Cablegate: Se Turkey Security Incidents: January 18-25, 2010

DE RUEHDA #0007/01 0300821
R 300821Z JAN 10




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1. (U) The following security incidents for the period of
January 18-25, 2010 were compiled by the security assistant at
Consulate Adana from RSO sources, to include Turkish security
contacts, government officials and media. The RSO uses the
information to determine the security situation and trends of
violence and crime throughout Turkey. The RSO shares the
information with the country team and Visas Viper coordinator.

2. (U) Military operations against the Kurdistan Workers' Party
(PKK) as reported by the Turkish General Staff:

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A. Weapons, ammunition, and equipment seized:
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Sirnak - 01.23.10: 25 kilograms of ammonium nitrate, 5
magazines, logistical equipment.

Mardin - 01.22.10: Pressure-sensitive IED made of 150 grams of
plastic explosives and 750 grams of ammonium nitrate.

Diyarbakir - 01.22.10: Two pressure-sensitive IEDs made of 6
kilograms of ammonium nitrate.

Bingol - 01.21.10: Two IEDs.

Batman-Agri-Igdir - 01.21.10: 2 Kalashnikov rifles, 1 rifle, 9
pistols, 5 rifles for hunting, 335 rounds of ammunition, 1 hand
grenade, 2 pairs of binoculars, many organizational documents,
logistical equipment, and food.

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B. PKK members captured or surrendered:
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01.19.10 through 01.25.10: Security forces captured 6 PKK

Mardin - 01.24.10: 1 PKK member caught.

Sirnak - 01.20.10: 4 PKK members surrendered.

Eleven PKK members have been captured since January 1, 2010.
The courts arrested seven of the eleven and released four. One
soldier was killed in the same period, and four soldiers were

C. PKK attacks:

Hakkari - 01.18.10: 1 civilian wounded in IED blast.

3. (U) Media reports related to PKK and pro-Kurdish

A. Anti-PKK operations:

Based on information that PKK members were in preparations to
carry out actions to protest prison conditions of Abdullah
Ocalan, TAF increased anti-PKK operations in SE Turkey,
particularly in Tunceli and Bingol.

Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) anti-PKK operations in SE Turkey
continued in Tunceli, Sirnak, Batman, Mardin, Hatay, Siirt,
Hakkari and Bingol. Many armored vehicles, military personnel
and ammunition were sent to the operation areas.

N. Iraq - 01.21.10: TAF artillery teams bombed Kurejare
District, no injuries reported.

B. Arrests:

Mus - 01.25.10: DTP's former chairman and two other officials,
were sentenced for a cumulative 30 months in prison on the
charge of "making propaganda for the terror organization PKK."

Adiyaman - 01.25.10: BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Provincial
Chairman Mehmet Varol was sentenced for 6 months in prison on
the charge of "making propaganda for the PKK."

Bingol - 01.24.10: Security forces detained 1 person on the
suspicion of terrorism.

ADANA 00000007 002 OF 004

Siirt - 01.24.10: Security forces arrested 7 people on the
charge of "joining in illegal actions on behalf of the PKK."

Sanliurfa - 01.24.10: Security forces arrested an employee of
the Pro-Kurdish Azadiya Welat Newspaper (the Free World) on the
charge of "making propaganda for the PKK."

Sanliurfa - 01.23.10: Security forces arrested 3 people on the
charge of "membership in Al-Qaeda."

Sirnak - 01.23.10: Security forces detained 2 people on the
charge of "making propaganda for the PKK."

Bingol - 01.23.10: Security forces detained 3 people in anti-KCK
(Kurdish Democratic Confederation/Turkey Assembly) operation on
the charges of "chanting illegal slogans in favor of the PKK,"
and "making propaganda for the PKK."

Adana - 01.23.10: Security forces arrested 3 people on the
charge of "joining in illegal actions on behalf of the PKK."

Batman-Diyarbakir-Van-Istanbul - 01.21.10: Security forces
arrested 42 people on the charges of "membership in the PKK",
"assisting and harboring the PKK," and "carrying out actions in
rural areas on behalf of the PKK." Two Kalashnikovs, 1 pistol,
magazines, ammunition, 4 rifles, 1 hand grenade, organizational
documents, and logistical material were seized in the

Diyarbakir - 01.21.10: Security forces detained 4 people on the
suspicion of terrorism.

Bitlis - 01.21.10: Security forces arrested 3 people on the
charge of "making propaganda for the PKK."

Adana - 01.21.10: Security forces arrested 16 people on the
charge of "membership in Al-Qaeda." The arrestees chanted
anti-U.S. and Israeli slogans upon their arrival at the police
station in Adana.

Adana - 01.21.10: 15 people, including DTP former chairman of
Ceyhan Seyfettin Aydemir and Party member Abdullah Aydemir were
sentenced to a cumulative 24 years in prison on the charge of
"violating restrictions on marchers and demonstrations."

Hakkari - 01.21.10; DTP former provincial chairman Hivzullah
Kansu was sentenced for 2 years and 2 months in prison on the
charge of "making propaganda for the PKK."

Adana - 01.21.10: 2 people who were arrested on the charge of
"joining in illegal actions on behalf of the PKK" were released.

Mus - 01.21.10: Security forces detained 3 people on the
suspicion of terrorism.

Diyarbakir - 01.21.10: Security forces detained an employee of
the pro-Kurdish Azadiya Welat Newspaper on the suspicion of

Diyarbakir - 01.21.10: Security forces detained 14 people on the
suspicion of terrorism.

Batman - 01.20.10: Security forces detained 2 people on the
suspicion of terrorism.

Hakkari - 01.20.10: Security forces arrested 1 minor (age 15) on
the charge of "making propaganda for the PKK."

Van - 01.20.10: DTP's former mayoral candidate Abdurrahman Cagan
was sentenced for 5 months in prison on the charge of "making
propaganda for the PKK."

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C. Other media stories about the PKK:
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01.25.10: The PKK has set up a new unit, called the Kurdistan
Freedom Falcons (TAK), to coordinate large-scale terrorist acts
in urban areas alongside the Kurdish Communities Union (KCK).
The group plans to launch this double-front action on Feb. 15,
the anniversary of the capture of the PKK's jailed leader
Abdullah Ocalan, and continue until March 21, Nevruz, a spring
festival which is of special significance to Kurds. NOTE: Many
deadly actions in the past which targeted civilians were claimed
by TAK past to shift attention from the PKK, which generally
does not claim responsibility for actions targeting civilians.

Diyarbakir - 01.25.10: According to the Human Rights Union of

ADANA 00000007 003 OF 004

Diyarbakir, 67 security officials and 68 PKK members were killed
in 2009, despite PKK's declared ceasefire. The report also said
that 91 civilians were killed in the same period. Security
forces detained 4,475 people in 2009, and arrested 1,444 of
them. The report also said that there is a sharp increase in
torture cases and added that 1,016 people were subjected to some
type of torture.

Hakkari - 01.23.10: Many people gathered in Yuksekova to protest
prison conditions of Abdullah Ocalan. Security forces intervened
with tear gas, pressurized water and batons and demonstrators
responded with Molotov cocktails and stones; no injuries

Adana - 01.23.10: Pro-Kurdish NGOs gathered to protest prison
conditions and called upon the government to release seriously
ill prisoners.

Siirt - 01.21.10: Security forces confiscated 3 Kalashnikovs, 1
rifle, 417 rounds of ammunition, 22 rounds of pistol ammunition,
and 13 magazines in an anti-terror operation. Two people who
were in preparations to send the material and ammunition to
PKK's mountain units were arrested on the charge of "assisting
and harboring the PKK."

Malatya - 01.21.10: Three students were kicked out of their
university dormitory on the suspicion of pro-PKK activities.

Hakkari - 01.20.10: A court announced its rationale on an
earlier ruling regarding 8 Turkish soldiers taken hostage by the
PKK following an ambush at a military outpost in that left 12
others dead, saying the 8 should have remained at their posts
and fought the militants to the end. The soldiers were captured
during a PKK attack on October 21, 2007, near the Turkish-Iraqi
border. The eight Turkish soldiers were held for two weeks
before they were released in northern Iraq.
4. (U) Media reports on significant crime or security incidents:

Sanliurfa - 01.24.10: 1 person was killed and 4 others wounded
in a firefight between two families.

Diyarbakir - 01.24.10: Unidentified people attacked AK (Justice
and Development) Party's district building with Molotov
cocktails, no injuries reported.

Mersin - 01.24.10: Unidentified people set a vehicle on fire.

Sanliurfa-Adiyaman-Mersin-Mardin-Sirnak-Diyar bakir-Gaziantep:
01.20.10 through 01.24.10: Security forces detained 50 people in
an anti-organized crime and smuggling operation.

Osmaniye - 01.23.10: Security forces detained two and seized
smuggled cigarettes and 100 sexual stimulant pills.

Sirnak - 01.21.10: Security forces detained 11 people in an
anti-organized crime and smuggling operation.

Adana - 01.21.10: Security forces detained 9 people in an
anti-organized crime and smuggling operation.

Hatay - 01.21.10: Security forces seized 3 trucks of smuggled
cigarettes and detained 3 people in an anti-smuggling operation.

Diyarbakir - 01.20.10: Security forces detained 12 people in an
anti-crime operation.

5. (U) Illegal immigrant arrests:

01.18.10 through 01.24.10: Security forces captured and deported
209 illegal immigrants from: Adana, Hatay, Hakkari, Igdir,
Mugla, Antalya, Izmir, Edirne, Agri, Aydin and the borders of
Iran, Georgia and Greece.

6. (U) Counter-narcotic operations:

Osmaniye - 01.25.10: Security forces confiscated 25 kilograms of
hashish and detained 2 people.

Hatay - 01.21.10: Security forces confiscated 4 kilograms of
hashish and detained 2 people.

Van - 01.20.10: Security forces confiscated 134 kilograms of
hashish and detained 1 person.

7. (U) Anti-Al-Qaeda Operation in across Turkey, including SE
and Adana.

01.22.10: Security forces detained at least 120 people in
simultaneous anti-Al-Qaeda operations held by the

ADANA 00000007 004 OF 004

counterterrorism teams in 16 provinces across Turkey, including
Ankara (5), Kocaeli (20), Elazig (8), Istanbul, Bursa,
Sanliurfa (6), Gaziantep (7), Mersin (15), Van (4), Mus (6),
Malatya (6), Samsun (4), Izmir (4), Erzurum (1) and Diyarbakir,
Kahramanmaras, Konya and Adana (1).

8. (U) Anti-American activity

Adana - 01.22.10: An anti-American rock concert attracted an
audience of more than 1,000 people. Concert-goers participated
in a moment of silence to commemorate lives lost in the fight
against "imperialism, America, and Israel," and chanted slogans
such as "America get out, this is our country," and "Shut down
Incirlik Air Base." The same group held a similar concert two
days later in Antakya.

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