Cablegate: Mx 2009-532, Odc Leahy Vetting Request


DE RUEHME #3244 3211426
P 171426Z NOV 09




E.O. 12958: N/A

1. Action request. Post requests a response within 12 business
days (December 3, 2009) per WHA/MEX guidelines for this Leahy
vetting request from ODC on SEMAR/ Ribs Crafts, in Tuxpan, Veracruz,
beginning December 14, 2009.

2. Post possesses no credible evidence of gross violations of human
rights by the individuals listed below and requests that the
department conduct Leahy vetting check.

3. Name (Father, Mother, First), DOB, National Identification
Number, POB, Position, Organization.

Antonio, Azamar, Marco, 10-Apr-68, M, AAXA680410HVZZXR08, Veracruz,
Veracruz, 2/DO. MTRE. C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Barron, Hernandez, Victor Manuel, 1-Jan-73, M, BAHV730101HVZNDN01,
Tuxpan, Veracruz, 3/ER. MTRE. C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Cruz, Cobos, Pedro, 16-Oct-60, M, CUCP601016HVZRBD04, Ejido Paso de
Leon, Tamahua, TTE CORB. I.M. C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Cruz, Cruz, Vicente, 1-Sep-84, M, CUCV840901HVZRRC09, Tuxpan,
Veracruz, MRO. C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Dominguez, Medel, Agustin, 27-May-79, M, DOMA790527HVZMDG00,
Santiago Tuxtla, Veracruz, CABO C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Lara, Candelario, Ezequiel, 2-Dec-73, M, LACE731202HTCRNZ03, Centla,
Tabasco, CABO C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Lopez, Dominguez, Lasaro, 9-Dec-80, M, LODL801209HCSPMS08,
Chicoasen, Chiapas, CABO C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Mendoza, Carballo, Jose Manuel, 26-Oct-85, M, MECM851028HVZNRN09,
Santiago Tuxtla, Veracruz, CABO C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Quiroz, Espinoza, Edder, 6-Nov-84, M, QUEE841106HVZRSD01,
Chicontepec, Veracruz, MRO. C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Ruiz, Mendoza, Jesus, 5-Feb-65, M, RUMJ650205HOCZNS04, Tehuantepec,
Oaxaca, 1/ER. MTR4E. C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Salas, Cruz, Gonzalo, 5-Aug-85, M, SACG850805HVZLRN04, Tuxpan,
Veracruz, CABO C.G. I.M., MX Navy

San Martin, Cruz, Mateo, 21-Sep-81, M, SACM810921HVZNMN09, Tuxpan,
Veracruz, CABO C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Solano, Trujillo, Othon, 11-Oct-65, M, SOTO651011HVZSON09, Paso de
Oveja, Veracruz, 3/ER. MTRE.C.G.I.M., MX Navy

Suarez, Victorino, Helver, 28-Apr-80, M, SUVH800428HVZRCL17, Tuxpan,
Veracruz, MRO. C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Teoba, Pio, Cesar Omar, 20-Oct-86, M, TEPC861020HVZBXS00, Santiago
Tuxtla, Veracruz, MRO. C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Utrera, Roman, Victor Manuel, 11-Sep-83, M, UERV830911HVZTMC07,
Veracruz, Veracruz, CABO C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Vaquier, Gomez, Wilberto, 30-Aug-85, M, VAGW850830HVZQML06, Tuxpan,
Veracruz, MRO. C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Vazquez, Cruz, Raul, 18-Sep-87, M, VACR870918HVZZRL07, Tuxpan,
Veracruz, MRO. C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Vicencio, Leonor, Filiberto, 6-Jul-85, M, VILF850706HVZCNL08,
Bejucal Jimenez, Veracruz, MRO. C.G. I.M., MX Navy

Zumaya, Ramos, Epifanio, 28-Jan-76, M, ZURE760128HVZMMP08, Tuxpan,
Veracruz, CABO C.G. I.M., MX Navy


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