Cablegate: Daily Iraqi Website Monitoring - September 28, 2005

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SUMMARY: Discussion of poor security, sectarian division,
and corruption were the major editorial themes of Iraqi,
Arabic language websites on September 28, 2005. END SUMMARY.


A. "The Government Prepares and Zarqawi Executes" (Sawt Al-
Iraq, 9/28)
B. "Arab Constitutions and the Foundation of Sectarianism"
(Modern Discussion, 9/28)
C. "A Citizen's Cry: Who Set Them Free?" (Iraq of Tomorrow,
D. "Against Division" (Independent Iraqi News Agency, 9/28)


A. "The Government Prepares and Zarqawi Executes"
(Editorial by "The Son of Iraq" - Sawt Al-Iraq - .php?id=16265 )

"The latest achievement of the elected government that
serves the Iraqi people was its decision to search all
houses, shops, and factories in Baghdad in pursuit of
unauthorized weapons.

"The government has started this campaign in some districts,
confiscating personal weapons used to protect life and
property despite the government's failure to provide
security for the people and for itself. The government says
there is no need for such weapons because the security
situation in Iraq is better than Sweden or Dubai and,
therefore, people have no need for weapons; after all,
criminals, abductors, terrorists, and slaughterers are
nowhere to be found in the country.

"The Minister of Interior says the campaign will continue
and Iraqis should not attempt to hide their weapons because
search operations will be carried out using highly
technological equipment-a very nice speech by a minister who
is protected by Iraqi and foreign armies that cost the state
hundreds of thousands of dollars, and who is moving around
in a $160,000 armored vehicle. This leads us to the
question: How will citizens protect themselves given the
inability of the government to defend them? Who will guard
shops and factories if guards are stripped of their weapons?
Should Iraqis go back to using daggers and clubs in the face
of machine guns and car bombs that are used by terrorists,
militias, and Iraqi policemen's kidnapping gangs?

"What has the government done about weapons owned by
militias and terrorist organizations? Can its frightened
forces enter cities like Latifiya, Ramadi, Qaim, Dora, and
others to confiscate weapons there? Or is this government
similar to the previous regime that only had authority over
harmless citizens?

"Protection for the Prime Minister costs $300,000 per month,
while other government protection services drain billions of
dollars each year that should have gone to reconstruction
projects. And they all use unauthorized weapons, so how
could the Prime Minister, the Interior Minister, and the
whole weak government dare attempt to confiscate one piece
of weaponry from a foreign bodyguard? Can an Iraqi afford
$300,000 a month protection to secure his life and that of
his family? Are militias' weapons authorized? Are
terrorists' weapons authorized? Are Sadr's movement's
weapons authorized? And can an ordinary Iraqi enter the
heavily fortified Ministry of Interior to obtain a license
for a weapon to protect his family and property?

"To the Iraqi government, I would like to say that the blood
of Iraqis killed by terrorists is on your hands; the money
stolen from Iraq is your sin; and the mourning of Iraqi
women is your guilt. You have proven worse than the ousted
regime. Today we witness governments with no wisdom, police
with no conscience, and a price on the heads of Iraqis that
is cheaper than the price of a kilogram of meat."

B. "Arab Constitutions and the Foundation of Sectarianism"
(Editorial by Mohammed Al-Hanafi - Modern Discussion - 46625 )

"The talk these days is about the Iraqi constitution and the
legitimization of sectarianism in Iraq, which should be
confronted by Iraqis, Arabs, and humanity to overcome
obstacles in the path of development. Nations should be
brought together based on international law and human rights

"Iraqis are not the only ones threatened by a constitution
that legitimizes sectarianism; all Arabs face the same
threat, especially when a capitalist world seeks to incite
sectarian and ethnic unrest and tear apart the unity of Arab
countries. What is happening in Iraq is quite obvious; it
can be achieved in any country where the introduction of
capitalism justifies the imposition of economic, political,
and military dominance. It is quite easy to understand why
emphasizing sectarianism in constitutions has become a main
interest of capitalist regimes: it guarantees uncontested
control over the world's wealth in the third millennium.

"So will Arabs unite with Iraq as it faces this sectarian
constitution? And will they take notice of the exploitation
of Islam in Arab constitutions-constitutions that permit the
formation of sectarian-based political parties?

"What is taking place in Iraq threatens all Arabs. The
threat of sectarian unrest extends throughout the Arab
homeland, from East to West, and from the Gulf region to the
Atlantic Ocean."

C. "A Citizen's Cry: Who Set Them Free?"
(Editorial by Hamza Al Shemkhi - Iraq of Tomorrow - ?id=32785 )

"An Iraqi citizen called Al Iraqiya television on September
12, 2005 and demanded the channel inform the Iraqi
government and the Minister of Interior of the violations in
Hilla's security organizations.

"He said a number of terrorists and criminals were displayed
on an Al Iraqiya television program confessing to crimes,
terrorism, and sabotage operations against the Iraqi people.
Days after they had been displayed on television, they were
released without punishment. Citizens were curious about
this incident, as they were not given an explanation for the
detainees' release. Who is behind that decision that turned
terrorists into innocent civilians?

"The people of Hilla discovered that money played a role in
freeing those killers; bribes were paid to corrupt employees
working in the security and military organizations- and even
the ministries.

"Incidentally, the citizen who called the channel mentioned
on air the names of the terrorists who were released; he
mentioned the names of their cities and their residences.
Isn't it a crime against Iraq and Iraqis to set free those
who were involved in killing, kidnapping, and destroying the

"We need an immediate response to this question. Who is
responsible for setting those killers free? Have terrorists
turned into innocent civilians?"

D. "Against Division"
(Editorial by Ja'afar Mohammed Ahmed - Independent Iraqi
News Agency - http://www.normal.iraq- )

"Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al Faisal's warnings of Iraq's
dissolution and his accusation that America's occupation is
deepening sectarian divisions were based on an in-depth
study of Iraq's reality under American occupation, which
follows the policy of `divide and rule.'

"What is presently taking place in Iraq is the prologue to
division, an emphasis on sectarian division that will
undermine its Arab nature and unity. This is a concern for
all, especially neighboring countries. The December election
will not succeed in unifying Iraq. The possible division of
Iraq into a Kurdish state in the north, a Sunni state in the
center, and a Shiite state in the south will drag other
countries in the region into conflict, which will create a
very dangerous situation and dangerous consequences.

"France hinted that Iraq might slip onto the verge of
division. And French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy
announced that France wishes to hold an international
conference on Iraq to prevent its division.
"Despite all the explosions, sectarian conflict, and
fighting in Iraq, and while the occupation moves here and
there, striking, torturing, and supporting and oppressing
whomever it chooses, the Arab and Islamic world does not
take action.

"Iraq needs a strong stance to save it from this hell and to
liberate it from the occupation that the entire world has
rejected. Iraq needs an Arab stance to support and protect
it from the risk of division; it needs support to
reestablish its national unity and clear out the occupation
that is causing the tension."


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