish troops for Afghanistan front -
Papadopoulos against transfer of EU funds to `TRNC' -
EU office in `TRNC' will be another shock for Greeks -
Athens believes Annan Plan still alive - Milliyet
Fallujah in flames - Turkiye
Air raid on Fallujah - Aksam
Bomb attack on UN building in Damascus - Sabah
Terror hits Damascus - Aksam

Ambassador Edelman: US won't leave Turkish Cypriots out in
the cold - Radikal
Ambassador Edelman: Turkey displayed good intentions on
Cyprus - Yeni Safak
Verheugen signals due EU presence in Turkish Cyprus -
Verheugen says Turkish troops will remain in Cyprus - Zaman
Boucher lauds `courageous' Turkish Cypriots for backing a
solution - Cumhuriyet
Ankara urges OIC support for `TRNC' - Radikal
Ankara cold to troop deployment in Afghanistan - Zaman
Bloody clashes in Najaf, 64 resisters killed - Cumhuriyet
Es-Sadr calls for defense of Najaf - Yeni Safak


Turkish troops to Iraq, Afghanistan: US envoy to NATO Nick
Burns said that Turkey and Spain, countries with excess
troop capacity, could contribute to the peacekeeping mission
in Afghanistan with security operations outside Kabul. US
Ambassador to Ankara Eric Edelman said at an Istanbul
conference on U.S.-Turkish relations that NATO was currently
discussing possibilities for deployment of NATO troops
outside Kabul under Turkish command. However, papers
speculate that Turkey's military is not happy with the
recent American request for Turkish troop deployment in
Afghanistan since no action has been taken against the PKK
presence in northern Iraq.

Cyprus: EU foreign ministers have agreed to extend
financial aid to Turkish Cypriots, say papers. EU's
enlargement chief Verheugen said an EU presence post should
be opened in northern Cyprus. Verheugen has disregarded
Greek Cypriot warnings that the EU cannot provide direct
financial aid to the Turkish Cypriots. He added that 30,000
Turkish troops would stay in the north. Verheugen has also
criticized `racist' statements by the Greek Cypriot church
in their campaign for the April 24 referenda, saying that
treating Turkish Cypriots as second-class citizens was
unacceptable. Close EU ties with northern Cypriots would
not mean recognition of the `TRNC,' he stressed. Meanwhile,
MFA officials expect the Greek Cypriot administration to
press for opening an embassy in Turkey. They will raise in
the EU the issue of Turkish troop presence in Cyprus. Ankara
has urged the ambassadors of the Organization for Islamic
Conference (OIC) to establish commercial and business ties
with the `TRNC' before the June 14-16 OIC conference in
Istanbul, write papers. US Ambassador to Ankara Eric
Edelman said in Istanbul on Tuesday that US would work
closely with its partners in Europe to see that Turkish
Cypriots `are not left out in the cold.' The US is
considering measures such as establishing an official
American presence in the Turkish Cypriot zone, entering into
tourism cooperation with the Turkish Cypritos, opening the
airport in the north to international flights, and allowing
export of Turkish Cypriot goods, according to papers.

Interview with Congressman Wexler: "Ankara's Cyprus policy
has positively changed the US view of Turkey, and this is
further evidence that Turkey's democracy has matured,"
Congressman Robert Wexler said to "Radikal." Ankara's
attitude with regard to Cyprus has drawn Turkey closer to
EU, Wexler added. "Until recently, our relationship with
Turkey was established on the dialogue between the
militaries of the two countries. Today it is a relationship
between the two democracies. We appreciate the functioning
democracy in Turkey, and we are happy to see that the
Turkish people's views are echoed in the parliament. Iraq
has taught us a lesson that our relationship with allies
ruled by democracy should not be solely based on the
relationship between the militaries," Wexler emphasized.


a) Iraq
b) Cyprus

Murat Celikkan argued in liberal-intellectual Radikal
(4/28): "The US forces in Iraq are doing their best to make
the press ineffective. General Kimmet gave the order to
take al- Jazira television out of Fallujah. Moreover,
Iraq's pro-Al Sadr newspaper was closed down. It seems the
first priority for the US forces in Iraq, who are supposed
to be there to bring democracy, is to silence the voice of
the media. The so-called democracy in Iraq is US- patented
and it continues favoritism in bureaucratic appointments,
just as the Saddam administration used to. US-appointed
Governing Council member Ahmed Chalabi has asked his cousin
to be in charge of the trials of former Iraqi officials from
the Saddam era. His cousin has zero experience in such a
field, yet favoritism prevailed once again. . The solution
is simple: The occupation should end as soon as possible and
all Iraqis should be able to participate in free elections
with no intervention from the US."

"New Middle East, New NATO and New Cyprus"
Serdar Turgut argued in the sensational-mass appeal Aksam
(4/28): "Looking at the Cyprus question from a narrow
perspective does not provide the real picture of what is
going to happen in the region. Very few commentators are
looking at the Cyprus issue from a strategic point of view,
which is a pity since military strategy is the only concept
that matters to the US and UK in their assessment of the
Cyprus issue. The US is working on a new strategy to
introduce during the upcoming NATO summit. The gist of this
strategy is about directing the Greater Middle East project
from American bases in Cyprus. The world's most effective
intelligence unit, ECHELON, will be coordinated in Cyprus.
Details can be found in the April 10 edition of the Asia
Times. . We should be prepared for the upcoming NATO Summit.
The US is going to intensify its efforts to convince NATO
and EU members about the establishment of an American base
in Cyprus. If this does not work, the US will definitely
try to persuade Turkey to establish a base in the north of

"Don't Expect Any Cash Prizes"
Mehmet Ali Birand commented in the sensational/mass appeal
Posta (4/28): "Some commentators are constantly saying,
`The Turkish Cypriots should be rewarded immediately for
their acceptance of the plan and the Greek Cypriots should
pay for their rejection of it.' This viewpoint is close to
getting out of control because some are calling for
immediate results. In other words, the European Union
Council of Ministers or their leaders should immediately
reward the Turkish Cypriots while punishing the Greeks.
However, patience dominates international relations. We
have to wait and play the game according to the rules. On
the other hand, EU Commissioner for Enlargement Verheugen's
statement after the commission meeting in Luxemburg was full
of remarks that pointed toward a plan being
formulated.According to his statements, the TRNC will not be
recognized as a state, but relations will be built without
declaring its status. In other words, the Greek Cypriots
will not be able to represent the entire island. The
commission will ensure the lifting of all the trade and
economic embargoes on the Turkish side. It appears that the
current border will continue to divide the sides. Moreover,
financial assistance will be given directly to the TRNC, not
via Greek Cyprus. The fact which everyone has to get used
to is that we are entering an uncertain period. The
certainties we have lived with for the past 30 years are
changing. We need to produce visionary and creative
policies. If we do not produce them, someone else will
present them to us. Therein lies the danger."

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