Cablegate: Leahy Vetting for Weapons of Mass Destruction Course,


DE RUEHKA #0803/01 2111111
O 291111Z JUL 08




E.O. 12958: N/A

1. This is an action request. See para three.

2. The following candidates have been selected for participation in
the Weapons of Mass Destruction Course which will begin on October
5, 2008. Post vetting was completed on July 28, 2008. Post requests
that vetting be completed by September 26, 2008 to provide
sufficient time for processing. Post requests the department conduct
Leahy vetting for the following 80 candidates from Law enforcement:

1. Name: SM Maksudur Rahman
DPOB: Apr. 11, 1967, Narayanganj
Rank: Inspector (UB)

2. Name: Md. Humayun Kabir
DPOB: Aug. 10, 1965, comilla
Rank: Inspector (UB)

3. Name: Md. Jilhur Tahman Chowdhury
DPOB: Aug. 1, 1966, Sariatpur
Rank: Inspector (UB)

4. Name: SM Faruk Hossain
DPOB: Jan. 2, 1968, Sirajgong
Rank: Inspector (UB)

5. Name: Md. Moklasur Rahman
DPOB: Nov. 30, 1978, Kishoregong
Rank: Sub-Inspector

6. Name: Md. Masud Parvez
DPOB: Jan. 1, 1977, Narayanganj
Rank: Sub - Inspector

7. Name: Miha Kutubur Rahman Chowdhury
DPOB: Feb. 20, 1964, Moulavibazar
Rank: Inspector (UB)

8. Name: Md. Shohel Quddus
DPOB: May 12, 1977, Satkhira
Rank: Sub-Inspector

9. Name: Md. Mynul Islam
DPOB: Dec. 12, 1974, Munshiganj
Rank: Sub-Inspector

10. Name: Md. Rafiqul Islam
DPOB: Sept. 5, 1959, Mymensingh
Rank: Sub-Inspector

11. Name: Md. Shohidullah
DPOB: Feb. 25, 1974 sherpur
Rank: ASP, DB

12. Name: Mr. Md. Kabir Hossain
DPOB: July 1, 1965, Brammon Baria
Rank: Sub - Inspector

13. Name: Md. Mofizur Rahman
POB: Feb. 14, 1976, Bhola
ank: Sub Inspector

14. Name: A.Z.M. Maniruzzaman
DPOB: Jan. 1, 1971, Mymensingh
Rank: Sub Inspector

15. Name: Sheikh Ali Akbar
DPOB: Jan. 15, 1971 Bagerhat
Rank: Sub Inspector

16. Name: Abu Taher
DPOB: Jun. 1, 1956, Mymensingh
Rank: Armed Inspector

17. Name: A.Q.M. Shanewas
DPOB: May 30, 1956, Rangpur
Rank: Inspector (Protection)

18. Name: Md. Ruhul Amin
DPOB: Sept. 26, 1977, Comilla
Rank: Sub-Inspector

19. Name: Raju Ahmed
DPOB: Mar. 1, 1977, Dhaka
Rank: Sub-Inspector (Protection)

20. Name: Sayed Tauhidul Bari

DPOB: Jan. 1, 1978, Dhaka
Rank: Sub - Inspector (Protection)

21. Name: Md. Khalilur Rahman
DPOB: Sept. 25, 1962, Dhaka
Rank: Sub- Inspector (protection)

22. Name: Md. Tah-Eyatul Islam
DPOB: Jan. 1, 1971, Dinajpur
Rank: Sub-Inspector (Protection)

23. Name: Abdul Momen
DPOB: Mar. 4, 1964, Chandpur
Rank: Sub Inspector

24. Name: Abu Maruf Md. Shanur
DPOB: Jun. 30, 1966, Chittagong
Rank: Inspector

25. Name: Md. Abdul Hamid 1
DPOB: Mar. 25, 1967, Thakurgaon
Rank: Inspector

26. Name: Md. Haris Ali Miah
DPOB: Dec. 4, 1967, Faridpur
Rank: Inspector

27. Name: Md. Abdul Baten Miah
DPOB: Dec. 1, 1970, Mymensingh
Rank: Inspector

28. Name: Md. Abdul Gofur Mokfubar, ppm
DPOB: May 1, 1964, rangpur
Rank: Inspector

29. Name: Md. Sazzad Hossain
DPOB: Dec. 31, 1976, Dhaka
Rank: Sub-Inspector

30. Name: Md. Mostafa Kamal Haider
DPOB: Jan. 1, 1970, Barisal
Rank: Sub-Inspector

31. Name: Kazi Sanowar Hossain
DPOB: Jan. 2, 1970, Manikganj
Rank: Sub-Inspector

32. Name: Md. Mainul Islam
DPOB: May 31, 1967, Habigonj
Rank: Sub-Inspector

33. Name: Md. Moniruzzaman 1
DPOB: Sept. 1, 1970, Nowgoan
Rank: Sub-Inspector

34. Name: Md. Nurul Aklak Hossain Khan
DPOB: Sept. 17, 1968, Tangail
Rank: Sub-Inspector

35. Name: Nur Ahmed
DPOB: June 20, 1976, Noakhali
Rank: Sub - Inspector

36. Name: Md. Sayful Islam
DPOB: June 1, 1976, Barisal
Rank: Sub-Inspector

37. Name: Gazi Mizanur Rahman
DPOB: May 26, 1971, Narail
Rank: Sub-Inspector

38. Name: A.K.M. Abdur Razzaque
DPOB: Jan 1, 1958, Chanour
Rank: Sub Inspector

39. Name: Md. Sanwar Hossain
DPOB: June 21, 1956, Serazgonj
Rank: Sub Inspector

40. Name: Mohammad Khokonuzzaman
DPOB: Aug. 10, 1974, Comilla
Rank: Sub-Inspector

41. Name: Md. Kalam Khan
DPOB: Sept. 11, 1973, Pirojpur
Rank: Sub - Inspector

42. Name: Syed Shawkat Hossain
DPOB: Jan. 1, 1966, Barisal
Rank: Inspector

43. Name: Mohammad Muniruzzaman
DPOB: Jan. 16, 1967, Pirojpur
Rank: Inspector

44. Name: Md. Tota Miha
DPOB: June 15, 1966, Madaripur
Rank: Inspector

45. Name: Atin Kumar Motra
DPOB: Feb. 19, 1963, Munshiganj
Rank: Inspector

46. Name: Md. Salah Uddin
DPOB: Aug. 15, 1967, Dhaka
Rank: Inspector

47. Name: Mohammed Shahid Ullah
DPOB: Apr. 30, 1977, Comilla
Rank: Sub-Inspector

48. Name: Md. Arifur Rahman
DPOB: Nov. 21, 1980, Tangail
Rank: Sub Inspector

49. Name: K.M. Inam Ahmed
DPOB: Nov. 16, 1971, Sirajgonj
Rank: Sub Inspector

50. Name: Md. Ameer taimur Elli
DPOB: Sept. 1, 1987, Jessore
Rank: Sub Inspector

51. Name: Md. Emagudddin
DPOB: May 26, 1964, NAwgaon
Rank: Sub Inspector

52. Name: Mohammad Muniruzzaman
DPOB: Jan. 16, 1967, Pirozpur
Rank: Inspector

53. Name: A.B.M. Rowshon
DPOB: Sept. 29, 1966, Norail
Rank: Inspector

54. Name: Md. Nakibul Islam
DPOB: Dec. 25, 1965, Munshiganj
Rank: Sub Inspector

55. Name: Mohammad Monirul Islam
DPOB: Aug. 15, 1977, Noakhali
Rank: Sub Inspector

56. Name: Kazi Haniful Islam
DPOB: Sept. 15, 1965, Jessore
Rank: Inspector

57. Name: Abu Zafar Md. Omar
DPOB: Dec. 31, 1968, Noakhali
Rank: Inspector

58. Name: Shofiqul Islam Molla
DPOB: Oct. 18, 1974, Gopalgonj
Rank: Sub Inspector

59. Name: md. Arifur Rahman
DPOB: Jan. 12, 1973, Brammon Baria
Rank: Sub Inspector

60. Name: Md. Abdus Samad, ppm
DPOB: Feb. 05, 1973, Rangamati
Rank: Sub - Inspector

61. Name: Belal Uddin
DPOB: Jan. 28, 1976, Cox's Bazar
Rank: Sub Inspector

62. Name: Fazlul Kader Chowdhury
DPOB: Jan. 15, 1976, Cox's Bazar
Rank: Sub Inspector

63. Name: Mohammed Nurul Absar

DPOB: Oct. 30, 1975, Feni
Rank: Sub Inspector

64. Name: Zahid Hosain
DPOB: Aug. 10, 1977, Bandarban
Rank: Sub-Inspector

65. Name: B.M. Forman Ali
DPOB: July 09, 1975, Gopalganj
Rank: Sub-Inspector

66. Name: Kazi Shamsul Alam
DPOB: Mar. 21, 1955, Dinajpur
Rank: Inspector

67. Name: Munshi Md. Asadullah
DPOB: June 10, 1965, Narail
Rank: Inspector (PI Sonadanga)

68. Name: Md. Golam Robbani
DPOB: Jan. 1, 1968, Bogra
Rank: Sub - Inspector

69. Name: Shaikh Mahmud Hossain
DPOB: Sept. 9, 1970, Bagerhat
Rank: SI (Tutpara OP)

70. Name: Md. Obaydul Haque
DPOB: Jan. 1, 1978, Barisal
Rank: SI (Sonadanga PS)

71. Name: A.K.M. Saheen Mondol
DPOB: Jan. 7, 1965, Gaibandha
Rank: Inspector

72. Name: Md. Rofiqul Islam Khan
DPOB: Nov. 1, 1968, Netrokona
Rank: Inspector

73. Name: Porimol Kumar Chakrobarti
DPOB: Feb. 1, 1967, Pabna
Rank: Sub-Inspector

74. Name: Md. Mahbub Alam
DPOB: Jan. 1, 1981, Rajshahi
Rank: Sub-Inspector

75. Name: S.M. Rakibul Hoque
DPOB: Oct. 30, 1981, Pabna
Rank: Sub Inspector

76. Name: Md. Babul Hashem
DPOB: Sept. 1, 1969, Kishoregong
Rank: Inspector (UB)

77. Name: Md. Imtiaj Ahammed
DPOB: Oct. 31, 1968, Comilla
Rank: Inspector (UB)

78. Name: Md. Nasimul Islam
DPOB: Dec. 31, 1967, Gazipur
Rank: Sub Inspector

79. Name: Md. Gawsul Hosain
DPOB: Jan. 1, 1965, Moulavibazar
Rank: Sub-Inspector

80. Name: Md. Harunur Rashid Chowdhury
DPOB: Jan. 1, 1976, Habiganj
Rank: Sub - Inspector

3. Post requests that the Department of State authorize post to make
the following statement to the relevant DOD units: "Embassy verifies
that the Department of State possesses no credible information of
gross violations of human rights by the above named individual or

4. Post Human Rights Officer is David Arulanantham, unclass

5. COMMENT: Embassy has no information to indicate these
individuals or any units they have served in have been involved in
gross violations of human rights.


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