Cablegate: Se Turkey Security Incidents: February 16 - 23, 2010

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1. (U) The following security incidents for the period of
February 16 - 23, 2010 were compiled by the security assistant
at Consulate Adana from RSO sources, to include Turkish security
contacts, government officials and media. The RSO uses the
information to determine the security situation and trends of
violence and crime throughout Turkey. The RSO shares the
information with the country team and visas viper coordinator.

2. (U) Military operations against the Kurdistan Workers' Party
(PKK) as reported by the Turkish General Staff (TGS):

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A. Weapons, ammunition, and equipment seized:
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1.1.10 through 2.19.10: Security forces seized or detonated
safely 15 kilograms of TNT, 17 kilograms of plastic explosive
materials, 58 kilograms of ammonium/potassium nitrate, six
landmines and four IEDs.

Mardin - 2.17.10: Security forces seized one Kalashnikov rifle,
seven magazines, and 11 rounds of ammunition.

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B. PKK members captured or surrendered:
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2.16.10 through 2.21.10: Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) captured two

Hakkari - 2.18.10: Security forces caught one PKK member.

3. (U) Media reports related to PKK and pro-Kurdish


A. Anti-PKK operations:

2.23.10: TAF has increased military deployment to SE Turkey in
advance of the spring thaw. Military personnel, armored
vehicles, and ammunition have been deployed to the areas of
operation in Hakkari, Sirnak, Mardin, Tunceli and Bingol.

Tunceli - 2.23.10: TAF declared military security zones in
several districts due to anti-PKK military operations; the
public is banned from entering or exiting the area between
February 25 and May 25, 2010.

B. Arrests:
Van - 2.23.10: Two people were arrested on the charge of "making
propaganda for the PKK."

Diyarbakir - 2.23.10: Mehmet Ali Aydin, the head of the
pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) in Diyarbakir
province, was arrested on charges of conducting propaganda for
PKK. Aydin was arrested on charges of conducting propaganda for
the PKK, membership in a terrorist organization and committing a
crime on behalf of said organization.

Sanliurfa - 2.22.10: One person is on trial on the charge of
"making propaganda for the PKK."

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Sanliurfa - 2.22.10: Security forces arrested four people on the
charge of chanting illegal slogans in favor of the PKK."

Diyarbakir - 2.22.10: Security forces arrested one person on the
charge of "joining in illegal street action on behalf of the
PKK," and detained another on the suspicion of terrorism.

2.21.10: Prosecutors in Diyarbakir demanded 480 years
imprisonment for Vedat Kursun, former editor-in-chief of the
Kurdish-language Azadiya Welat daily, claiming he had been
disseminating pro-PKK propaganda by publishing stories on the
statements and activities of the organization.

Bitlis - 2.21.10: Security forces arrested a member of the
pro-Kurdish BDP on the charge of "membership in the KCK."

Hakkari - 2.21.10: Security forces detained 14 people in an
anti-KCK (Kurdish Democratic Confederation/Turkey Council)
operation. Note: KCK is considered by Turkish law enforcement
to be the urban arm of the PKK. End note.

Mus - 2.21.10: Security forces arrested one person on the charge
of "making propaganda for the PKK."

Hakkari - 2.20.10: Security forces arrested two people on the
charges of "making propaganda for the PKK," and "joining in
illegal actions on behalf of the PKK."

Van - 2.19.10: Security forces detained 25 people in anti-KCK
operations, later arresting 12 on the charge of "PKK

Mersin - 2.19.10: Security forces arrested 26 people on the
charges of "destroying public property," and "joining in illegal
street actions on behalf of the PKK."

Adana-Konya - 2.19.10: Security forces captured the Adana
region's PKK leader in an operation in Konya. Police said the
terrorist had been on the most-wanted list for 17 years.

Sirnak and Batman - 2.18.10: Security forces arrested 16 people
on charges of "PKK membership," "violating restrictions on
marches and demonstrations," and "joining in illegal street
actions on behalf of the PKK."

Siirt - 2.17.10: Security forces arrested seven members of the
pro-Kurdish MKM-DER (Mesopotamia Culture Center) and BDP on the
charge of "making propaganda for the PKK."

Bingol - 2.17.10: Security forces detained several members of
the pro-Kurdish YDG-M (PKK's youth wing) on the charge of "PKK

Gaziantep - 2.17.10: Security forces arrested eight people who
detained in an anti-YDG-M operation, on the charge of "PKK

Van - 2.17.10: Security forces arrested eight people detained in
an anti-KCK operation, on the charge of "PKK membership."

Mus - 2.17.10: Security forces detained former Malazgirt
chairman of the banned Democratic Society Party on the suspicion
of terrorism.

Suruc in Sanliurfa - 2.17.10: Security forces arrested two
people on the charge of "making propaganda for the PKK."

Sanliurfa - 2.17.10: Security forces detained a person on the

ADANA 00000015 003 OF 004

suspicion of terrorism.

Cukurca in Hakkari - 2.17.10: Security forces arrested six
people on the charge of "making propaganda for the PKK."

Siirt - 2.17.10: Security forces arrested seven MKM-DER members
on the charge of "making propaganda for the PKK."

Adana - 2.17.10: Security forces arrested nine YDG-M members on
the charge of "PKK membership."

Mersin - 2.16.10: Security forces detained ten people in Tarsus
on the suspicion of terrorism. Police arrested two people who
on the wanted list.

Mardin - 2.16.10: Security forces arrested 16 people, including
local BDP politicians and municipality council members, on the
charge of "membership in the KCK."

Batman - 2.16.10: Security forces detained 58 people on the
suspicion of terrorism.

Hakkari - 2.16.10: Security forces arrested six people on the
charges of "joining in illegal actions on behalf of the PKK,"
and "making propaganda for the PKK."

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C. Other media stories about the PKK:
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2.23.10: PKK's feminist wing, KJB, is calling all Kurdish women
to join in March 8 celebrations on International Women's Day.

Sanliurfa - 2.21.10: Demonstrators chanted pro-PKK slogans,
blocked roads, threw stones and set an ATM on fire with Molotov
cocktails. Police intervened with pressurized water, batons and
tear gas.

Hakkari - 2.19- and 2.20.10: Security forces clashed with PKK
supporters. Demonstrators chanted slogans in favor of PKK and

Malatya - 2.18.10: The burial of a person who self-immolated to
protest 11th anniversary of Abdullah

Ocalan's capture was attended by many supporters.

Hakkari - 2.17.10: PKK supporters clashed with security forces
while protesting the anniversary of Ocalan's capture. Police
intervened with batons, pressurized water and tear gas;
demonstrators responded with Molotov cocktails, fireworks, and
rock throwing.

Hakkari - 2.16.10: An IED placed near a jewelry shop on
Cumhuriyet Street in Semdinli detonated at around 2300, causing
minor damage.

Sanliurfa - 2.16.10: PKK sympathizers continued to carry out
illegal protests related to the anniversary of Abdullah Ocalan's
capture. In

Viransehir, security forces intervened with pressurized water,

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batons and tear gas and PKK supporters responded with Molotov
cocktails and stones.

Sanliurfa - 2.16.10: PKK supporters attacked a police patrol
vehicle with fireworks and Molotov cocktails. No injuries

4. (U) Media reports on significant crime or security

2.23.10: Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's second-in-command,
strongly criticized the Turkish government for committing crimes
against Islam by allowing Turkish soldiers to serve in

2.17.10: Twenty-six people, including a high-level police
officer, were arrested in trafficking-in-persons operations in
Istanbul, Ankara and Malatya.

5. (U) Illegal immigrant arrests:

2.14.10 through 2.22.10: Security forces captured and deported
321 illegal immigrants from: Canakkale, Edirne, Van, Aydin,
Sirnak, Antalya, Hatay and the borders of Greece, Syria,
Bulgaria and Iran.

2.23.10: Zaman Newspaper: Research conducted on migration
patterns by a group of journalists has revealed that more than
34,000 illegal migrants drowned in the Aegean and Mediterranean
seas between 1988 and 2009. In addition to the more than 34,000
illegal migrants who drowned in the Mediterranean and Aegean
seas, 15,000 migrants were found dead inside Europe's borders.
While 4,500 people perished in trying to reach Spain,
approximately 140 people drowned while heading from Algeria to

6. (U) Counternarcotic operations:

Diyarbakir - 2.23.10: Security forces seized 193 kilograms of
hashish and one pistol, and detained four people.

2.23.10: Security forces detained 16 people in simultaneous
counternarcotics operations in Adana, Hatay, Diyarbakir and

Adana - 2.23.10: Security forces seized five kilograms of
hashish and detained one person.

Siirt - 2.23.10: Security forces seized ten kilograms of

Batman - 2.21.10: Security forces seized eight kilograms of
hashish and detained four people.

Sanliurfa - 2.20.10: Security forces seized 55 kilograms of

Adiyaman - 2.19.10: Security forces seized four kilograms of
hashish, two pistols, 50 grams of heroin and detained 20 people
in an operation targeting street sellers.

Sirnak - 2.19.10: Security forces seized 2,256 units of pills
and detained one person.

Diyarbakir - 2.19.10: Security forces seized 38 kilograms of
hashish and arrested one person.

Adana - 2.17.10: Security forces seized 10 kilograms of hashish
and detained 5 people.

Adiyaman - 2.17.10: Security forces detained 20 people.

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