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Scoops Most Read

Scoops Most Read

1. Gordon Campbell on the latest McCully fiasco

03 November 2016 10:47am | Gordon Campbell

Well, as Auditor-General Lynn Provost has just found in her long-awaited report into the Saudi sheep deal: plenty. .. More >>

2. Gordon Campbell on the latest McCully fiasco

03 November 2016 10:47am | Gordon Campbell

Well, as Auditor-General Lynn Provost has just found in her long-awaited report into the Saudi sheep deal: plenty. .. More >>

3. Gordon Campbell on the last rites for the TPP

02 November 2016 11:44am | Gordon Campbell

Sorry. I know that the TPP is the reggae of political that it can be endlessly boring, samey sounding and obsessed with the same things ( Jah, ganja and investor state disputes) but believe me, there are some fascinating bassline variations ..... More >>

4. The FBI Intervenes: James Comey and Hillary Clinton's Emails

02 November 2016 4:35pm | Binoy Kampmark

All is fair in love and war, and this particular electoral battle in US politics has assumed more belligerent proportions than most. Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton genuinely deserve to be in the White House, but elections are rarely fought, ..... More >>

5. Postnatal Depression: 'The Thief That Steals Motherhood'

20 October 2016 3:58pm | Alison McCulloch

Postnatal Depression: 'The Thief That Steals Motherhood' by Alison McCulloch This is the first in a series of articles looking at post-natal depression in Aotearoa New Zealand... More >>

6. Postnatal Depression: 'But, I'm Not Depressed'

20 October 2016 3:59pm | Alison McCulloch

Postnatal Depression: 'But, I'm Not Depressed' by Alison McCulloch This is the second in a series of articles looking at post-natal depression in Aotearoa New Zealand... More >>

7. Postnatal Depression: Finding Someone Who 'Gets It'

20 October 2016 4:00pm | Alison McCulloch

Postnatal Depression: Finding Someone Who 'Gets It' By Alison McCulloch This is the third in a series of articles looking at post-natal depression in Aotearoa New Zealand... More >>

8. What Keeps the F-35 Alive - David Swanson

02 November 2016 4:27pm | David Swanson

Imagine if a local business in your town invented a brand new tool that was intended to have an almost magical effect thousands of miles away. However, where the tool was kept and used locally became an area unsafe for children. Children who got near ..... More >>

9. Pirate Parties & Transparent Politics: Iceland's Experiment

03 November 2016 4:23pm | Binoy Kampmark

Getting transparency advocates into parliament and assemblies has proven to be a great challenge in modern politics. Iceland has led on that point, giving the world political punditry much to discuss in the good fortunes of the four-year old Pirate ..... More >>

10. Of All the Opinions I've Heard on Syria - David Swanson

28 October 2016 11:53am | David Swanson

It's all Assad's fault and the U.S., ISIS, al Nusra, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and anybody who will help should overthrow him come what may. It's all a U.S. crime, and Syria, Russia, and Iran should fix it with bombs... More >>

11. Photo Essay: John Key Visiting India

01 November 2016 4:06pm | Rohit Kumar - Happy

Prime Minister John Key accompanied by his spouse Mrs. Bronagh Key, paid a State Visit to India from 25-27 October 2016 at the invitation of the Prime Minister of India. Prime Minister Key had earlier visited India in 2011 . He was accompanied ..... More >>

12. How to Score Ritalin - NZ Follows US Trend

02 October 2002 12:07am | Barbara Sumner Burstyn

So the kids have wised up and following the US trend, have started dealing their Ritalin in the schoolyard. In New Zealand Ritalin retails for around $5 a tablet while in the States the street value is considerably higher - the equivalent of nearly ..... More >>

13. Vodafone gigabit FibreX promises faster installs, lower cost

21 October 2016 10:35am | Digitl

Vodafone is using the promise of a three-day install and lower gigabit prices as a lure to its FibreX network. .. More >>

14. Review: A Girl Named Mo

17 October 2016 11:11am | Howard Davis

Moana Ete brought her three-piece band A Girl Named Mo to Wellington's intimate and iconic Bats Theatre last week for a five-night residency. Each show was recorded and filmed live for the release of her debut album 'Platonic/Romantic' on Loop records ..... More >>

15. Duty to Warn: By Gary G. Kohls, MD

02 November 2016 4:51pm | Gary G. Kohls

A Psychological Evaluation Contrasting the Personalities of Trump, Clinton, Stein and Sanders - and Their Followers -- The Implications of Having Sociopathic, Narcissistic, Paranoid and/or Neo-Fascist Personality Types in Positions of Power - Especially ..... More >>

16. Having a Flutter: The Melbourne Cup & the Australian Gambler

03 November 2016 4:16pm | Binoy Kampmark

An inspection of the hungry, jostling crowds gathering at the gates of the Flemington Race Course, Melbourne, gives a false sense of colour, order and, dare one venture it, glamour. It is another first Tuesday of the week of November, and the State is ..... More >>

17. New Zealand's Racism Problem

17 May 2016 10:53am | Jonny Avery

New Zealand's Racism Problem - and Our Problem with Listening to Andrew Judd Jonny Avery .. More >>

18. Loving Trump

12 October 2016 7:19am | Julien Troussier

It's 3am. Cannot sleep. Restless. Slide to unlock. Open the New York Times App. Look for the latest incident. He did it again. He lashed out. Fear. Anger. Outrage. I needed to see this. I needed to check that the madness was still there. Perhaps ..... More >>

19. Review: 'I, Daniel Blake' - Ken Loach's Bleak Masterpiece

27 October 2016 11:15am | Howard Davis

'I, Daniel Blake' is a bleak masterpiece, a chilling and moving story of two people striking up an unlikely friendship under extremely adverse circumstances. It is both a polemical indictment of a faceless benefits bureaucracy that strips claimants of ..... More >>

20. Martin Doyle cartoon - P housing

02 November 2016 3:47pm | Martin Doyle

The forgotten victims in the latest grubby displays by Housing New Zealand and some of its tenants are the children. They sometimes have a choice between a drug-filled flat or no flat at all... More >>

21. Google Pixel phone, creepy Home speaker sideline NZ

09 October 2016 5:10pm | Digitl

New Zealand is not among the first countries to get Google's Pixel phones. The US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and India are all ahead of us in the queue. .. More >>

22. Liars - Lawrence Davidson

02 November 2016 4:13pm | Redress Information

For those who might wonder why foreign policy makers repeatedly make bad choices, some insight might be drawn from the following analysis. The action here plays out in the United States, but the lessons are probably universal... More >>

23. Gordon Campbell on Judith Collins, crime and poverty

13 October 2016 11:12am | Gordon Campbell

U sually, populism is associated with Winston Peters and his regular tweakings of community prejudice about race and immigration. Just as predictably, Police Minister Judith Collins engages in the same process of liberal baiting. It is just the way ..... More >>

24. An Open Letter to a Son Whose Father has Parkinson's Disease

01 November 2016 4:13pm | Gary G. Kohls

Recently I read an online essay that was written by a person whose father has had progressive Parkinson's disease for several decades. The tone of the essay was one of despair, confusion and frustration from a son who truly loved his father and ..... More >>

25. The Israeli Trumpess: Miri Regev By Uri Avnery

02 November 2016 4:19pm | Redress Information

What will Donald Trump do if he loses the elections in a week and a half from now, as most polls indicate? .. More >>

26. Fiji Independence Day 10th October: Independence from Whom?

10 October 2011 4:56pm | Colonel Tevita Mara

Fiji became an independent sovereign state on 10th October 1970 when its colonial status was abrogated. Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, first Prime Minister of independent Fiji, received from Prince Charles the documents evidencing Fiji's independence... More >>

27. MFAT's Al-Khalaf File - The Complete #SaudiSheep OIA Release

24 August 2015 8:51pm | The Scoop Team

The Al-Khalaf model sheep farm payments, including live (air-freighted) pregnant sheep exports - all allegedly to facilitate a Gulf States free trade agreement has generated many headlines and Parliamentary Questions in recent weeks... More >>

28. The Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism

10 September 2015 11:34pm | Scoop Operation Chrysalis

On December 19th 2014 the Scoop Team set out on a project called "Operation Chrysalis". We decided to turn Scoop's 16 year old online news publishing business into a new kind of news business, one connected directly to its readers, owned by a not-for-profit ..... More >>

29. Budget 2016 - Scoop Full Coverage

26 May 2016 11:32am | The Scoop Team

Scoop will be updating this page with Budget announcements, reaction and analysis once the Budget is released at 2pm. Hit reload to see the latest version... More >>

30. What you'll pay for Vodafone gigabit fibre

09 October 2016 5:07pm | Digitl

New Zealand's second largest ISP, Vodafone, says it will soon offer gigabit fibre plans . .. More >>

31. Postnatal Depression: Audio - Women Tell Their Stories

20 October 2016 4:02pm | Alison McCulloch

This is published as part of a series of articles looking at post-natal depression in Aotearoa New Zealand... More >>

32. NZ Farewells Trade Union Hero Helen Kelly - Video & Tweetstory

29 October 2016 4:57am | Alastair Thompson

Trade unionist Helen Kelly died on October 14th aged 52. Yesterday - Friday 28th October - she was bid farewell at a public memorial meeting at Wellington's Michael Fowler Center in speech and songs. She will be missed... More >>

33. NZ Farewells Trade Union Hero Helen Kelly - Video & Tweetstory

29 October 2016 4:57am | Alastair Thompson

Trade unionist Helen Kelly died on October 14th aged 52. Yesterday - Friday 28th October - she was bid farewell at a public memorial meeting at Wellington's Michael Fowler Center in speech and songs. She will be missed... More >>

34. Motornet: Earth to planet Subaru

11 February 2002 11:16am | Karl Ferguson

It's almost a case of 'beam me up, Scotty' with the Subaru 'rocket ship' Legacy GTB wagon. Though the standard two-litre Legacy wagon does a good job of keeping your feet on the ground...... More >>

35. Keith Rankin: Good Timing

18 July 2002 9:39am | Keith Rankin

The economy doesn't rate as much of an issue this election. OK, there are the usual concerns about health and education spending. But there is no sense of economic crisis, and no great willingness to engage in a philosophical debate about matters of political ..... More >>

36. How To Get Rich Rewards In Real Estate In 3 Years

23 September 2005 11:25am | Good Returns

This book gives the stories of forty real estate investors (individuals and couples) who have purchased over $80 million of residential property in three years, yet they include solo mums, church ministers and housewives. Many of the individuals concerned ..... More >>

37. Fringe review: Freakin' in the Cemetery

19 February 2006 2:26pm | Scoop Review

Initially this show was to be staged in the Bolton Street cemetery. Although the venue changed to the Soundshell, the organisers must have felt that "Freakin' at the Botanical Gardens" wouldn't have quite the right resonance... More >>

38. Official Army Artist Launches Timely Exhibition

21 April 2006 10:20am | Kevin List

Captain Matt Gauldie, the New Zealand Army's official artist, last evening hosted the launch of his inaugural exhibition. Scoop popped down to Captain Gauldie's opening and and took a few snaps while enjoying a couple of snacks... More >>

39. David Bain V The Queen - Privy Council Judgment

11 May 2007 7:09am | Privy Council

Privy Council Orders David Bain's appeal should be allowed, the convictions quashed and a retrial ordered. The appellant must remain in custody meanwhile. It states "a substantial miscarriage of justice has actually occurred.".. More >>

40. The Rise and Fall of Provigil - Part I

21 September 2010 11:38am | Evelyn Pringle

On July 22, 2010, the European Medicines Agency recommended restricting the use of modafinil. Doctors and patients should be advised to use the drug only for the treatment of narcolepsy and all other indications should be withdrawn from market authorization, ..... More >>

41. Helen Kelly: The Hobbit Dispute

12 April 2011 9:44am | Hellen Kelly - CTU President

Helen Kelly , President of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions provides a comprehensive account of one of last year's most contentious industrial disputes. April 2011.. More >>

42. Scoop Coverage: Rena Oil Spill Worsens

12 October 2011 11:47am | Scoop Full Coverage

Press releases, updates and commentary on the October 2011 groundin of the transport ship Rena on the Astrolabe reef outside Taurange, New Zealand, and the resulting oil spill, the worst maritime disaster in New Zealand history... More >>

43. The dangers of deep sea oil drilling

01 October 2013 4:44pm | Byron Clark

Last month the government announced that nearly 434,000 square kilometres of land and ocean floor in New Zealand's exclusive economic zone would be opened up for oil and gas exploration. The areas in include onshore areas in Taranaki, the East ..... More >>

44. Putting 'Investing in Educational Success' into context

10 June 2014 2:37pm | Martin Thrupp

Last week saw the release of a report on the Government's Investing in Educational Success (IES) proposals as announced by John Key in January. This is 'the detail' of the proposal to introduce new teaching and leadership roles (although there are ..... More >>

45. Former GCSB Director Admits To Mass Surveillance Of NZers

07 March 2015 12:22am | Alastair Thompson

This morning former GCSB Director Sir Bruce Ferguson was interviewed on Morning Report by Guyon Espiner about reports based on Edward Snowden documents about GCSB activity in the Pacific. His answers clearly confirmed mass surveillance of New Zealnders ..... More >>

46. Peter Jackson's exhibit at Old Dominion Museum Disappoints

22 April 2015 12:20pm | Francis Cook

Is Peter Jackson incapable of removing his own personal brand of twee novelty even when it comes to war commemoration? The new exhibition at the Old Dominion Building, costing an estimated $10 million, will charm and delight but ultimately leave you ..... More >>

47. The Real Deal: Nourishing Civilization at Ficino School

27 May 2015 1:38pm | Catherine Austin Fitts

Monday was one of the most inspiring days of my time "down under." I had the opportunity to visit the Ficino School in Auckland. Ficino was founded in 1997 by leadership from the School of Philosophy ... More >>

48. Skinny Broadband: Low-cost wireless alternative

24 January 2016 6:00pm | Digitl

Skinny Broadband is cost effective alternative to a copper or fibre internet connection. It is a fixed wireless broadband service piggybacking off the Spark 4G mobile data network. Sometimes this approach is known as BoLTE: broadband over LTE... More >>

49. What Hawaiki cable green light means for New Zealand

10 April 2016 4:09pm | Digitl

Odd email appears in journalists' inboxes on April 1. Here's one: Please find attached a media release from Hawaiki announcing the coming into force of the Hawaiki cable... More >>

50. US warship visit: a trade display to boost US weapons sales

31 May 2016 10:54am | Valerie Morse

Once weapons were manufactured to fight wars. Now wars are manufactured to sell weapons. ~Arundhati Roy .. More >>

51. New Zealand Herald digital edition - a newspaper without pap

11 July 2016 1:27pm | Digitl

The New Zealand Herald sent an email today inviting readers to subscribe to a NZ$25 a month  digital edition . .. More >>

52. Havelock North Gastro Outbreak Raises Risk of Bowel Disease

07 September 2016 2:14pm | Joseph Cederwall

The recent Gastro outbreak affecting over 5,000 people in Havelock North is likely to increase the rate of serious autoimmune diseases among those affected. Common inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis have been ..... More >>

53. Throw Yahoo mail overboard now, then worry about the rest

09 October 2016 5:15pm | Digitl

Yahoo can't do anything right with email. It can't do anything right by its customers. The web company has also been a nightmare for partners like Spark NZ. .. More >>

54. Rural Broadband Initiative part two

30 October 2016 7:01am | Digitl

The Rural Broadband Initiative second stage has a $100 million budget. The money is to boost speeds for people not covered by the urban Ultrafast Fibre network. She has earmarked a further $50 million for extending mobile coverage. This will cover state ..... More >>

55. Review: Mozart and Elgar

31 October 2016 10:48am | Max Rashbrooke

In previous NZSO concerts this year I've felt the orchestra's playing, under new music director Edo de Waart, has been slightly on the conservative side. But this was an evening where the musical judgements felt spot on. Mozart's piano concerto ..... More >>

56. The Illusion of Meritocracy: Thomas Piketty in Australia

01 November 2016 4:26pm | Binoy Kampmark

No one likes being lectured, and when it comes in the form of Gallic smugness delivered from literally the left of centre, it can grate. The equally smug social engineers and commentators who see their society as an exemplar to emulate find that hardest ..... More >>

57. The Battle for our Grasslands and Livestock

02 November 2016 4:01pm | Viv Forbes

Grasslands and arable land cover just 10% of Earth's surface but (with the oceans) they produce all of our food and fibre. But the productivity and health of our grasslands, farms and livestock are under threat from global warming alarmists and green preservationists... More >>

58. A Paradigm Project for the Future - Location: Morocco

03 November 2016 4:43pm | Yossef Ben-Meir

What makes for a great development project? Which qualities imbue an initiative with longevity and sustainability, enabling it to meet a whole range of interconnected material and emotional needs? Is there a single concept applicable to a specific ..... More >>

59. WATERFRONT WAR: Tidal wave against plans

20 January 2000 9:23am | City Voice Newspaper

THE city council-funded Our City Our Future strategic advisory group has come out against the council's proposed development of Lambton Harbour... More >>

60. Suicide Is Painless? - The Craccum Articles

07 March 2000 5:22pm | Unknown

Craccum Magazine makes no apologies for this article. We know that suicide is one of the few taboo subjects still left in society. We know that New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rate in the world... More >>

61. Burping Cows Will Be A Political Issue

23 February 2001 3:36pm | John Howard

The typical cow belches 280 litres of methane gas a day, which is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide in greenhouse gas emissions, according to an Australian CSIRO study. A cow-burp tax might help solve the problem. John Howard reports... More >>

62. Scoop Images: Polly, Grant & Kids - Who Won?

12 March 2001 8:34am | Alastair Thompson

ZMFM Morning Crew team Grant and Polly with kids at Friday's WestpacTrust Stadium clash between Wellington's Hurricanes and the Western Stormers. Who won? Read the faces... More >>

63. One Law For All - The Steven Wallace Killing

23 May 2001 11:39am | Dermot Nottingham

The background contents of this report titled 'One law for all' was compiled by Advantage Advocacy and appears at on the Internet. The reports author is DERMOT GREGORY NOTTINGHAM. The report was ..... More >>

64. Scoop Images: Sir Peter Blake Memorial Service

24 December 2001 7:41pm | Geoff Beynon

In excess of 30,000 people gathered on Sunday morning December 23rd to say farewell to Sir Peter Blake in a Memorial Service held in the Auckland Domain... More >>

65. NewsFlash: Clark Announces New Cabinet Line-Up

14 August 2002 12:18am | Alastair Thompson

Prime Minister Helen Clark has just announced the portfolio allocations for her new Labour/Progressive Coalition minority Government Cabinet at a press conference in the Beehive... More >>

66. New Zealand ought to say sorry to East Timorese

18 September 2002 5:47pm | Selwyn Manning - Scoop Auckland

Back in 1975 Indonesian dictator Suharto was given the green light to invade East Timor by US President Gerald Ford. What followed was 23 years of US-Indonesian oppression of East Timorese. New Zealand sat silent. We ought to say sorry... More >>

67. Save Air NZ Commerce Commission Presentation- 25/8

25 August 2003 3:35pm | Save Air New Zealand

A presentation made to the Air New Zealand Commerce Commission on behalf of Save Air New Zealand - From: Dr Ian Prior, Robin Halliday & Alastair Thompson Editor of More >>

68. 5 Accused Fishing Companies Named On Nelson Radio

12 February 2004 5:35pm | PortFocus

Five Accused Fishing Companies accused of misreporting catch in operation "PURSE" named by Nelson Radio Station.. More >>

69. Images: Enough (Civil Unions) Is Or Isn't Enough

23 August 2004 3:37pm | Kevin List

Images of today's Pro and Anti Civil Union Bill protest marches in Parliament's grounds. Images by Kevin List... More >>

70. Book Review: Grow Rich with the Property Cycle

21 September 2004 11:00am | Good Returns

You've finally found that dream house with the enviable sunny deck and expansive, landscaped garden. This is the perfect home that you've been tirelessly searching for weekend after weekend... More >>

71. Naked in Nuhaka: 28 Days Later

07 October 2004 12:32am | Leo Koziol - Naked in Nuhaka

WE'RE NOW 28 DAYS OUT FROM THE U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, and I think its time for a bit of an update on the way the world is... More >>

72. Anthony Ravlich: Social Justice Gaining Momentum

13 October 2004 12:07am | Anthony Ravlich

The very controversial economic, social and cultural rights, first championed by New Zealand at the United Nations almost 56 years ago, have finally got significant recognition in this country in the Human Rights Commission's major study, Human Rights ..... More >>

73. Scoop Images: Multicultural Aotearoa In Wellington

23 October 2004 6:19pm | Alastair Thompson

The front of the 2000 strong march against racism reaches Lambton Quay. ''Diversity Yes, Racism No - Multicultural Aotearoa'' - the banner at the front of the march reads... More >>

74. David Lange Passes Away After Long Illness

14 August 2005 12:34am | Selwyn Manning - Scoop Auckland

Former Prime Minister David Lange died at 10pm last night at Middlemore Hospital in south Auckland. His brother Peter and son Roy were at his side. David Lange had been in hospital receiving dialysis after his kidneys had failed due to complications ..... More >>

75. National Pushes Limits Of Campaign Spending

09 January 2006 4:29pm | Kevin List

In the battle for the hearts and minds of the New Zealand voter in 2005 National spent more than two million dollars in order to get their message across. According to figures that have just become available at the Electoral Commission National spent ..... More >>

76. Massey University Senior Management Dysfunctional

04 April 2006 2:40pm | Chaff

The high turnover of key senior management staff is pointing to an increasing level of dysfunction in the power structures of Massey University. The continuing failure to fill the vacant positions or adequately consult staff on new appointments is also ..... More >>

77. Narconews: Colombia's Secret Narco-Police

02 May 2006 1:36pm |

Though it has barely registered in the U.S. press, a national scandal is currently unfolding in Colombia, where a jailed high official of the Administrative Department for Security (DAS) has been speaking freely with journalists about the extensive ..... More >>

78. Reader Images: Christchurch Airport Snow

12 June 2006 1:40pm | Scoop Feedback

Craig Faulkner send these pictures from Christchurch Airport, where he is stranded due to snow... More >>

79. What TeenScreen Doesn't Want You to Know

16 June 2006 7:11pm | Guest Opinion

Is your child being "mentally screened" at school without your knowledge or permission? TeenScreen, usurping parental rights... More >>

80. Private Investigator Hired To Dig Dirt On God

29 September 2006 12:50am | The Kiwi Herald

A private investigator has rocked the establishment by claiming that he has dossier of information about God that will send shock-waves and empty churches "faster than a visit by the Taliban.".. More >>

81. ADHD Drug Warnings Come Too Late For Many

08 March 2007 3:16pm | Evelyn Pringle

The makers of drugs used to treat attention disorders have known about the serious health risks associated with the medications for years but instead of warning the public, the industry has consistently focused its efforts on expanding the market ..... More >>

82. Ron Law: Section 59 for Dummies

13 April 2007 10:09am | Ron Law

Contrary to popular belief, Sue Bradford's so-called 'anti-smacking' Bill has already been defeated by the parliamentary process. Having been the recipient of numerous "anti 'anti smacking'" or "anti 'pro beat your kids'" emails I thought ..... More >>

83. Harry Potter And The Long Wait On Lambton Quay

23 July 2007 12:19am | Kelly Smith

On Friday the 21st I stood in the queue at the Borders on Lampton Quay among other Harry Potter fans anxiously awaiting the release of the last book in the series- Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows... More >>

84. Letter To Editor: Media Racism in New Zealand

24 August 2007 9:15am | Scoop Feedback

Media Racism in New Zealand OPINION: After an eye-opening lecture by Moana Jackson and Annette Sykes on 16.08.07 at Otago University, we are writing to express our views on the apparent media racism facing New Zealand. We all know about the Kahui ..... More >>

85. Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 10 September 2007

11 September 2007 9:23am | Scoop Daily Ratings

Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were..... More >>

86. Fashion: Stolen Girlfriends Club, Pure Rock n Roll

21 September 2007 10:00am |

The wannabe underground label have seen a fast rise to fame in a very short amount of time and have a total cult following that almost borderlines on the obsessive, which did not add to the atmosphere of virtual hysteria in the tent before the show ..... More >>

87. Images: Welly Turns Out In a Riot of Red for Burma

07 October 2007 5:47pm | Kevin List

Events took place in every major city in the world at 12 noon on Saturday 6th October, as part of the 'Global day of action for Burma'... More >>

88. Urewera 17 Profile: Omar Hamed - Student Activist

25 October 2007 5:43pm | Joseph Barratt

Standing at the dock is a skinny 19-year-old boy, fluffy hair, wearing glasses and an old wool jersey, he gives a smile to his mother and friends... More >>

89. Survival At The Wa

23 June 2008 10:33am | Yasmine Ryan

Yasmine Ryan investigates how Te Wananga o Aotearoa rose from 2000 students in 1999, to 34,000 in 2003 - only to face near collapse and a political fire-storm. But it has survived and is now New Zealand's third largest tertiary institution... More >>

90. The People, the Press, & the Case for Impeachment

29 July 2008 5:16pm | Michael Collins

The July 25, 2008 House Committee on the Judiciary hearings focused on the Kucinich resolution calling for the impeachment of President Bush. In his resolution , Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) argues that Bush knew that the Iraqis had no weapons of mass ..... More >>

91. Election 08: 'Horse race' political journalism

15 September 2008 2:17pm | Gordon Campbell

So election day is November 8 which - it seems from media commentary over the weekend - was 'totally obvious' to political insiders all along. Or had been at least, since they stopped thinking it could be an early election - in which case October ..... More >>

92. Karim Sahai Images: Guy Fawkes Illuminates Capital

06 November 2008 9:44am | Karim Sahai

To the chilean visitors who asked me what they were about, the fireworks exploding above Wellington's Oriental Bay were seen, at first, as sky champaign for Obama's victory in the US elections. And so, the brief bit of history was in order. .. More >>

93. Wellington lifts the lid for Child Cancer

05 December 2008 3:55pm | Ngaruna Kapinga

Crowds gathered across the country yesterday in support of FunRazor - the mass lid-shaving exhibition to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation. .. More >>

94. The Painful Cost of 'Breed Standards'

18 March 2009 1:38pm | Walter Brasch

Legislatures in Pennsylvania and Illinois are considering bills that would reduce or eliminate what animal welfare advocates call mutilations, and what breeders and American Kennel Club (AKC) call "breed standards." Because dogs are considered ..... More >>

95. Newswire: Laws - meds jibe on council letterhead

23 September 2009 4:53pm |

A MONTH after his controversial letter replying to Otaki school pupils, Michael Laws has fired off more insulting correspondence to a young person challenging his views... More >>

96. Images: NZ All Whites Beat Bahrain, Qualify For World Cup

14 November 2009 7:17pm | Karim Sahai

Scoop photographer Karim Sahai was on the sideline for tonight's epic clash between New Zealand and Bahrain at Wellington's Cake Tin... More >>

97. Karim Sahai: NZ All Whites Vs Bahrain (Part 2)

14 November 2009 11:48pm | Karim Sahai

Scoop Images: NZ All Whites Vs Bahrain (Part 2) Photos by Karim Sahai For more images see... Images: NZ All Whites Beat Bahrain, Qualify For World Cup Click for big version Click for big version Click for big version Click for big version Click for big version ..... More >>

98. 2010 Wellington Sevens Costumes Pics (Part One)

05 February 2010 3:29pm | Lyndon Hood

At lunchtime, our correspondent hit the streets as a city dressed up for the 2010 New Zealand Sevens. Outfits ranged from silly to awesome to unfortunate for an event that is the closest Wellington comes to Carnivale... More >>

99. Arts Festival Review: Mary Stuart

28 February 2010 2:51pm | Richard Thomson

Friedrich Schiller's reputation as one of the great European playwrights is, on the basis of this adaptation by David Harrower, well deserved. Here, the death of Mary Stuart is imagined as a struggle between two sixteenth-century queens, Mary and Elizabeth, ..... More >>


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