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International press: Bush pushes Turkey toward Europe -
NATO Summit over, Istanbul returns to daily routine - Sabah
Barzani: Either federation or independence - Aksam
EU plans to by-pass Greek Cypriots - Hurriyet
Dutch PM: We will treat Turkey fairly - Hurriyet
`Ordinary' criminal Saddam may receive capital punishment -
Death penalty awaits Saddam - Aksam

French press: Bush ignored Chirac on Turkey - Zaman
Powell extends helping hand to Darfur - Radikal
Barzani: Independence is Kurds' destiny - Radikal
Al-Zarkawi captured - Iraqi daily - Yeni Safak
Saddam and 11 top aides in Iraqi court - Zaman
Iraqis to charge Saddam on Halabja - Yeni Safak
ECHR ruling on headscarf disappoints AK Party - Cumhuriyet
Paddy Ashdown sacks 60 officials for protecting Karadzic -
Guantanamo detainees to be transferred to US - Radikal
US to recall 6,000 soldiers for Iraq, Afghanistan -
Israeli court shifts route of security fence - Cumhuriyet


AK Party hides decree on Incirlik AB: A government decree
on the extension of US use of Incirlik Airbase has not been
revealed to the public, "Cumhuriyet" claims. The
unclassified government decree authorizing the extension of

the US military presence at Incirlik has not been published
in the Official Gazette. The decree, which was endorsed by
the AK Party government prior to the Bush visit to Turkey,
allows Iraqi coalition forces to use military facilities in
Turkey in a way that goes beyond the scope of humanitarian
assistance. The decree allows for the transfer of
logistical support, military personnel and equipment via
Turkey, "Cumhuriyet" claims.

Israeli ambassador denies secret activities in Iraq:
Israel's Ambassador to Ankara, Pinhas Avivi, denied
allegations by "The New Yorker" with regard to Israeli
intelligence operatives providing military training to
northern Iraqi Kurds. Speaking to "Aksam" daily, Avivi said
Israel has carried out all of its activities in the region
in consultation with Ankara. Israel would not jeopardize
its `crucial' relationship with Turkey, Avivi emphasized. A
divided Iraq would be a considerable loss for Israel, he

Barzani expects sovereignty for Kurds: KDP leader Massoud
Barzani told the Arabic `Al-Hayat' daily that the Kurds
would eventually unite and gain independence. `Iraqi Kurds
are not inferior to Arabs,' Barzani ssaid, adding that `we
won't accept second-class treatment in Iraq.' Barzani
warned that the Kurds would opt for separation and
independence if the new Iraqi constitution does not bring a
federal, democratic regime.

Cyprus: The European Commission (EC) is expected to endorse
on July 7 a package of measures aimed at removing economic
sanctions on northern Cyprus by by-passing the Greek
Cypriots, "Hurriyet" reports. Greek Cypriots have warned
that they will take the agreement to European courts if the
Commission approves the package. According to the
agreement, the EU would allow the direct export of
commodities produced in the `TRNC.' The EU will also
release a long-promised Euro 259 million in assistance to
Turkish Cypriots. The assistance will be administered by an
EU office to be opened in northern Cyprus. Meanwhile,
coalition bargaining between the three Turkish Cypriot
parties has ended unsuccessfully. `TRNC PM' Mehmet Ali
Talat said that early elections would have to be held if an
agreement is not reached soon.

Turkey cuts defense spending: Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul
has announced that there had been a TL 4,000 trillion cut in
defense spending in 2003. Gonul added that the government
is also working to reduce the number of conscripts. The
Turkish General Staff is planning to eliminate a brigade at
the border with Greece and two other brigades in central and
eastern Turkey, "Hurriyet" reports.


"A Historical Speech for Middle East"
Cuneyt Ulsever commented in the mass appeal "Hurriyet"
(7/1): "President Bush's speech in Istanbul was a
declaration by the United States to the world. The US
President declared that bringing democracy and freedom to
the Middle East is the most immediate priority for the US in
its fight against terrorism. This is a very impressive
declaration, because the gist of the Middle East issue stems
from the dictatorial regimes in the region and the support
given to those regimes by the Western powers. President
Bosh openly acknowledged this sin committed by the West.
This is a very significant self-criticism. ... The
President's speech also provided guidance on the content of
the Broader Middle East and North Africa Project. As Bush
listed the main goals of the initiative, it is obvious that
achieving those goals must involve Turkey. This makes
Turkey the luckiest country in the 21st century. ... The
main goal outlined by President Bush is a democratic and
free Middle East. This would be in the interest of the
region, the United States, and the world. Let us all pursue
this goal."

"A Brand New NATO"
Zafer Atay observed in the economic-political "Dunya" (7/1):
"The NATO alliance has assumed a brand new identity after
the Istanbul summit, which marked the end of NATO's search
for a new role in today's world. ... NATO has expanded its
scope of interest as much as possible. From now on, the
borders of the NATO alliance will not be limited to the two
sides of the Atlantic, but will encompass the entire world.
The new threats have been identified as international
terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass
destruction. These are global threats, and the alliance has
responded accordingly."

"A Message to the Middle East from Istanbul"
Akif Emre argued in the Islamist-intellectual "Yeni Safak"
(7/1): "The choice of the venue for the Bush speech was
symbolically important and provided a message to the Middle
East. The gist of the message is that the US considers
Istanbul as its gateway to the Middle East. Transforming
the Islamic world has now been described as a strategic goal
for NATO, and Turkey, as a Muslim country, should take the
first step in standing against this concept. However, the
government is preoccupied with efforts to enhance its
domestic power and gain more international legitimacy. All
of this will only lead to a policy whereby Turkey
facilitates the US infiltration of the Islamic geography
through the use of NATO. The US now holds in its hands
every legal and military prerequisite for taking the Middle
East under its hegemony. Those who consider this as an
historic summit should realize that this is all part of a
strategy that will bring the region only more chaos and


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