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European Tour: Re-Open 911 Investigations Campaign

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Lafayette Hill Attorney Joins 7 European Country Tour With Multi Millionaire As They Start the Re-Open 9-11 Investigations Campaign

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, May 19, 2005

PHILIP J. BERG, Esquire, a Lafayette Hill, PA attorney, joined multi-millionaire Jimmy Walter, an American currently living in Europe, for a seven country/eight city tour, after conducting research with a team of experts on the attacks on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. The research team uncovered some very disturbing facts that cannot be reconciled with the information provided by the U.S. government and media.

Berg has a RICO [Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations] Act lawsuit pending against President Bush, Vice President Cheney and 54 other defendants for: 1) foreknowledge of 911; 2) failure to warn; 3) failure to prevent; and cover- up. (Recall that Nixon went down on cover-up alone.) Federal Judge Robreno just issued an Order transferring the case [Rodriguez vs. Bush, 04-cv-4952] from Philadelphia to Federal Court in New York.

Berg’s client, William Rodriguez, is also on the tour. Rodriguez is a 911 hero who rescued many victims from the WTC, where he was a janitor in the North Tower; he accompanied firemen up the fire tower and let them onto the floors with a master key. For his acts of heroism, President Bush honored Rodriguez at the White House. Later, however, he realized that the “official” story is a lie. Rodriguez heard “explosions” in the North Tower before the building fell, confirming the 2+ Richter scale seismic recordings prior to the fall of each tower. Rodriguez was the last person out of the North Tower and is alive today because he dove under a fire truck. Like thousands of others, he still suffers from health problems brought on by the unhealthy conditions at the WTC (disproving another Bush administration claim: EPA Administrator Christy Todd Whitman came to the WTC site on 9/13/01 and said all was well). At a Press Conference in Amsterdam on May 18th, attorney Berg stated, “Bush and his cronies either made 911 happen or let it happen. If they let it happen, then they made it happen; and they must he held accountable.”

Berg continued, “It is very difficult for many to believe that the U.S. government could be involved. However, I draw your attention to 'Operation Northwoods,' a 1962 documented plan that has now been declassified, in which the joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. military called for the military to destroy American property and to injure and kill American citizens, blaming it on Cuba, in order to win support for a war against Cuba. President John F. Kennedy said ‘No.’ If you change the words from Cuba to Iraq, you have the same situation.”

Berg concluded: “I know many of you recall Golfer Payne Stewart. His plane was off course and fighter jets were called out to check on Stewart's plane -- as fighter jets did 62 times in the year prior to 911. They saw no evidence of life and followed it to South Dakota, where it crashed. Likewise just a week ago, on May 11, 2005, when a small plane wandered off course toward the White House, it was intercepted within minutes by fighter planes. Now, question – Where were the fighter jets on 911? They had about an hour to intercept an airliner that had left its flight path and was heading for Washington D.C. But they never even made it into the air before the Pentagon crash.”

Together with a panel of scientists and journalists who support the investigation, Jimmy Walter will tour through major cities in Europe for panel discussions. The aim of the tour is to point out new non-truths with regard to the investigation as spread by the media directly after the attacks, and to raise awareness about the topic and plan to launch a “true” 911 investigation. The tour will begin in Amsterdam on May 20th.

Philip J. Berg, Esquire, Jimmy Walter and William Rodriguez are available for radio and TV appearances and interviews. Two tours will be conducted, with William Rodriguez on RED team, Philip J. Berg, Esq. on BLUE team, and Jimmy Walter on both tours.

The schedule follows for speaking engagements in: Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, Vienna, Manchester and Rome.

For further information, please call

Marlies van Kasteel: tel +31-(0) 6-14-54-39-52
Absolutely Independent on:
+31-(0) 20-4905-200 or e-mail:

When applicable, travel costs for Press can be reimbursed upon request


Where: Amsterdam, de Rode Hoed
When: May 20 [Red – Rodriguez] and May 24 [Blue – Berg] May 24
Time: 19.00
Info: Marlies van Kasteel tel: +31-(0)6-14-54- 39-52 or Absolutely
Independent at +31-(0)20-4905-200

Where: Berlin
When: May 21 [Blue – Berg] and May 22 [Red – Rodriguez]
May 22
Time: 19.00
Info: Marlies van Kasteel tel: +31-(0)6-14-54- 39-52 or Alf Arnold
at +49-(30)-3450-6241

Where: Paris
When: May 24 [Red – Rodriguez] and May 25 [Blue – Berg]
May 25
Time: 19.00
Info: Marlies van Kasteel tel: +31-(0)6-14-54- 39-52 or Absolutely
Independent at +31-(0)20-4905-200

Where: London
When: May 27 [Red – Rodriguez] and June 3 [Blue – Berg]
June 3
Time: 19.00
Info: Marlies van Kasteel tel: +31-(0)6-14-54- 39-52 or Absolutely
Independent at +31-(0)20-4905-200

Where: Madrid
When: May 30 [Blue – Berg] and May 31 [Red – Rodriguez]
Time: 19.00
Info: Marlies van Kasteel tel: +31-(0)6-14-54- 39-52 or Absolutely
Independent at +31-(0)20-4905-200

Where: Vienna
When: June 1 [Blue Team] and Jun2 2 [Red – Rodriguez]
June 2
Time: 19.00
Info: Marlies van Kasteel tel: +31-(0)6-14-54-39-52 or Absolutely
Independent at +31-(0)20-4905-200

Where: Manchester
When: June 4 [Blue – Berg]
Time: 19.00
Info: Marlies van Kasteel tel: +31-(0)6-14-54-39-52 or Absolutely
Independent at +31-(0)20-4905-200

Where: Rome
When: June 6 and 7 [Red and Blue – Rodriguez and Berg]
Time: ?
Info: Marlies van Kasteel tel: +31-(0)6-14-54-39-52 or Absolutely
Independent at +31-(0)20-4905-200

# # #

For Further Information, contact:

Philip J. Berg, Esquire
706 Ridge Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
(610) 825-3134

or by e-mail at: or

as Phil is now in Amsterdam

or Marlies van Kasteel: tel +31-(0) 6-14-54-39-
Absolutely Independent at:
+31-(0) 20-4905-200 or e-mail:


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