Cablegate: Tfha01: Inl Response to Nas Needs for Hnp,


DE RUEHC #7439 0252103
R 252056Z JAN 10



E.O. 12958: N/A

REF: PAP 0068


1. In response to reftel request concerning issues to be
addressed by INL in support of Embassy Port au Prince. The
Department has taken steps to assist with the following:

2. INL is preparing the procurement, delivery, and
construction of a temporary camp for the US contingent to be
located. This will allow the US contingent to be
self-sustaining. A 10,000 square foot site has been
identified but will only hold 25 people. INL will continue
to work with NAS to locate additional land to house the

3. INL has funded the procurement of emergency supplies for
the US contingent. Supplies include bottled water, MREs,
uniforms, gloves, masks, medical supplies, and hygiene kits.
INL will continue to work with the contractor and NAS to
ensure US contingent needs are met.


4. INL stands ready to assist the NAS office with support to
the HNP. INL is prepared to fund the procurement of
additional uniforms when needed, equipment, and supplies for
HNP. INL will use the information in paragraph 12 to procure
items for the HNP. INL requests NAS assistance in securing a
shipping method through SOUTHCOM and logistical support on
the ground for disbursement.

5. INL will work with various bureaus in the Department to
provide a method to provide salary payments to HNP officers.
Embassy, MINUSTAH and HNP assistance will be needed to ensure
that any salary disbursement will be coordinated and secured.
There will be an end-use monitoring requirement to report on
the actual disbursement and receipt of salaries to specific
individual HNP officers.


6. INL appreciates the status reports on prison conditions
and the capacity of the prison administration and its
personnel. The INL,s corrections team is developing
contingency plans to respond to the needs of the DAP and
MINUSTAH with Post concurrence.

7. Structure and Capacity Surveys: INL plans to deploy a
structural engineer and a corrections facility expert to PAP
within the next five days to conduct a complete structural
and capacity survey of prison and jail facilities in PAP.
INL requests that Embassy PAP ensure that these individuals
are provided security, ground transportation, and a
translator for at least 5 to 7 days while the surveys are
completed. INL is also prepared to support Embassy PAP and
the NAS with a TDY deployment of a corrections facility and
management expert beyond the initial assessment, if Embassy
PAP desires to have this in-house expertise during the
recovery period. INL will work with NAS to work out specific
details of the site survey.

8. INL is prepared to erect a new, temporary prison compound
with an initial estimated capacity of 500 adult male, female,
and juvenile prisoners within the next 60 to 90 days. In
order to execute this plan, INL requests that Embassy PAP and
the NAS work with the GOH and MINUSTAH to secure a level,
readily accessible, 10 to 12 acre site for this compound. If
Embassy PAP supports this proposal, INL can prepare a
statement of work and begin the competition process.

9. INL will immediately initiate procurement and
distribution of water and MREs for those DAP staff who have
reported to duty, as well as those prisoners remaining in
custody. INL estimates that the number of people requiring
this support over the next 30 days to be 1,500. INL requests
that the NAS provide updates as more staff report for duty
and criminals are apprehended, so that additional
procurements can be made and quantity estimates can be

10. INL will include in its communications support package
for the HNP, 20 to 25 radios, batteries, chargers, and a
repeater for DAP HQ to assist with the facilitation of its
operations. It is our expectation that the DAP will secure
its own frequency on the HNP network and adhere to HNP radio
protocols and procedures.

11. INL is preparing to deploy, as soon as MINUSTAH
indicates it is ready to receive additional personnel, five
Creole-speaking correctional advisors in addition to the two
already deployed by the USG, including a senior level, former
deputy chief of corrections for New York City, whom INL
recommends be teamed with DAP Director. INL is working with
the New York City Department of Corrections and the Florida
Department of Corrections in an effort to find additional
Creole-speaking corrections professionals. However, INL
notes that the request is for these advisors to perform
executive authority functions (reftel PAP 0068), which is not
allowed under the UN mandate at this time. Therefore, INL
cannot include in these advisors, duties the requirement to
assist with apprehending, detaining, or guarding any
prisoners. If the UN mandate is modified to include such
executive authorities, then INL can and will modify their
work requirements.

12. INL will initiate procurement of the basic equipment
noted in the cable including: uniforms, boots, duty belts
with keepers, flashlights and batteries, flexi-cuffs and
cutters, handcuffs, police whistles, and leg chains. INL
concurs with the Embassy PAP recommendation not to provide
batons or pepper spray due to the inadequacy of training and
the lack of Embassy ability to conduct Leahy vetting at the
moment. INL requests NAS assistance with compiling a list as
soon as possible.

13. Upon completion of the site capacity surveys, INL
intends to prepare an additional procurement of those items
identified, such as office furniture and supplies, necessary
to facilitate recovery by the DAP of basic operations.

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