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Europe will reward TRNC for `yes' - Milliyet
TRNC asks EU to freeze Greek Cypriots' membership - Sabah
Powell promises Gul to end isolation of TRNC - Sabah
UN bids farewell to Cyprus - Aksam
Cheney cited about energy lobbies again - Aksam
Thousands of Americans warn Bush to keep abortion legal -

EU urges Turkey to recognize the Greek Cypriot state -
Ankara asks US, EU to remove sanctions on northern Cypriots
- Radikal
Ankara launches diplomatic attack against TRNC sanctions -
US reviews Cyprus policy - Zaman
EU to release Euro 260 million for Turkish Cypriots -
Cheney's man Lundquist involved in energy irregularity -
Yeni Safak
Americans replace outgoing Spanish troops in Iraq - Zaman
Fallujah under fire - Zaman
Turmoil continues in Fallujah - Cumhuriyet


Cyprus: EU foreign ministers said they are determined to
end the isolation of northern Cyprus after the April 24
reunification referendum failed because of an overwhelming
'no' vote on the Greek Cypriot side of the island. Euro260
million was released as an initial step to support the
economy of `TRNC.' The EU will work to integrate the north
and south of Cyprus economically and develop relations
between the two sides, say papers. The EU is preparing to
open an office in the Turkish side, and will accept the
Green Line buffer zone dividing Cyprus as the EU border,
mainstream dailies note. However, "Cumhuriyet" says the EU
has urged Ankara to recognize the Greek Cypriot state and
pull troops out of Turkish Cypriot north of the island. The
`Prime Minister' of the Turkish Cypriot enclave, Mehmet Ali
Talat, calls for the EU to freeze the membership of the
Greek Cypriots until a solution is reached to the division
of the island. Talat has also written the EU foreign
ministers and urged them to establish direct relations with
the `TRNC' and asked to expand the circulation of goods
between the two zones in Cyprus. Secretary of State Colin
Powell said US was reviewing its policies toward the Turkish
Cypriot north, and added that US actions would be parallel
to the EU policies, write papers. Powell called Turkey's
Foreign Minister Gul to praise the constructive approach of
the Turkish Cypriots and vowed to continue US support for
the Turkish side of the island, say reports. Turkish
dailies expect `PM of TRNC' Talat to meet with Secretary
Powell in Washington next week. Dailies speculate that
Ankara would not object to prospective US and EU policies of
`by-passing' Denktas and holding official meetings directly
with the Turkish Cypriot government. On Monday, the GOT and
the National Security Council (NSC) called for the US and
the EU to keep the promises they made to northern Cyprus by
ending the embargo.
Turkish peacekeepers for Afghanistan: The US seeks more
Turkish soldiers for duty in Afghanistan, with the arrival
of the new troops planned for 2005 for active operations
outside Kabul, papers quote US NATO envoy Nick Burns. FM
Gul will discuss the issue at a meeting with the NATO
Secretary General Scheffer in Istanbul on Wednesday.

"Cumhuriyet" reports Congressman John McCain as saying to
CBS that Turkish troops and peacekeepers from other Muslim
countries should be deployed in southern Afghanistan.


"Cyprus: Gains and Losses"
Yilmaz Oztuna commented in the conservative-mass appeal
Turkiye (4/27): "Under the current circumstances, Turkey
should be able to receive a date from the EU in the upcoming
December summit. Turkey has also gained an important
benefit from the referendum in that there is no way the EU
can place Turkey on the irreconcilable side of the Cyprus
issue. With the help of the northern Cypriots' yes to the
Annan Plan and the EU's vision of Turkey, we have two
important components of continuing to be part of the modern
civilized world, which is the most important benefit of all.
. There will be another important gain if the embargoes
against Turkish Cyprus are lifted. In fact, a unique
opportunity was missed due to the unfortunate attitude of
the Greek Cypriot side. Had the Annan Plan been approved by
the both sides, it would be a relief for everyone, including
the whole of Cyprus, the US, the EU and the UN."

"Withdrawing forces from Cyprus"
Fatih Altayli suggested in the mass appeal Hurriyet (4/27):
"The referenda results are not the best outcome for Turkish
Cypriots, yet they still provide hope and optimism for the
future. The current process has gained a dynamic momentum
and the northern side will be the winner regardless of what
comes next. Turkey is also on the winners' side. It would
not be realistic to expect the embargoes to be immediately
lifted and recognition process to be immediately initiated.
Yet, it is absolutely realistic to see things developing to
the benefit of the north. In sum, this is a win-win case
for both Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side. . This is
the very time to take an initiative that will enhance
Turkey's position: reduce the number of Turkish troops on
the island. If Turkey manages to do this, it will provide
enormous diplomatic benefits for us."

"Is the Problem Over?"
Sami Kohen opined in the mass appeal Milliyet (4/27): "The
ability of the Turkish side of Cyprus to preserve the
benefits gained with the referendum depends on the strategy
it will follow. A policy that aims at permanent division or
separation will bring huge problems in the future,
especially, for Turkey, which expects a date from the EU in
December, and for the Turkish Cypriots, who want the
embargoes to be fully lifted and hope to join the EU
(immediately after the Greek Cypriot accession) in the near
future. Therefore, following their latest diplomatic
success, it would be useful for the Turkish side to keep its
options open for the realization of the `Republic of the
United Cyprus.' Of course, for this, the Greek side will
need to show a serious change in its stance and correct its
`oxi' mistake. And, for everyone's benefit, this change has
to be realized, as soon as possible, before the roads are
separated fully."


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