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Archive Of Scoop WAR Coverage - To October 17th

Aboard The USS Enterprise

Howard’s End: Anthrax Anxiety The World Health Organisation surveillance network has gone to a higher level of alert following confirmed and suspected outbreaks on anthrax across the world. Scoop offers some background information on anthrax. Maree Howard writes. See... Howard's End: Anthrax Backgrounder

US Bombs Red Cross - Geneva (ICRC) - Shortly after 1.00 p.m. local time today, two bombs were dropped on an ICRC compound in Kabul, wounding one of the organization's employees who was guarding the facility. He was taken to hospital and the latest reports from ICRC ... See... ICRC warehouses bombed in Kabul

Scoop Link: Coalition Against Terror Crumbling - Relations between the US and two of its core allies in the war against terrorism, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, approached crisis point yesterday after the Saudi interior minister, Prince Naif, attacked the assault on Afghanistan while Pakistan pressed ... See... Scoop Link: Saudi Arabia And Pakistan Break Ranks. See also... Colin Powell & President Pervez Musharraf Remarks

Mark Twain On Why War Is Always Wrong -“... I know your race. It is made up of sheep. It is governed by minorities, seldom or never by majorities. It suppresses its feelings and its beliefs and follows the handful that makes the most noise. Sometimes the noisy handful is right, sometimes ...” See... The Origins of the War in Afghanistan

ZZZZZZzzzzt: Double Dose Of Scoop Feedback - Two readers take exception to Peter Cresswell’s first column, a reader from Spain opines on Naomi Klein and a battle royale is brewing between two readers over NZ’s defence arrangements in general, and the F16s we didn't buy in particular. See... Scoop Feedback: Cresswell, Klein And NZ’s Defence. An Uncalled-For War - POEM: “News”, The “story” as of 12.10.01 See... Scoop Feedback: An Uncalled For War.

David Miller: After The Taliban, What? - At this stage of the United States led offensive against Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban militia and the al-Qaeda terrorist network, the primary objective has been to destroy the Taliban air defences along with their ability to fly, as well as destroying their ... See... David Miller: What Happens After The Taliban?

Irish Anti-War Protest Broken Up By Police - Civil rights in Dublin city have again come under attack for the third time in two weeks, when the Irish police force, the Gardai drove paddy wagons into an anti war march as it attempted to take to the streets. See... Images: Irish Civil Rights Attacked At War Demo

Bert-Osama Connection Concerns Correctives -“The Corrective Party wishes to ask what must be done against Bert, the muppet manifestation of evil!!!” Sister Paedophobia, Second Childhood spokesnun asked this morning. See... Correctives: Bert - The Enema Within!!!

Auckland Peace Protest

Howard’s End: The Mother Question - As the bombs of death and destruction fall across Afghanistan, the Islamic world erupts at the injustices, and the world appears to be heading towards World War III, the fundamental "Mother Question" - the historic Israeli Palestinian conflict which is at the root of this whole fiasco, still remains unresolved. Maree Howard writes. See... Howard's End: The Nub Of The Problem

Stateside: Oil And The Imperialism It Encourages -“We can adjust our way of doing things but we should not adjust the things we do.” John Ashcroft, US Attorney General on 'Meet the Press', Sunday October 14, 200. He was talking about being alert to suspicious-looking mail but those are my sentiments exactly on energy matters. Britain and the US have 25 years before the North Sea oil runs out, and I'm not for a minute suggesting that they should adjust from having strong economies and high living standards, but their focus should be on adjusting how those outcomes are delivered without having to rely on fossil fuels. See... Stateside: John Ashcroft for President!.

Sludge Report: All Is Not Lost – Yet! - We the people of planet earth stand at the edge of a precipice. As the bombs rain down on Kabul, Jalalabad and Kandahar we should not in anyway underestimate the stakes being played with. See… Sludge Report #113 – At The Edge Of A Precipice

Aucklanders Back On The Streets For Peace - Two weeks after the last peace (See… Scoop Images: March Against US War And Peace Vigil) Aucklanders took to the streets on Saturday again to protest against the US and British military strikes against Afghanistan. See... Scoop Images: Auckland Peace March Take Two

US Prepares For Phase Two of Its War – Ground Troops - Ground troops and special military forces look set to strike deep into Afghanistan in a planned second phase offensive in the USA’s push against terrorism. The move is timed to ease off a heavy bombing campaign that has angered Islamic religious observers around the world. Selwyn Manning Reports. See... US Military Prepares Ground Force Offensive

Guest Opinion: On Globalized War - The United States is currently engaged in initiating a war against terrorism and is seeking an alliance with countries it deems as loyal to this cause. In retaliation for the recent bombings on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon which resulted ... See... Guest Opinion: America's Globalized Order

Background Briefing on Afghanistan [From The CIA?]
Secretary Rumsfeld Interview with New York Times
JDAM Misses Intended Target in Afghanistan
USA - Uzbekistan Joint Statement
DoD Briefing - Secretary Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers
America's Fund for Afghan Children - G.W. Bush
President Bush Holds Prime Time News Conference

Christian Children’s Fund In Afghanistan - Usually focusing its work on child development in third world countries, like India, Kenya and Brazil, development agency, the Christian Children’s Fund (CCF), has extended it’s service to New York and Afghanistan. See... War Is Not Child’s Play and NZ Kids To Help Afghani Kids In Need

War Resisters Resist War - On Sunday, October 7, without a declaration of war from Congress, George W. Bush took the United States to war, sending out bombs and missiles against Afghanistan, a country that had not attacked us. See... War Is the Problem, Not the Solution

DoD Bomb Damage Photos

Hard News Is Here! In Duplicate GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... well, we're at war. In theory, at least. A small, unspecified number of our SAS troops are at the disposal of the United States of America in whatever activities it should undertake in Afghanistan. See... HARD NEWS 12/10/01 - Goodbye, Hello
…and last week’s edition has arrived too… - GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... just a short bulletin this week, on account of the fact that I've been away from my desk and doing a few things in Wellington. Or, as I like to think of it, wandering the corridors of power looking for the toilet ... See... HARD NEWS 05/10/01 - A Letter from Wellington

ZZZZZZzzzzzt… Scoop Feedback- In This Edition: Re: ARROW Anti-War Briefing 5 – “I Take Exception To Mirek Marcanik's Data” - NZ Picking Over The Bones Of Fear See... Scoop Feedback: NZ Picking Over The Bones Of Fear

- DoD- DoD Bomb Damage Photos
- Donald Rumsfeld - Secretaries Rumsfeld and White Press Conference
- DoD - DoD News Briefing & Images – Enduring Freedom
- State Department - Colin Powell and NATO Sec-Gen Lord Robertson
- State Department - State Dept. Daily Press Briefing October 10, 2001
- Colin Powell On US TV Networks - Colin Powell Network TV IVs - NBC, ABC, CNN & CBS

UNSG Kofi Annan Addresses US Public - Exactly one month after the worst terrorist attacks in history against the United States, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today addressed the country's public through a nationally broadcast "Town Hall" meeting, answering ... See... Annan addresses US public in broadcast meeting. See also... Annan - OIC has key role in fighting terrorism

Scoop World: Amnesty Call For End To Columbian Massacres - The two most recent massacres carried out in the past few days by paramilitaries in the northern department of Magdalena and south-western department of Valle del Cauca demonstrate ever more clearly why it is imperative to stop military aid from ... See... Colombia: Stop the massacres-Stop the military aid

Meet America’s New Allies – Central Asian Rights Abusers - Amnesty International warned the international community of a possible deterioration in the human rights situation in Central Asia, as governments use the 'war against terrorism' as an excuse to further undermine respect for human rights. See... Highlights Of Central Asia Human Rights Document, Uzbekistan: Briefing On Human Rights Situation and Central Asia: The brink of a human rights crisis

USAF's Food Bombardment Of Afghanistan

Upton Online: The View From Paris - Upton-on-line reflects on the sudden rash of musings by Islamic experts in the media, reports direct from the chalk face of contemporary French education, and passes on some mouth watering details of just some of the goodies that French political trotters can hope to dredge from the political trough. But first, the leadership change in New Zealand’s National Party. See... Upton-on-line - Diaspora Edition - 11th October

Keith Rankin: Lessons From Braveheart - Watching Simon Schama's tale (telecast on Saturday) of the "pacification" of Wales and Scotland by Edward I ("Longshanks") at the end of the 13th century, I could see that a parallel could be easily drawn with recent world events. What makes the 911 analogy so interesting is that so many people who identified with the "terrorist" (William Wallace aka Mel Gibson) in Braveheart would be equally passionately calling for the entrails of Osama bin Laden. See... Keith Rankin: 911 Braveheart

UK Media Increasingly Sceptical About Freedom’s Endurance - Two links to important UK commentaries on the War Against Terror. The Independent: “Bush and Blair have already lost the talking war across the Middle East” - The Times: “They opted to bomb, it had better work”. See... Scoop Links: Latest UK Commentary On War

Chomsky On Radio NZ – Znet Transcript - A fortnight after I began by asking Prof. Chomsky about the fact that it’s now more than a fortnight SINCE THE attacks ON THE world trade center, AND THE widespread U. S. Punitive military strike Many had feared would inevitably follow, hasn’t occurred. See... Noam Chomsky interviewed by John Campbell

Amnesty Calls For “Collateral Damage”Inquiry - Amnesty International today expressed serious concern at the killing of civilians in the context of attacks on Afghanistan carried out by US and UK forces since 7 October 2001, and is calling for clarification as to the circumstances of civilian ... See... Call for prompt investigation into civilian deaths
- UN - UN News: Four UN Workers Killed In Afghanistan.
- NZ Green Party - Deaths of UN aid workers worsens crisis

DoD Map Of Air Strikes - U.S. military strikes against terrorist and military targets, and humanitarian relief airdrops for the Afghan people, continued for a third day yesterday. There was no Rumsfeld briefing. See... Image: Operation Enduring Freedom Update - Oct. 10
- Donald Rumsfeld - Donald Rumsfeld Interview with Dan Rather
- Colin Powell - Powell On FBI Announcement On Terrorists and US President Unveils America's "Most Wanted"
- State Department - October 9, 2001 Daily Press Briefing

White House Will Hear No Evil - The United States Bush administration is becoming increasingly intolerant toward media reporting statements of terrorist Osama bin Laden. Here is a Whitehouse transcript of the media giving US President Bush's press secretary a roasting. See... US Dances Around Censorship of Media. See also…White House: Counter-Terrorism Cyberspace Security

The War In Pictures - Courtesy of The DoD
- Images: US Bombs Afghanistan With Food
- Images: Carrier Based Strike Aircraft
- Images: Dealers of Heavy Duty Destruction

---> The War In Pictures <--- Images: US Bombs Afghanistan With Food
Images: Carrier Based Strike Aircraft
Images: Dealers of Heavy Duty Destruction

This Is An Unnecessary War - In the aftermath of 11 September, we now have a 'smoking gun'. But it is not evidence of Osama bin Laden's guilt in relation to the atrocities of 11 September. It is evidence of Government lies about the basis for the current war against Afghanistan. See... Taliban and Bin Laden Agreed to Extradition

Scoop Images: Who Is That Guy! - Members of the forum have been having fun with the guy pictured in Scoop Oddity #5 : Postcard From The Edge , perhaps the most emailed hoax photo of all time. As can be seen this guy has been everywhere! See... Scoop Oddity #6 : WTC Guy Spotted Everywhere!

Domestic Coalition Against Terror Proposed - Opposition Leader Bill English is calling on Helen Clark to reconsider her dismissal of National Party support for the Government's commitment to the war on terrorism. See... Bi-partisan commitment to war on terror required

Peace Petition Presented - The first batch of 1,140 signatures on the petition calling for peaceful resolution were handed in to parliament today. They were presented to Keith Locke (Green party Foreign Affairs spokesperson and member of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade ... See... Petition for peaceful resolution

David Miller: America’s New War - Osama bin Laden is not the only enemy in the United States’ declared war on terrorism because this is also a war that aims to remove Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban militia from its seat of power. See... David Miller: America’s War Against the Taliban

Scoop Feedback - In this edition of Scoop Feedback: A Devoted Fan - Writes Todd from The United States - Congratulations on Coverage II - RE: Guest Opinion: The First War Of The 21st Century - Geroge W phones Helen C. See... Scoop Feedback: Brickbats, Bouquets & Views

News From US Official Sources:
- State Department – State Dept. Daily Press Briefing October 5, 2001
- Department of Defence - DoD News Briefing - Sec. Rumsfeld and Gen. Myers

UN On UN workers Killed In Afghanistan Attacks - 9 October – Four members of a local mine-clearing organization funded by the United Nations were killed in Afghanistan last night during the bombardment of the capital, Kabul, a UN spokesperson said today. See... UN News: Four UN Workers Killed In Afghanistan. See also Green Party response... Deaths of UN aid workers worsens crisis

Amnesty Calls For Civilian And Refugee Protection - “My greatest wish is to be happy, to learn to read and write, to have warm shoes and eat as much as I want to. I want to return home.” Ahmad Hussein, 12 year old internally displaced Afghan child. See... Afghanistan: Protect Afghan civilians and refugees

Columbus Day Photo Special - Stateside

George Calls Helen - Prime Minister Helen Clark received a personal briefing from US President George Bush last night on the campaign against terrorism. President Bush thanks NZ for support . See also Phil Goff’s latest remarks on the war… Speech to LawAsia Conference - Phil Goff

US Media: Investigative Journalism or Cheerleading? -'s Danny Schechter says the bottomline mentality of media companies takes precedence over their public service responsibility, contributing to America's illiteracy about the world. See... Between The Lines: Media's Role During Crisis

US Prepares For More Terrorism - The FBI has issued a warning to all US citizens and law enforcement agencies to be on the highest alert. The call came after the United States and Britain launched airstrikes against Afghanistan's ruling Taliban regime. See... FBI Warns US Citizens: Be On Alert

Afghan Food Bombing Operation Completed - The United States has backed its Military strikes against Afghanistan's Taliban regime with airdrops of 37,000 daily rations for Afghan refugees. See... US Drops Daily Rations on Afghanistan

Saddam Calls For Wisdom - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein met tonight with key members of his cabinet and issued a statement cautioning the United States and Britain on using force on an impoverished Afghanistan. See... Iraq Press Release Calls for Wisdom Not Force

Osama bin Laden’s Statement - Mr. bin Laden's video taped remarks were aired on Al Jazeera, an independent Arab television network based in Qatar, after the U.S. and British military attacks on Afghanistan Sunday. The text is translated from Arabic into English. See... Osama bin Laden Statement Via Al Jazeera

Opinion: Government As We Know It Has Failed - Many government officials have stated that "This Will be the First War of the 21st Century", in reference to the war on terrorism resulting from the World Trade Center attack. A worrisome implication of this statement is that since this is to be the first war, then there will most likely be a second, a third, a forth, a fifth ....etc......etc......etc. See... Guest Opinion: The First War Of The 21st Century

Opinion: A Letter From Pakistan September 11th will forever remain etched in the memory and psyche of mankind, for a variety of reasons depending on how it affected the individual's life and outlook on religions, nations, regions and ideologies. See... Guest Opinion: Commentary on 911 from Pakistan

More Scoop 911 Coverage And Aftermath Feedback - In this edition of Scoop Feedback: Congratulations On Coverage - Mark Burton The Bogus Bogey - Capt'n Pugwash And His Navy See... Scoop Feedback: Congratulations And Defence Policy

Red Cross Salutes Generous Kiwis - New Zealanders have already donated more than $60,000 to help respond to the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and neighbouring countries, the New Zealand Red Cross announced today. See... Kiwis Respond Generously To Humanitarian Crisis

Palestinian Police Kill Pro-Bin Laden Protestors In Gaza - Two demonstrators were killed in Gaza and one critically injured by Palestinian police confronting hundreds of demonstrators protesting against the United States of America's bombing of Afghanistan. See... Investigation Call Into Killing Of Demonstrators

Amnesty Calls For An Orderly War - Since the 11 September attacks, Amnesty International has called for justice, not revenge. “Now that the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK) have launched military strikes against targets in Afghanistan, their forces ... See... Civilians & captured combatants must be protected

Portraits Of The President's Men

Sludge Report: Operation Hope Destruction - In This Edition: Introducing The Warmongers And Their War - George “Dubya” Bush - Tony “Bomber” Blair – Vladimir “The Spook” Putin - Operation Enduring Freedom: The Theory And The Reality See... Sludge Report #112: The Warmongers And Their War

Official Sources On Operation “Enduring Freedom” - Aircraft and Tomahawk missiles hammered terrorist targets in Afghanistan, United States Department of Defense officials said in a Pentagon press conference today. See... Aircraft, Missiles Hammer Terrorists: USA States
- Rumsfeld, US Sec of Defense, Press Address Live
- President Bush Addresses The US As Bombing Begins
- The Evidence - UK Government Report On Bin Laden
Earlier: Bush Lays The Ground Work
- Bush Directs Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan
- Radio Address President Bush to Nation - 6 Oct

NZ Political Reaction To Air Strikes - The Green Party said today's US and British 'strike against terror' will kill and displace many innocent Afghani men, women and children. 'Strike against terror' will kill more innocents
- PM Helen Clark - PM Says Today’s Military Action Inevitable
- National - PM must not proceed with gutting of Air Force

Images: Portraits Of The President’s Men Two men, in addition to the President of the USA himself, will be principally responsible for the conduct of the military campaign against Afghanistan’s Taliban begun today. They are U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, and U.S. Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld. See... Scoop Images: The President’s Men

Opinion: Understanding Islam - The catastrophic attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have raised several questions about Islam and militant Muslims. The chief among them are, why are some Muslims so angry at the US that they would perpetrate such an inhuman act? See... Opinion: Understanding the Roots of Muslim Rage

Panic Selling In Kabul’s Markets - Kabul, 8 October 2001 - The Afghan stock market was sent reeling after the attacks on multiple cities in the country by US forces. Panic selling ensued as the market reached its lowest point since the Soviet occupation. See... Afghan economy "heading into recession"

Meanwhile In Israel… Sharon Digs Himself In Deep - Ariel Sharon has declared war on the USA. It can’t be defined any other way. See... Opinion: Ariel Sharon Declares War On USA

The View From Massey University - This morning's raid's on Afghanistan may give cold shivers to those who have anxiously awaited American reprisals for the 11 September terrorist raids on Washington and New York. See... American and Brit. Raids "Measured and Powell-ish"

Howard’s End - Global Economic Meltdown Not Down To Bin Laden Alone - The New Zealand public are being spun a line by the mainstream media that "but for" the September 11 attacks on America, the New Zealand public would have looked askance at the Government's $885 million bailout of Air NZ. Even before the attacks, airline revenues had already suffered their worst plunge in 25 years Maree Howard writes. See... Howard's End: 911 Did Not Cause Global Meltdown

NZ Govt Briefed On Bin Laden - Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Phil Goff confirmed that members of the Government have been briefed by the United States on the evidence which currently exists linking al Qaeda and Bin Laden to the World Trade Centre and Pentagon terrorist attacks. See... Government Briefed by US on Bin Laden Connection

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