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Gillard—Australia can’t sustain her!

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

Media Release 20th of July 2010

CEC National Secretary and candidate for Wills, Craig Isherwood, issued the following statement on 20th July, in response to Prime Minister Gillard’s 18th July campaign kick-off speech in Brisbane.

Gillard—Australia can’t sustain her!

What kind of a sick, twisted individual champions policies whose knowable, provable result will be the death of millions of her countrymen, as Julia Gillard has just done yet again in her very first day on the campaign trail, in her anti-population speech in Brisbane? One who is a conscious agent for the longstanding British imperial policy of mass genocide, that’s who. One who is committed to a policy once known as “eugenics”, but which, after Adolf Hitler discredited that term, is now sold by the British monarchy and its fronts such as the WWF and the Prince Philip-founded ACF under such euphemisms as “population control” or “sustainable population”. Gillard in Brisbane announced yet again her opposition to Australia’s forecasted natural population growth of 36 million by 2050, proclaiming that she would, in typical Fabian, pro-fascist style, “lead a strong and responsible government to take control of our nation’s future”—i.e. to wipe out millions of Australians. She is therefore goose-stepping at the direction of WWF founder Prince Philip (whose wife is, after all, our Head of State), who has repeatedly stated that the world’s population must plunge from its present 6.8 billion down to 2 billion, or even far fewer.

Gillard’s Fabian predecessors

In her heart of hearts, Gillard is a “sustainable population” freak because she is a proud member of Her Majesty’s Fabian Society, all of whose founders and chief advocates, such as Sidney and Beatrice Webb, Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells, and George Bernard Shaw, were raving advocates of eugenics, who openly proposed the mass murder of millions upon millions of human beings so that the British Empire could eternally reign over not only the “darker masses” of the planet, but also over any “white” country—such as the United States—whose growing population posed a strategic threat to that Empire. Any empire, remember, is based upon dictatorial rule by a few over the great masses of enslaved population, the very growth of which they view as a mortal threat. But listen to the founders of Gillard’s notoriously pro-imperialist Fabian Society, in their own words:

Beatrice Webb was a frequent visitor to the home of Sir Francis Galton, the man who invented the “science” of eugenics and was knighted by the Crown for it, and to whom she always listened, in her words, with “rapt attention”. Inspired by seeing her fellow Fabian George Bernard Shaw’s pro-eugenics play, Man and Superman, she wrote in her diary that eugenics “is the most important of all questions”, while her Fabian Society co-founder husband Sidney wrote in 1911, “[N]o consistent eugenicist can be a ‘Laisser Faire’ individualist unless he throws up the game in despair. He must interfere, interfere, interfere!”

H.G. Wells in his 1902 book, Anticipations of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress upon Human Life and Thought, called for an imperial “World State”, a “New Republic” based on eugenics: “it made as clear as daylight that all forms of social reconstruction, all dreams of earthly golden ages must be either futile or insincere or both, until the problems of human increase were manfully faced. … It has become apparent that whole masses of human population are, as a whole, inferior in their claim upon the future, to other masses … And how will the New Republic treat the inferior races? How will it deal with the black? How will it deal with the yellow man? How will it tackle that alleged termite in the civilized woodwork, the Jew? … Well, the world is a world, not a charitable institution, and I take it they will have to go.”

George Bernard Shaw in a March 1910 speech to the Eugenics Education Society, blandly advocated “Murder by the State”, as contemporary newspaper headlines put it, that eugenics mandated “an extensive use” of what he called “the lethal chamber”, wherein “A great many people would have to be put out of existence simply because it wastes other people’s time to look after them.”

Bertrand Russell, in whose own house the Webbs lived for some time, wrote in his 1923 The Prospects of Industrial Civilization, “Socialism, especially international socialism, is only possible as a stable system if the population is stationary or nearly so. … the white population of the world will soon cease to increase. The Asiatic races will be longer, and the negroes still longer, before their birth-rate falls sufficiently … Until that happens, the benefits aimed at by socialism can only be partially realized, and the less prolific races will have to defend themselves against the more prolific by methods which are disgusting even if they are necessary.”

Russell later wrote of his co-workers, the Webbs: “worship of the state. This last was of the essence of Fabianism. It led both the Webbs and also Shaw into … an undue tolerance of Mussolini and Hitler … . Both of them were fundamentally undemocratic and regarded it as the function of a statesman to bamboozle or terrorise the populace.”

Precisely as Ms. Gillard is now doing with her “overpopulation” campaign.

“Overpopulation”, or Underdevelopment?

You say Australia is “overpopulated”, Ms. Gillard, when the entire world’s population could fit into the Australian continent and still have a lesser population density than present-day Holland? What have you been smoking, Madam Prime Minister? Our problem is clearly not “overpopulation”, but underproduction—the long-term, systematic underproduction of the necessities of life, including large-scale infrastructure and the building of entire new cities in our virtually empty continent. And that underproduction is wilfully caused by the British imperial policies of free trade, deregulation, privatisation, etc. which have destroyed Australia’s physical economy, in particular since your Fabian mates Hawke and Keating introduced them in the early 1980s. But you would no doubt agree, Ms. Gillard, with your master Prince Philip’s proclamation in an interview with Sir Trevor McDonald on 10th May, 2008 that rising food prices—as ostensibly all other problems—are due to overpopulation? “The food prices are going up—everyone thinks it’s to do with not enough food, but it’s really that demand is too great, too many people”, intoned His Highness. “Basically, it’s a little embarrassing for everybody. No-one quite knows how to handle it.” But the Prince seems to have a pretty good idea about it. Maybe it “runs in the family”, so to speak. After all the chief financial angel for decades of the eugenicist, pro-imperialist Fabian Society was the Prince of Wales’ (later Edward VII), closest friend, the financier Sir Ernest Cassel, who, among other things, put up the money to found the Fabians’ London School of Economics.

And finally, since cutting immigration as Prince Philip’s ACF demands is seemingly the quickest route to slowing Australia’s population growth, do you, Ms. Gillard, perhaps agree with the Fabian Society’s 1945 pamphlet, Population and the People: A national policy? Written for Britain’s postwar Royal Commission on Population, it called to “admit only those physically and mentally sound … who will introduce a sound stock into the country … The Eugenics of immigration cannot be overstressed.”

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