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“Sustainable Population” actually means genocide

CEC National Secretary and Federal candidate for Wills, Craig Isherwood, issued the following statement on 29th June.

PM Gillard, take notice:

“Sustainable Population” actually means genocide

Kevin Rudd went down in flames for the same reason as Malcolm Turnbull before him—he tried to ram the fraudulent dogma of “climate change” down the throats of an Australian population already angry at the disappearance of their jobs, their houses, their healthcare, and other necessities. Proposing drastic measures to deal with non-existent “anthropogenic global warming” was just one piece of crap too many. So, as in the U.S., where incumbent politicians are falling like tenpins in preselection races because of popular rage at leaders who have done nothing about the deepening global financial collapse but to bail out the banks, the mass-strike process has erupted in Australia as well.

In both cases, the American physical economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche has helped catalyse the process, as in the Citizens Electoral Council’s hard-hitting campaign against “global warming” which we launched already back in 2007, when a reported 60 per cent of the Australian population still believed in the scam.

While you, Prime Minister Gillard, reportedly had the good sense to convince then-PM Kevin Rudd to dump the ETS in April, you have now apparently adopted the cause for which Prince Philip’s WWF invented “environmentalism” and “climate change” in the first place: “population control”, i.e. the British Crown’s intent to kill off billions of the world’s population. Perhaps you are not aware, but that is also the real meaning behind the term “sustainable population”. In the real world, there is no such thing. Economies, and their populations along with them, either continually increase and expand, or they enter a process of collapse. In fact, the fundamental metric of a healthy economy is a rising potential relative population density—the size of the population which the prevailing level of science and technology could potentially support solely due to the efforts of the relevant nation. If you don’t continually revolutionise your economy through fundamental advances in science, technology and infrastructure, then it will necessarily begin to first shrink, and then to collapse, which physical economist LaRouche has proven beyond any possible doubt.

Add to that, that LaRouche has also been the world’s leading economic forecaster since his first forecast in 1956, and the question becomes, PM Gillard: Will you listen to LaRouche on fundamental matters of economy, or to the lunatics from the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) who are leading the charge for “sustainable population”? The same ACF in March made the formal claim to the Ministry of the Environment that “human population growth” is a “key threatening process” to the environment which must therefore be curbed, and the same ACF demanded that Kevin Rudd establish a “Ministry of Population” in the first place.

The founder and longtime president (1971-76) of the ACF, Prince Philip, openly advocates reducing the global population down from its present 6.8 billion to less than 2 billion. In 1961, Prince Philip, British Eugenics Society head Sir Julian Huxley, and former Nazi SS member Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands co-founded the WWF to make “presently unthinkable ideas thinkable”, in Huxley’s words, given that the Nazis’ death camps had at least temporarily discredited the idea of eugenics. That founding of the WWF is the actual modern origin of the anti-scientific, genocidal doctrine of “sustainable population”, of “population control”, and of similar euphemisms.

In November 2008, PM Gillard, you famously claimed of the global financial crash that “No-one twelve months ago was talking about a global financial crisis.” Contrast your own claim to Mr LaRouche’s forecast of 25th July, 2007—just days before the crash—that under then-current policies the crash was inevitable, and would break out almost immediately. [Click here to watch a two-minute video clip contrasting Gillard and LaRouche on this subject.]

The present British Crown/City of London policies of globalisation, privatisation, free trade, unbridled speculation, and environmentalist lunacy have caused the present, rapidly deepening global crash, in which all investment is systematically sucked out of the actual physical economy into speculation. Then, those same free trading environmentalists tell us that the economy “can’t sustain” more people because no infrastructure has been built, because no new cities have been built, because we are running out of water, etc.—all of which is caused by the very same people.

If Australia is to survive the present global crash, which is intensifying by the minute, then we must dump the twin faces of fascism—globalisation and environmentalism—and return to the “old Labor” policies of National Bank-financed nation building. It is time now, at long last, to finally build a “Big Australia”.

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