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And You Can Tell Them, "I Was There!"

SOLO-International Op-Ed: And You Can Tell Them, "I Was There!"

Scott DeSalvo
December 26, 2009

Our fall will soon be fast and furious.

It began with a money supply divorced from value.

It continued with counterculture ideological flirtings with the illogical and preposterous which became the core curriculum in our schools in less than a generation.

And while Americans drowsed to reality TV, politicians and businessmen conspired to ill-gotten gain and power...

While memory of what made America great continued to fade.

Our politicians sold us for political perks and cash, and supported 2000 page Bills, having read only the Talking Points.

A handful have objected—notably Ron Paul—who has sounded the alarm continuously for 30 years, but no one answered.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

"The Price we Pay

"Any [health care] legislation that passes is bound to be costly—but no one knows how costly it will be. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the Senate version will cost $1 trillion over the next decade.

"But then, when Medicare was originally passed in 1967, it was estimated that the hospital insurance (Part A) would cost about $9 billion annually by 1990. By 1990 the actual cost to the government was $67 billion!"

The poor, having no sense of cost or value, will abuse the system as they have the Medicare and welfare system.

Private politically connected business will exploit the system in every way imaginable to maximize profit from a "customer" with "unlimited free money."

The wealthy politically connected will continue their road which ends for them as members of the American Politburo.

The vast middle class will be forced to cash the check written thoughtlessly at best, and with malice at worst. It will bankrupt us.

There will be hyperinflation when the middle class can no longer foot the bill (very soon now) and the Fed will fire up the printing presses full time. An inflated money supply will devastate any chance at economic recovery.

China may declare war when we cannot honor the trillions we owe them, or when we pay them in worthless dollars and America will be unable to muster a defense with no money to pay soldiers and no industry to create the tools of war.

This, my friends, is the beginning of the end.

The Berlin Wall fell, the Soviet Union crumbled, and totalitarian Russia returns to power as we fade, suiciding.

The next step is to seize firearms. Buy your guns, ammo and reloaders now. In 5 years, you likely will be unable to buy them legally.

More nationalization of business and more power for the Fed and the Federal government.

Vast prescriptions of free mood elevators to the populace, and a vast growing prison system.

Soon, people will begin to disappear from the streets.

An uneducated populace will not notice.

Glenn Beck will soften or disappear. Fox will soften or diappear under FCC mandate.

Ron Paul will pass with no worthy successor.

Americans will huddle in hovels and poverty and wonder how freedom and capitalism have led them to this.

And our destruction will be complete. Ayn Rand's nightmare vision will be realized.

And like the Romans of old who watched as the Visigoths pour over and pillage the Seven Hills of Rome ...

We can tell our antegenitors "I Was There ... "

If there is a God, may he have mercy upon the souls of Americans who are watching it all come apart,

And who have wasted man's greatest political creation.

This is serious: take care of yourselves. That may be all that is left to do.


© Scoop Media

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