Cablegate: Mauritius- Fy 2007 Self Help Financial Status Report


DE RUEHPL #0343/01 2741312
R 301312Z SEP 08




E.O. 12958: N/A

1. SUMMARY: During FY 2007 Embassy Port Louis granted the $45,000
allotment for the Ambassador's Self Help Program to fourteen
projects. Eleven of these projects were located on the lesser
developed island dependency of Rodrigues. While some of the
projects are complete, most are still in progress and performing
satisfactorily. Post is cautiously optimistic that all projects
will be completed by October 31, 2008. END SUMMARY.

2. Project(s) summary and status are as follows:

A. Name of Grantee: Council of Religion
I.A.A No.: 7642010
Project Title: HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention
Beneficiaries: 537
USD amount: 5,437
Un-liquidated balance: nil
Description of Activity: Funds used to organize an HIV/AIDS
awareness and prevention campaign targeting young adults and women
as part of a capacity-building program to fight the pandemic.
Status: Complete

B. Name of Grantee: Comite Villageois Creve Coeur
I.A.A No.: 7642020
Project Title: Extension of Multi-purpose center
Beneficiaries: 3500
USD amount: 5,437
Un-liquidated balance: 5,437
Description of Activity: Funds used to purchase materials to
build an extension to a multi-purpose center to create more room for
recreational, educational and cultural activities. In addition, the
grantee will purchase a computer, library furniture, and kitchen
utensils to provide home economic classes to empower women.
Status: In progress

C. Name of Grantee: Rodrigues Northern Women
I.A.A. No.: 7642030
Project Title: Empower Women through food production
Beneficiaries: 18
USD amount: 2,281
Un-liquidated balance: 2,281
Description of Activity: Funds used to purchase kitchen
appliances and other materials to enable these women entrepreneurs
to increase their food production and patchwork and painting output;
therefore, increasing their profits.
Status: In progress

D. Name of Grantee: Association des Pecheurs de Mourouk
I.A.A. No.: 7642040
Project Title: Basket Traps for Fishermen
Beneficiaries: 20
USD amount: 1,908
Un-liquidated balance: Nil
Description of Activity: Funds used to purchase materials to
produce basket traps to increase the fishermen's production.
Status: Complete

E. Name of Grantee: Assemblee Chretienne de Rodrigues
I.A.A. No.: 7642050
Project Title: Equipment for increased produce
Beneficiaries: 120
USD amount: 2,375
Un-liquidated balance: Nil
Description of Activity: Funds used to purchase water tanks,
farmers' tools, equipment and fertilizers to increase the production
of lemons and vegetables mainly for export to mainland Mauritius.
Status: complete

F. Name of Grantee: Planteurs de Petit Gabriel
I.A.A. No.: 7642060
Project Title: Construction of a Farmer's Center
Beneficiaries: 51
USD amount: 5,437
Un-liquidated balance: 5,437
Description of Activity: Funds used to purchase materials to
build a farmer's centre to conduct training programs for farmers
regularly. The center will also be used for social events.
Status: In progress

G. Name of Grantee: Association for Abstinent Alcoholics
I.A.A. No.: 7642070
Project Title: Equipment for agricultural production
Beneficiaries: 62
USD amount: 1,453
Un-liquidated balance: 1,453
Description of Activity: Funds used to purchase agricultural
equipment for rehabilitated alcoholics to start a combined
agricultural project to improve their standard of living. They have
already started exploitation with manual tools which constitute a
great constraint in productivity. The new tiller will motivate them
to enhance production.
Status: In progress

H. Name of Grantee: Remir Village Community
I.A.A. No.: 7642080
Project Title: Women Empowerment- Domestic Science
Beneficiaries: 300
USD amount: 3,755
Un-liquidated balance: Nil
Description of Activity: Funds used to purchase books, cooking
utensils, sewing machines and furniture to enable the community
center to conduct training in domestic science and sewing. This was
an income-generating activity to enhance the income of poor women.
Status: complete

I. Name of Grantee: Trevor Huddleston Association
I.A.A. No.: 7642090
Project Title: Special Education to Disabled Children
Beneficiaries: 91
USD amount: 1,410
Un-liquidated balance: 196
Description of Activity: Funds used to purchase classroom
furniture, tables, a cupboard, bookshelves, kitchen appliances and a
projector to provide special education to disabled children.
Status: In progress

J. Name of Grantee: Fabric St. Gabriel
I.A.A. No.: 7642100
Project Title: Agricultural Farm for un-schooled boys
Beneficiaries: 14 boys and their respective families
USD amount: 6,227
Un-liquidated balance: 1,380
Description of Activity: Funds used to purchase building
materials, tools, and equipment to convert an un-used plot of land
into an integrated agricultural farm for unschooled boys to
cultivate vegetables to sale. This income-generating project will
help them earn a living.
Status: In progress

K. Name of Grantee: Cygangues Village Community
I.A.A. No.: 7642140
Project Title: Income-generating Project for Women
Beneficiaries: 20 Women and their respective families
USD amount: 2,500
Un-liquidated balance: nil
Description of Activity: Funds used to purchase sewing machines
and materials to produce textile fabrics, embroidery and other
handicraft materials for sale. This income-generating project will
help women of a low-income bracket improve their revenue for the
welfare of their children.
Status: Complete

L. Name of Grantee: Phoenix SS Boys PTA
I.A.A. No.: 7642110
Project Title: Student Income-Generating project
Beneficiaries: 75
USD amount: 1,406
Un-liquidated balance: 1,406
Description of Activity: Funds used to purchase materials to
start a soilless culture -- a hydroponic agricultural technique-- on
the school rooftop as part of a hobby for students. It will also be
an income generating project for students of low income families
Status: In progress

M. Name of Grantee: Reef Conservation
I.A.A. No.: 7642120

Project Title: Education for Marine Conservation
Beneficiaries: 30 students; 3,900 community members
USD amount: 3,900
Un-liquidated balance: 2611.43
Description of Activity: Funds used to purchase a laptop
computer, a printer, classroom furniture and materials for the
marine educational program known as "Club Mer", an awareness program
to sensitize the public on marine conservation.
Status: In progress

N. Name of Grantee: Comite Quartier de la Rue de Paix
I.A.A. No.: 7642130
Project Title: Drug Prevention through Literacy
Beneficiaries: 1500 drug addicts; 1000 students
USD amount: 1,474
Un-liquidated balance: 1,474
Description of Activity: Funds used to organize talks, debates,
quiz competitions, essay writing competitions, film projections, and
paintings related to drug prevention. The target audience will be
mainly students, parents and the public at large. Project aims to
involve the community in the process of drug prevention through
literacy activities.
Status: In progress


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