Cablegate: Special Self-Help Fy 2008 Annual Report


DE RUEHKI #1117/01 3521007
R 171007Z DEC 08




E.O. 12958: N/A


1. All projects prior to FY 2007 have been liquidated and closed

2. Twelve projects were selected with the $100,000 allocated to
Embassy Kinshasa for FY 2007. The funds were obligated October 23,
2007. Seven of the twelve projects have been completed and Post
does not anticipate any problems closing out the remaining five

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-01 Kasai Oriental
Project Name: Lycee Okako Awoto
Amount: $7,500
Description: Lycee Okako Awoto, a girls' secondary school, was
partially destroyed during the pillages of the civil war. Funds
rebuilt three classrooms.
Beneficiaries: Approximately 1,200 school girls
Local Input: Labor involved in rebuilding classrooms
Status: Project completed and all funds accounted for.

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-02 Kinshasa
Project Name: Inst. & E.P. Mayele Na Bomoi I
Amount: $10,000
Description: A primary/secondary school with a student population of
over 1,200 requested clean water source. The location is one of the
poorest in Kinshasa, and serves three low income districts. Funds
provided benches and a clean water supply.
Beneficiaries: Approximately 1,200 students
Local Input: They completed a ten stall bathroom facility this year
worth $6,000
Status: Construction of clean water supply completed in September.
Benches have been paid for and should be delivered very soon.
Grantee submitted receipts for $5,295. Post is waiting for receipt
for $4,705.

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-03 Katanga
Project Name: Mukabe-Kasari Puits
Amount: $10,000
Description: Provide potable water for the community of
Mukabe-Kasari, near Kolwezi by digging a well and providing holding
tanks. Water will also be used in community medical center/hospital
reducing the overall number of water-borne diseases in the
Beneficiaries: Approximately 13,700 persons
Local Input: $3,000 towards the project
Status: All funds withdrawn and Post is waiting for receipts for

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-04 Kinshasa
Project Name: Hope Clinic
Amount: $11,000
Description: Dr. Tudiabioko runs a very active clinic located in one
of the impoverished districts of Kinshasa. This group is doing a
fantastic job with the basic resources they have. Their newest
addition, a nine bed maternity ward, is already filled and the staff
has resorted to putting two mothers per bed. Funds purchased beds
and a generator for the clinic.
Beneficiaries: Approximately 14,000
Local Input: The group owns and maintains the property and pays
Status: Project completed and all funds accounted for.

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-05 Katanga
Project Name: Club UNESCO Ntcheko
Amount: $4,000
Description: The Club educates women and girls in literacy,
HIV/AIDS, nutrition, hygiene, family planning, and basic money
management. Funds purchased sewing machines to assist in teaching
them a skill.
Beneficiaries: About 500 women and young mothers
Local Input: The Club pays salaries of staff, and women provide
their own supplies.
Status: All funds withdrawn and Post is waiting for receipts for

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-06 Equateur
Project Name: Forum des Parlementaires pour le Developpement en
Milieu Rural
Amount: $8,000
Description: This fifty year old health-center, provides medical aid
for twenty surrounding villages. Funds purchased medical
equipment, roofing tin and a water tank.
Beneficiaries: The clinic serves a community of about 100,000
Local Input: The community provided labor and boards for the roof.

Status: Project completed and all funds accounted for.
Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-07 Kasai Oriental
Project Name: Ameka Congo, ASBL
Amount: $7,500
Description: Ameka is assisting a village farmers' cooperative by
providing tools to harvest and process latex. These farmers have 58
hectares of old trees and 75 hectares of new trees. Funds purchased
basic tools necessary for maintaining and harvesting latex from the
trees. The cooperative will reinvest some of the rubber revenue to
extend the project to 73 additional villages.
Beneficiaries: 100 farmers presently
Local Input: Labor involved in maintaining plantations and
harvesting latex
Status: Project completed and all funds accounted for.

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-08 Orientale
Project Name: Centre Universitaire de Mahagi
Amount: $13,000
Description: The University of Mahagi offers degrees in arts and
letters, law, psychology, and education. This small university has
many needs; one of the most pressing is a library. Funds will
purchase books pertaining to the four schools, in addition to
chairs, tables and bookshelves for the library.
Beneficiaries: Sixty-four students
Local Input: They maintain the University
Status: First advance for furniture has been completed and receipts
for $3,585 liquidated. Grantee has withdrawn final advance to
purchase books. Distance and communications delayed project but,
Post is confident grantee will submit remaining receipts for $9,415

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-09 Bandundu
Project Name: Developpement Durable et Communautaire (DDC)
Amount: $9,500
Description: DDC used funds to refurbish a 35 meter metal bridge
which is located in a highly agricultural area. The bridge was
originally surfaced with boards, which had rotted away.
Beneficiaries: 10,000+ residents
Local Input: DDC covered all the labor involved in refurbishing the
Status: Project completed and all funds accounted for.

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-10 Kinshasa
Project Name: Clinique Kimbangu
Amount: $5,500
Description: The Clinic used funds to construct a classroom to train
mothers, family members, and community caregivers in nutrition, food
preparation and hygiene.
Beneficiaries: The clinic treats about 6,000 people annually.
Local Input: NGO owns clinic, maintains it and pays staff.
Status: Project completed and all funds accounted for.

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-11 Bandundu
Project Name: Association d'Initiative Rural Pour le Developpement
Amount: $10,000
Description: AIRD promotes the cultivation of soybeans to increase
protein intake where malnutrition is severe. Funds purchased a
machine which makes dehydrated soy protein. TheQchine will be
used by numerous villages.
Beneficiaries: The area has a population of one million
Local Input: Labor, fuel, transportation of equipment, and
Status: Soya dehydrator has been purchased and receipts for $8,750
submitted but machine has not been delivered. Post requested machine
be delivered before grantee withdraws final advance of $1,250.

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-12 Kinshasa
Project Name: E.P. Hebrone
Amount: $4,000
Description: The school requested funds to provide a source of
drinking water for the students. Funds purchased two 1000 liter
water containers to store rain water from the roof and purchased
materials to construct an enclosed room to protect the tanks.
Beneficiaries: Three hundred school girls and boys.
Local Input: Labor
Status: Project completed well and all funds accounted for.


3. Six projects from four different regions were selected with the
$40,000 allocated to Embassy Kinshasa. A Special Self Help signing
ceremony was held November 25, 2008 to obligate all the funds.

4. Status of the 6 projects: Contracts signed and grantees working
to provide pro-formas.

Agreement Number: SSH 08-660-01
Project Name: Union Baptiste Suedoise
Amount: $7,500
Description: Health zone of Nioki requests funds to rehabilitate
seven wells and construct ten new sources of clean water for the
population of Noki. Last year community of Noki suffered from a
cholera epidemic which killed approximately 2000 people.
Beneficiaries: 80% of the city of Nioki (approximately 100,748
Local Input: Sand and gravel for construction

Agreement Number: SSH 08-660-02
Project Name: Paroisse St Pierre Claver de Kilengi
Amount: $8,600
Description: Assist the population upgrade their rice
production/marketing by purchasing a rice shelling machine.
Beneficiaries: Population of Kilengi (20,500 families)
Local Input: They provide labor and finances to operate the machine.

Agreement Number: SSH 08-660-03
Project Name: Solidarite de la Femme Pour le Developpement
Economique du Tanganika (SOFEDET)
Amount: $6,500
Description: Rehabilitate a school with windows, doors and
benches. Security forces pillaged the building and used the wood
for cooking. Funds will purchase materials for the above items.
Beneficiaries: 600 children and school staff
Local Input: Whitewash for the walls, transport of materials

Agreement Number: SSH 08-660-04
Project Name: La Vie Pour Tous "VIPOT"
Amount: $5,000
Description: Educate and train vulnerable and HIV positive
girls/women by teaching them sewing techniques thus aiding them in
becoming self employed. Funds to purchase sewing machines and
Beneficiaries: 80 girls/women of Ngaba and Masina communes
Local Input: VIPOT provides educators, a location and $1,290
in materials.

Agreement Number: SSH 08-660-05
Project Name: Ecole Primaire Mupwa
Amount: $6,500
Description: The low-income community of Mupwa requests boards,
nails, cement and other materials to put windows, doors, and cement
floors in their newly constructed primary school.
Beneficiaries: Approximately 350 primary level students per year
Local Input: All the bricks and labor necessary to construct this
durable school.

Agreement Number: SSH 08-660-06
Project Name: Federation des Entreprises du Congo FEC Butembo
Amount: $5,900
Description: The Central Market of Butembo lacks restroom facilities
for public use. FEC of Butembo would like to construct latrines but
lacks sufficient funds. Grant funds will purchase materials to aid
FEC in constructing public latrines.
Beneficiaries: 600,000 habitants of Butembo
Local Input: $1,860 in materials and $1,552 in labor


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