Cablegate: Media Reaction: Aftermath of the London Blast;

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SUBJECT: Media Reaction: Aftermath of the London Blast;

Summary: Newspapers continue to editorially criticize the
backlash on the Muslim community in Britain following the
blast. "Janakantha" wonders whether racists are taking
advantage of the situation. A columnist in "Naya Diganta"
opines that both sides of the "Fourth World War" are
committing genocide in the name of fighting terrorism.
"Bangladesh Observer" says the backlash proves that the
British society is not as secular as its defendants claim.
"Naya Diganta" says the bomb blast has not only drawn
indignation from all people, but also united them against

Aftermath of the London Blast

"On Removing Fear in Britain"
Pro-opposition Bangla language newspaper "Janakantha"
editorially comments (7/13):

It seems that terrorism has now engulfed the entire world.
9/11 was not the first and the last...Following the London
blast, racists have created a new fear. They have attacked
three mosques in London, Liverpool and Leeds, causing panic
in the Muslim community. Al Qaeda has acknowledged its
responsibility for the blast, although none has yet been
identified with concrete evidence... Whatever the reason,
these are despicable incidents. They are enemies of
mankind, not only of the Muslim community, whose places of
worship were attacked. The British High Commissioner's
remarks that Bangladeshis in London have nothing to fear
will reassure many of us. Terrorists have carried out the
London blast. Peoples and governments of countries,
including Bangladesh, are opposed to terrorism. It is the
responsibility of the British government to ensure that
nobody can create panic in the community on this issue.
Fear in the British society must be removed. We are united
with rest of the world against terrorism.


"Both Sides Commit Genocide in the "Fourth World War"
An op-ed page article in Bangla "Naya Diganta" by columnist
Sadeq Khan opines (7/13):

Extremist Muslims are held responsible for any terrorist
incident in western nations. It is certain that the IRA
would have been blamed if such incident occurred a decade
ago. Experts say that it is the practice of western
intelligence to proceed with a target in mind. However, an
organization named Al Qaeda in Europe has claimed
responsibility. It is a matter of investigation whether Al
Qaeda has any relations with this organization. Whatever
facts come out of the investigation, if the 'war against
terrorism' goes on for thousand of years, even then it will
not be able to heal the wound the 7/7 has created in British

Borrowing words from British MP George Gallaway, it can be
said that such retaliation will continue if the West follows
a foreign and defense policy based on war and occupation.
History will determine that both sides of the ongoing
"Fourth World War" deserve condemnation. Both are war


"How Secular Is Britain?"
Independent English language newspaper "Bangladesh Observer"
editorially comments (7/13):
The backlash that has followed the London bombings of July 7
was expected. It only proves that British society is not as
secular as is claimed by its defendants. Nevertheless one
must add for the sake of putting it in perspective that
things would have been much worse had the incidents occurred
in any other continent....
The explosions are being compared to the IRA bombings in
London in the 1980s, but the comparison ends there. There
was no wholesale attack on the Irish community living in
London or the UK during that period nor did British
government annul the agreement that allows Irish citizens to
visit the UK without a visa. But why is it any different
when it comes to Muslims? Probably because it is easier to
identify them by the color of their skins which is different
from that of the natives. Race has always been a factor in
British politics.
Prime Minister Tony Blair of the UK has admitted that one
has to go into the roots of terrorism although he strongly
denies that it was a result of the Anglo-US invasion of Iraq
last year. One just has to remind him that it is not Germany
or France that has come under attack. It is always countries
like Britain or Spain that have sent troops to Iraq that has
been attacked. After Spain withdrew its soldiers from Iraq
there has been no attack on the country. The UK, too, should
think of withdrawing its troops from Iraq and cut down the
possibility of being a prospective target for international
terrorists. British policy should not be dictated by the
fact that their troops in Iraq are in a comparatively safe
zone. They should also understand that they are a party to
an occupation that has caused death and destruction to
millions in Iraq.
So far many in the West had felt that they did not mind as
long as the war was in a far-away land but the London
bombings should make it clear to them that the battle-lines
are undefined. It should be a reason for introspection and
the people in Britain should realize that it is not a good
policy to remain smug as long as the suffering is foreign.
"The London Blast: These Barbaric and Inhuman Attacks Cannot
be accepted by any Consideration"
Pro-Islamic Bangla "Naya Diganta" editorially comments

We have no words to condemn the London blast on Thursday.
The attacks were carried out on the underground trains and
public buses. An extremist organization has claimed
responsibility for the attack through a website. However,
this confession is not acceptable without legal proof. The
British government is also examining whether there is any
truth in it. The identity of the perpetrators remains
unresolved. But Pope Benedict has said the attack is
against Christians. Such remarks should not be made before
investigations.... Following the blast, London was put on
high alert. The world leaders have condemned the terrorist
attack. All parties, communities and religions in Britain
have condemned the attack and pledged to work together to
deal with terrorist attacks. G 8 leaders have pledged to
work together in the war against terror. The Bangladesh
government has immediately condemned the attack and
expressed solidarity with Londoners. In a joint statement,
Muslim leaders and the Bishop in London have urged all to
remain calm and face the situation. This attack on innocent
people has not only drawn indignation from all, but also
united the people to resist this cruel and barbaric menace.

The attack is being considered as an attack on the entire
mankind. Perpetrators do not deserve to be considered as
humans. They are beasts engaged in revenge. British Muslim
leaders have urged people not to place blame prematurely and
not to involve peace loving Muslims and Islam with this
barbaric incident. Blair also said that those who have
carried out the attack are enemies of mankind. Rejecting
the fear that Muslims will be subjected to atrocities, he
said that Islam is a religion of peace. Muslims are
peaceful and law abiding. Therefore, allegations should not
be raised against any community or religion without concrete
evidence or before investigations. We are against this
barbaric attack and express out solidarity with the people
of Britain. We urge all peace loving people to work
together against this despicable attack.


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