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Sci-Tech Most Read

Sci-Tech Most Read

1. Greenpeace & scientists team up to search for Māui dolphin

02 November 2016 1:04pm | Greenpeace New Zealand

Greenpeace New Zealand has teamed up with researchers at the University of Auckland in an effort to discover more about the critically endangered Māui dolphin, including where they go in winter... More >>

2. First Commercial Strawberry Genome

02 November 2016 10:48am | NRGene

NRGene and Japan's Kazusa DNA Research Institute Fully Reveal the Complex Genome of Strawberry Using Illumina Data .. More >>

3. 1080 poison: science and facts

24 May 2011 4:25pm | Happypet NZ

Any true scientist would be intensely annoyed to see wishful thinking and casual observations (rather than properly replicated experiments with appropriate controls) masquerading as science, especially when lots of people actually believed in it. ..... More >>

4. Cockles and Pipis, alive, alive-oh

04 January 2011 11:09am | NIWA

Over the long hot summer many kiwis will be digging deep in the sand for pipi. These yummy shellfish live buried in the sand and are free at the beach! .. More >>

5. Road Code now available free on-line

24 April 2003 1:02pm | Land Transport Safety Authority

Need to brush up on the road rules but don't have a copy of the road code? Just visit the Land Transport Safety Authority website,, where an on-line version of the Official New Zealand Road Code for car drivers is now available at no charge... More >>

6. NZ data tool can predict risk of child abuse

12 May 2015 11:19am | AUT

A data tool that can accurately identify children at risk of abuse is unlikely to ever be used in the way envisioned by one of its architects. .. More >>

7. New Zealand Can Expect a Megathrust Earthquake

09 May 2016 11:39am | Geomarine Research

Research published this week in the Bulletin of the Geological Society of America has found evidence that at least ten huge earthquakes have impacted Hawkes Bay in the last 7500 years. Research leader, Dr Bruce Hayward of Geomarine Research, Auckland, ..... More >>

8. Kiwi ingenuity and masking tape saves chick

18 October 2016 11:40am | Rainbow Springs

Rotorua, 18 October 2016: Kiwi ingenuity and masking tape has saved a Kiwi chick after its egg was badly damaged endangering the chick's life. .. More >>

9. A warmer November for eastern regions

01 November 2016 3:50pm | MetService

Rainfall was abundant in many regions, with the notable exceptions of Wairarapa and southern Hawkes Bay. The North Island copped an unusually wet start to October, as did Nelson and Otago. "Canterbury and Marlborough also picked up significant totals ..... More >>

10. Famous Tree Sparks Debate On Discovery Of NZ

21 September 2001 4:24pm | Landcare Research

A pohutukawa tree at 'the end of the world' has stirred up debate on whether the Spanish were the first Europeans to reach New Zealand, ahead of the Dutch and the British... More >>

11. New doggie DNA test available in NZ

10 July 2009 9:46am | Petpost

They've been called mutts, mongrels, bitsers and 'SPCA specials'...but now mixed-breed dogs can hold their slightly unusual heads high. .. More >>

12. Sensing Murder Strikes Out Again

25 June 2012 1:03pm | Skeptics

The discovery of the body of missing prostitute Jayne Furlong on the beach at Port Waikato directly contradicts the claims by the Sensing Murder exploitainment show that self-proclaimed psychics Deb Webber and Kelvin Cruickhank were able to "tune ..... More >>

13. Wellington green gecko breeding on Matiu Somes

30 January 2015 1:13pm | Department of Conservation

A photo of a young green gecko has helped confirm that a breeding population has established on Maitu Somes Island. .. More >>

14. Tech support scams increasing in complexity

28 October 2016 1:00pm | Symantec Security Response

Tech support scams remain one of the major and evolving forces in the computer security landscape. .. More >>

15. Scientists gather to share advances in nanotechnology

30 October 2016 8:12pm | GNS Science

Scientists from 27 countries are gathered in Wellington this week to share the latest advances in nanotechnology, superconductors, high-end manufacturing, and ion beam technology... More >>

16. Response to articles by Dr Jo Pollard

09 June 2011 9:47am | Department of Conservation

Dr Jo Pollard claims to have put the science used to justify the continued use of 1080 "under the microscope". Unfortunately, it appears that she may have forgotten to take the lens cap off, say Paul Livingstone, TB Eradication and Research Manager ..... More >>

17. At least 65 dogs in a year poisoned by 1080 in New Zealand

16 November 2011 11:02am | Dr Jo Pollard

Research by the National Poisons Centre and the Otago University's Pharmacy School which was presented at an International Poisons Congress in 2008 found that dogs across New Zealand are at extreme risk of poisoning from 1080 (1) ... More >>

18. Countdown to Extinction Continues for World's Rarest Dolphin

01 February 2012 11:49am | NABU International - Foundation for Nature

Another one of the world's last 100 Maui's dolphins died in a fishing net in New Zealand. Its death is a a stark reminder that measures to protect the world's most endangered marine dolphin against fisheries bycatch are inadequate to prevent their ..... More >>

19. Muse: the brain-sensing headband, now in NZ

26 September 2014 5:43pm | Thought-Wired

Thought-Wired and InteraXon announce partnership to bring brain fitness and stress-reduction to New Zealand and Australia .. More >>

20. New app makes identifying plants easier

11 February 2015 12:14pm | Landcare Research

Identifying plants is complex when there are dozens, hundreds and in some cases even thousands of species, many with similar features. But Landcare Research is making this easier. .. More >>

21. 10 Years of Hihi in mainland New Zealand

17 February 2015 3:02pm | Zealandia

Wellington, NZ - This February marks the 10-year anniversary of the Hihi (Stitchbird) being reintroduced into mainland New Zealand. Hihi were extinct from the wild for 120 years until 2005 when 60 Hihi were transferred from Tiritiri Matangi Island to ..... More >>

22. State-of-the-art drug testing laboratory to open in Auckland

12 May 2015 12:48pm | The Drug Detection Agency

World leading drug testing agencies, The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA) and Omega Laboratories, open New Zealand laboratory.. More >>

23. New Zealand's Litter Revealed in New National Survey

20 May 2015 10:02am | Public Place Recycling Scheme

The Packaging Forum has today released "The National Litter Survey", which is the first national study looking at New Zealander's litter in over a decade. The development of the methodology and the survey have been carried out by specialist ..... More >>

24. Kiwi company makes global mark

29 May 2015 11:35am | IESE

International Earth Sciences (IESE) has been going for less than a year but the Auckland based company has already secured multi-million dollar contracts in Mexico, Japan, Germany, Indonesia and New Zealand... More >>

25. World spotlight on Canterbury's ADHD micronutrient research

28 January 2016 11:57am | University of Canterbury

A University of Canterbury (UC) PhD graduate's study on the treatment of ADHD has been published in the international peer-reviewed Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology and presented at prestigious international conferences, including ..... More >>

26. Dietary intake differs in baby-led weaned infants

13 May 2016 9:58am | University of Otago

University of Otago researchers have undertaken the first-ever study looking at what infants eat when they follow baby-led weaning and found that they have a lot of healthy eating habits, but also some less healthy ones... More >>

27. Te Papa and Weta Workshop bring Bug Lab to Wellington

29 August 2016 9:52am | Te Papa

Te Papa and Weta Workshop have joined forces to bring a blockbuster science exhibition to Te Papa this summer. .. More >>

28. Bringing back the woolly mammoth -- TEDxChristchurch 2016

29 August 2016 3:04pm | TEDxChristchurch

Bringing back the woolly mammoth -- TEDxChristchurch 2016: 360º is bringing the past to the present. .. More >>

29. NIWA Outlook: October - December 2016

30 September 2016 1:46pm | NIWA

ENSO (El Niño - Southern Oscillation) neutral conditions are still present in the tropical Pacific Ocean as a whole, although some indicators are currently in the weak La Niña category. Sea surface temperatures (SSTs) in the central equatorial ..... More >>

30. Public invited to expert panel on robotics in healthcare

28 October 2016 12:24pm | University of Auckland

From bionic hearing to robotic surgery, the use of robotics in healthcare will be discussed at a free public panel discussion in Auckland on Tuesday. .. More >>

31. Breakthrough in cabbage tree mystery

05 March 2001 2:04pm | Landcare Research

Landcare Research has made some major advancements in understanding the sudden decline disease of our iconic native cabbage tree (Cordyline australis), also known as ti kouka. Cabbage trees have succumbed in large numbers to the disease, which causes ..... More >>

32. Dr Rick Pridmore To Be Appointed CEO Of NIWA

05 June 2002 4:53pm | NIWA

The NIWA Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Rick Pridmore as the new Chief Executive of NIWA to succeed Paul Hargreaves following his retirement. Rick is currently Deputy Chief Executive (Strategic Development) and has played a ..... More >>

33. Repairing Ruptured Aortas And Saving Lives

05 March 2003 9:48am | The Christchurch School of Medicine

David Paterson is a very lucky young man. Fortunate that Professor Tim Buckenham from Otago University's Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Sciences had the skill and experience to deal with his horrific injury... More >>

34. Cyber Decider to Settle Trans-Tasman Rivalry

29 August 2003 9:50am | Intel

News Release Cyber Decider to Settle Trans-Tasman Rivalry INTEL SPONSORED KIWI GAMER "UP FOR IT".. More >>

35. Email In

28 May 2004 9:13am | Coalition for a GE Free Environment

On Friday the 28th of May, GE Free activists and supporters of a GE Free Aotearoa/New Zealand are invited to join in an email, fax and phone in day to help More >>

36. Saddleback returned to Motuihe Island

11 August 2005 9:19am | Department of Conservation

The release of 20 saddlebacks or tieke on Motuihe Island today marks the return of this vocal forest bird to the inner Hauraki Gulf after an absence of 100 years... More >>

37. Organic dairy shed cleaner breaks new ground

15 September 2005 10:23am | Foundation for Research Science and Technology

An organic cleaner developed in New Zealand is on track to revolutionise milking shed cleaning routines, saving dairy farmers substantial energy costs and having potential to earn them carbon credits... More >>

38. Honey Import Health Standard issued

11 July 2006 2:31pm | Biosecurity NZ

Biosecurity New Zealand (BNZ), part of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), today issued a new import health standard for honey and related bee products from Australia... More >>

39. CT Scanning Technology A First In NZ

27 December 2006 8:26am | Siemens

Christchurch Radiology Group (CRG) has purchased New Zealand's first Dual Source CT scanner. The machine will be operational in February and provide a new level of clinical diagnosis, particularly for heart patients... More >>

40. Innovative frost control a first for the region

29 October 2007 12:23am | Toast Martinborough

Martinborough employed innovative frost fighting techniques on Sunday evening as they prepared to fight potentially the worst frost this season. While helicopters are a common sight during this time of year, turning the wine village into a replica ..... More >>

41. The benefits of 1080 and why DOC uses it.

22 July 2008 12:23am | Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation (DOC) uses aerial application of sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) as a valuable biodiversity protection tool to control mammalian pests that threaten conservation values... More >>

42. Paddle Crabs; Cannibals Of The Seashore

30 December 2009 10:33am | NIWA

This agile swimmer is found in the intertidal zone (between high and low tide marks) all around New Zealand and in southern Australia, down to depths of 100 metres. It's one of nine species of swimming crabs in New Zealand... More >>

43. Highly detailed maps of seabed now available

19 August 2010 10:26am | NIWA

The high-resolution maps show the hidden seabed of the deep sea around the country in incredible digital detail, making them a treasure for all New Zealanders. .. More >>

44. Return of the Cluster Flies

11 April 2011 11:36am | Kiwicare

The annual influx of cluster flies into New Zealand rural homes and farms has begun in earnest. Rural supplies stores and hardware stores around the country are reporting a sudden and dramatic increase in customers seeking help and advice on how to get ..... More >>

45. Emperor penguin visits the Kapiti Coast

21 June 2011 1:21pm | Department of Conservation

Click for big version Emperor penguin on Peka Peka Beach with Kapiti Island in the background. Photo: Richard Gill, Department of Conservation .. More >>

46. OECD report on NZ water- not as clean as you'd like

22 September 2011 11:59am | NIWA

A recent OECD report describes New Zealand's water quality as 'good' relative to most OECD countries but says that it is deteriorating. This deterioration is due, in large part, to diffuse pollution from agriculture, says Dr Kevin Parris of the ..... More >>

47. Maui's death in set net takes species closer to extinction

01 February 2012 11:59am | WWF-New Zealand

Reports that an endangered Maui's dolphin has been killed in a fishing net off the coast of Taranaki should serve as a wake up call that current protection measures are insufficient and a total ban on set nets is needed throughout their current and ..... More >>

48. Countdown to Extinction Continues for World's Rarest Dolphin

01 February 2012 12:44pm | NABU International - Foundation for Nature

New Zealand - Another one of the world's last 100 Maui's dolphins died in a fishing net in New Zealand. Its death is a another stark reminder that measures to protect the world's most endangered marine dolphin against fisheries bycatch are inadequate ..... More >>

49. Maui dolphin-act now or lose a species

14 March 2012 11:22am | Victoria University of Wellington

Maui dolphin-act now or lose a species Victoria University expert Dr Wayne Linklater on measures needed to save the Maui dolphin. .. More >>

50. Ministry merger, dolphin dilemma, Pink Terraces find

16 March 2012 5:19pm | Science Media Centre

Super ministry Maui's dolphins Pink & White Terraces Mind reading New from the SMC Sciblogs highlights Research highlights Sci-tech events .. More >>

51. New Research shows way to saving Hector's & Maui's dolphins

27 March 2012 9:55am | NABU International - Foundation for Nature

New research proves the effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas as an effective conservation tool to protect marine mammals against fisheries bycatch. Yet, the dolphin species that was studied to provide this landmark result continues to decline due to lack ..... More >>

52. Wellington based game developer promises "nerdgasm"

24 April 2012 2:11pm | Gamefroot

Local entrepreneur and game developer Dan Milward officially launches Gamefroot at, the world's first cloud based game creator on Tuesday, 24 April, 2012 in Wellington, New Zealand. .. More >>

53. Forget manuka, kanuka is the new superhoney

04 May 2012 4:35pm | Shaun Holt

New Zealand kanuka honey has double the levels of bug-killing manuka factor according to work recently published by Crown Research Institute Industrial Research Limited. .. More >>

54. Tornadoes - how frequently do they hit New Zealand?

06 December 2012 5:05pm | NIWA

Tornadoes, like the one that hit Auckland's western suburbs today, are relatively rare events in New Zealand. On average there are around seven moderate to strong tornado events reported in New Zealand each year... More >>

55. Modern uses for ancient Māori knowledge

17 June 2013 1:21pm | Victoria University of Wellington

Identifying modern-day uses for ancient Māori knowledge of the sun, moon and stars is one goal of research led by Victoria University astrophysicist Dr Pauline Harris. .. More >>

56. Rule change unlocks national seed bank for researchers

11 July 2013 4:02pm | Joint Media Statement

A new government agreement is promising to speed up the development of new forage cultivars by enabling faster access to imported seed lines in New Zealand's national grassland seed bank... More >>

57. Teaching avocado trees how to grow

02 September 2013 6:29pm | AVOCO

Scientists and avocado growers are learning to teach avocado trees to grow in a more productive manner in a bid to improve the yield and regularity of harvests, says Jerome Hardy, Technical Manager at the biggest avocado grower group, AVOCO... More >>

58. Otago researchers make brain fertility break-through

22 September 2013 11:47am | University of Otago

In a landmark discovery, the final piece in the puzzle of understanding how the brain circuitry vital to normal fertility in humans and other mammals operates has been put together by University of Otago researchers... More >>

59. New level of Internet domain names - more choice for NZers

11 October 2013 3:49pm | InternetNZ

The Council of InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) has today approved a policy proposal from subsidiary Domain Name Commission Ltd to allow domain names to be registered at the second level in the .nz domain name space, giving New Zealanders even more ..... More >>

60. Waikato science students tackle cancer and memory research

25 February 2014 12:27pm | Waikato University

Preventing breast cancer, reducing the toxicity of radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects, and analysing memory function during anaesthesia, were the topics for three students from the University of Waikato, who have just completed summer studentships... More >>

61. Sandy & Muddy Shore Guide Released During Seaweek

27 February 2014 3:17pm | University of Otago

The University of Otago's New Zealand Marine Studies Centre is launching a Sandy & Muddy Shore Guide this weekend, continuing its hugely popular series of guides to the diversity of life found on our shores... More >>

62. NZ company finds major error with cold and flu products

20 March 2014 11:27am | AFT Pharmaceuticals

New Zealand company finds major formulation error with cold and flu products worth NZ$1.4 billion worldwide .. More >>

63. Food data to keep New Zealand healthy

13 May 2014 9:52am | Plant and Food Research

Auckland, New Zealand. 13 May 2014...Health and nutrition professionals, policymakers and people with an interest in food can now access updated nutritional analyses of foods common to the New Zealand diet... More >>

64. Extra vitamin D benefits infants

10 October 2014 2:10pm | University of Auckland

Infants whose mothers take vitamin D supplements during pregnancy and infancy are less likely to get respiratory infections, according to research from the University of Auckland... More >>

65. Hot, hairy bull enables major scientific discoveries

19 December 2014 10:06am | Livestock Improvement Corporation

Hot, hairy bull enables major scientific discoveries An artificial breeding bull which caused some of its offspring to be excessively hairy and prone to overheating has led to two world-first scientific discoveries. The bull called Matrix had inherited ..... More >>

66. Sports-filled weekend

26 February 2015 12:49pm | MetService

An active southerly change that moved across the South Island and lower North Island on Wednesday continues to move northwards during Thursday, bringing some showers and cooler weather to the east of the North Island. Meanwhile, a ridge of higher ..... More >>

67. OYSTERS AHEAD: Bluff season begins

27 February 2015 3:34pm | NIWA

Each March, oyster lovers descend on the catch of Bluff's best bivalves - a seasonal delicacy from one of the last remaining wild oyster fisheries on the planet. .. More >>

68. Hits 100,000 Members

30 March 2015 5:27pm |

New Zealand's first free and private neighbourhood website is fast becoming a household name, with membership breaking the 100,000 milestone today... More >>

69. Nose-to-brain drug delivery for epilepsy patients

14 May 2015 10:28am | Health Research Council

University of Otago pharmacist Dr Shakila Rizwan has secured more than $137,000 in funding to develop a promising new technique to treat drug-resistant epilepsy involving administering drugs to the brain via the nose. Health Research Council ..... More >>

70. Antarctic orcas are South Pacific commuters

26 June 2015 11:43am | University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury (UC) scientists and Antarctic researchers from Italy have struck "research gold" by uncovering the commuting secrets of Antarctic killer whales... More >>

71. Fourth Report on Water Management

27 November 2015 11:01am | Land and Water Forum

The Land and Water Forum (LWF) today published its fourth report, outlining 60 new consensus recommendations for how New Zealand should improve its management of fresh water and calling on the Government to urgently adopt all of its recommendations ..... More >>

72. New Zealand vulnerable to the threats of climate change

19 April 2016 10:26am | The Royal Society of New Zealand

A report released today by the Royal Society of New Zealand highlights how New Zealand will be impacted by climate change. .. More >>

73. Scientists to record marine mammals

02 June 2016 3:22pm | NIWA

The sounds made by whales and dolphins as they pass through New Zealand's Cook Strait are to be recorded for the first time through a research project being undertaken by a NIWA scientist... More >>

74. Green's top 10 list of NZ's dirtiest rivers "a farce"

07 June 2016 12:28pm | Irrigation NZ

The Green Party's list of the top 10 dirty rivers in New Zealand is farcical and brings into question their credibility, says IrrigationNZ CEO Andrew Curtis .. More >>

75. Solar Powered Phone Charger Tower Debuts in Tech Valley

21 June 2016 4:43pm | Weltec

Running out of charge on your cellphone could be a distant memory for residents and visitors to "Technology Valley", Lower Hutt. .. More >>

76. Innovative study could transform pacemakers

18 July 2016 10:51am | University of Auckland

A new study in Auckland has the potential to change the way cardiac pacemakers are used in people with heart disease. .. More >>

77. Kāhui Māori to guide National Science Challenge

26 July 2016 11:26am | Callaghan Innovation

26 July 2016 Kāhui Māori to guide National Science Challenge for Technological Innovation .. More >>

78. A new voice for the science behind the EPA's decisions

09 August 2016 2:35pm | Environmental Protection Authority

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has announced the appointment of Dr Jacqueline Rowarth to the new role of Chief Scientist, helping New Zealanders understand the science behind EPA decisions... More >>

79. Complaint Against Two Victoria University Professors

29 August 2016 2:59pm | New Zealand Climate Science Coalition

Complaint Accepted Against Two Victoria University Professors for Breach of Royal Society's Code of Ethics .. More >>

80. Use it or lose it? Why not AmuseIT?

11 September 2016 9:29pm | AmuseIT

Use it or lose it? Why not AmuseIT? A software tester, a dementia nurse and a developer get together at Christmas... I know what you're thinking... this sounds like the beginning of a joke. This story isn't a joke, but it is about amusement - literally. ..... More >>

81. NZ innovation shines in war against wasps

20 September 2016 4:50pm | WWF-New Zealand

Championing conservation innovation, a New Zealand-designed pest bait has been cited as a game changer in the fight against invasive wasps. .. More >>

82. Equinox marks start of 'astronomical Spring'

21 September 2016 12:18pm | NIWA

Astronomical spring begins in New Zealand at 2.21am on Friday, marked by the Southern Hemisphere's Vernal Equinox. .. More >>

83. New app for reporting Hector's dolphin sightings

04 October 2016 1:20pm | Joint Press Release

New app for reporting Hector's dolphin sightings: Have you seen any? Locals on the waters and along the beaches in the South Island are being recruited to help fill in knowledge gaps of our enigmatic, endangered little Hector's dolphins. A free ..... More >>

84. Maptek and ARANZ Geo guarantee seamless interoperability

05 October 2016 9:35am | ARANZ Geo Limited

ADELAIDE, Australia, and CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, Oct. 4, 2016 - Maptek , developer of Vulcan and ARANZ Geo , developer of 3D geological modelling software Leapfrog ®, have agreed to provide seamless interoperability between their two lead software ..... More >>

85. Fluoride Free Toothpaste doesn't do the job

07 October 2016 11:23am | Making Sense of Fluoride

A new fluoride-free toothpaste has changed its advertising after being challenged to provide evidence to back its claims that it reduces plaque and tooth decay. .. More >>

86. Paracetamol wins Wellington researchers $20,000 prize

10 October 2016 9:48am | Medicines New Zealand

Dr Paul Young will be presented with Medicines New Zealand's 2016 Value of Medicines Award for leading a world-class study into the effects paracetamol has on patients in intensive care units (ICU) this evening... More >>

87. OMGTech! announces new partnership and new structure

13 October 2016 9:48am | OMGTech

Over the last two years the educational charity initiative OMGTech! has worked with over 3,000 kids and announced partnerships with Spark, Microsoft, Huawei, Touchcast, and Accenture to deliver and grow access to technology, with the goal of enabling ..... More >>

88. Launch of PlayStation®VR in New Zealand

13 October 2016 1:00pm | Sony Interactive Entertainment

Auckland, October 13, 2016 - Sony Interactive Entertainment New Zealand (SCENZ) today launched PlayStation®VR (PS VR), a virtual reality system for the PlayStation®4 (PS4[TM]) system that takes gaming to the next level of immersion and transports players ..... More >>

89. Conference tackles tough water issues facing New Zealand

18 October 2016 9:49am | Water New Zealand

New Zealand is facing serious and unprecedented challenges around our water resources, from providing clean and safe drinking water to how we provide sustainable solutions for wastewater and storm waters... More >>

90. Bill Ferris: Innovation for future prosperity

20 October 2016 10:01am | Innovation and Science Australia

Bill Ferris AC, Chair of Innovation and Science Australia, has called for a greater focus on the role of innovation in driving future economic growth and prosperity in a speech delivered today at the NZVCA 2016 Private Equity and Venture Capital ..... More >>

91. Low nicotine cigarettes could help achieve Smokefree goal

25 October 2016 3:20pm | University of Auckland

Nicotine reduction, such as very low nicotine cigarettes, has huge benefits and few potential harms, according to a new study from the University of Auckland. .. More >>

92. Low nicotine cigarettes could help achieve Smokefree goal

25 October 2016 3:20pm | University of Auckland

Nicotine reduction, such as very low nicotine cigarettes, has huge benefits and few potential harms, according to a new study from the University of Auckland. .. More >>

93. Researchers and scholars elected to the Royal Society

26 October 2016 12:26pm | The Royal Society of New Zealand

Nineteen top New Zealand researchers and scholars with a range of research interests, backgrounds and places of work have been announced as Fellows of the Royal Society of New Zealand at a forum today, an honour which recognises true international distinction ..... More >>

94. National Digital Forum coming to Wellington November 2016

28 October 2016 9:38am | National Digital Forum

NDF2016 brings together digital enthusiasts from around the world to share new practices from the GLAM sector (galleries, libraries, archives, museums). Working digitally in new ways is at the heart of the two-day conference, which this year features: ..... More >>

95. NIWA scientist heads to the ice with drill and tape measure

28 October 2016 10:10am | NIWA

A tape measure and a drill will be pretty much all the tools a NIWA scientist needs when he heads to Antarctica next week. .. More >>

96. New record of an introduced parasite in Southern Waters

31 October 2016 10:39am | Fish and Game New Zealand

Discovery of a new fish parasite in the South Island thankfully poses no risk to humans and overseas research indicates there will be minimal impact on the fishery. .. More >>

97. SLSNZ and Emsisoft team up for ultimate surf protection

01 November 2016 1:55pm | Emsisoft

NZ owned and operated software company supports new SLSNZ rips and currents study taking online prevention to the open water. .. More >>


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