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Sludge Report #11 – More Evidence In Money Mystery

NOTE: Authors of this report will be anonymous and wide ranging. Indeed you are invited to contribute: The format is as a reporters notebook (But can be varied - as now with this investigation). It will be published as and when material is available. C.D. Sludge can be contacted at The Sludge Report is available as a free email service..Click HERE to subscribe...
What is going on here? – Sludge Investigates

Sludge Report #11

What follows is a transcript of conversations recorded with leading figures in the Free Money for Greedy Mystery described in Sludge Report #10. See…
Sludge Report #10 - Free Money For Greedy Mystery

Sludge has a copy of the tape, and can verify this transcript as being what is recorded. The names of those being recorded have been removed. The tape was made at an IFES (Financial Education Services Ltd) meeting held at the Waipuna Hotel in Auckland last year.


The head of IFES (Financial Education Services Ltd) is discussing where they had the last seminar & where they are planning to have the next one.

Ok so Bin-tan is kind of ah I don’t know, it’s like leading with a new product. You know, Lets go and check it out. Cause one of the things that we will not do again, is get caught with the things that happened in Hong Kong you know where we really didn’t know the environment that we were playing with. We have got to be right on to it. That’s why we’re in Auckland. Cause I knew, well I know the environment if we were going to have any difficulties at least we’re in a position where we know who to ring you know and if I have to ring the Prime Minister and complain that’s what I would do you know, or little Morris Williamson the local MP well you know it ‘s amazing how much clout you’ve got when you ring up and complain to the right people, um where as in Hong Kong you know all we could do is spend $40,000 on a Lawyer you know and, um go and hassle the bureaucrats so we’re gonna be very careful about where we go. Fiji we know works OK 2 been done up there never had any problems.

The IFES “Face of Australia” TALKS…….


IFES FACE OF AUSTRALIA: Your capital yes is insured.

Women: Insured

IFES FACE OF AUSTRALIA: Yeah so There are situations where you could get into where you money is insured, and there that’s another …….. where ok you may not make any money but you can’t lose any but if the worst thing happens you get your money back at 8% that’s what insurance pays but that’s in genuine situations. But be careful its a genuine one & anytime a program does not involve your money going to a charitable trust & isn’t traded by a registered trader in that charitable trust, don’t ever think about it ok It must be a charitable trust. The one we use , our trader uses is in New York its the biggest one in the world. Currently our little group has got about $30 million in there OK? And its part of a $175 million trust. Its big and its a very good one, so um, If you guys get set up, theres just no way you can get into any of these programs unless you’ve got an IBC & appropriate bank accounts. And it just so happens that one of the guys who’s the trader, we handle all of his bank accounts for him, so hes already in …. So very simple we tip the money over to his account which then rolls on to New York.

Women. Are you going to attend any more of these IFES seminars?

IFES FACE OF AUSTRALIA: Ah yes we’ll , we’ll probably attend as many as they’re prepared to invite us along to. We go around Aust on a continuos basis. Were seldom home we are the face of IFES in Aust. We hold most of the meetings right around Aust, so yeah we would come back ……. We live on the Gold Coast.
And a very nice place too. When were there We did this whole thing just to get it right for us because we didn’t want anything to be going wrong for us. Because quite frankly we’ve worked very hard, done a lot of investing & done very well & the last we wanted to have was to worry about IBC …….No time for that, so it had to be right the first time. We spent thousands of dollars researching this & it took a lot of time, sleepless nights siting up talking to people on the other side of the world so on & so on. But we did it & we’re glad we did cause it works really well & everyone in NZ ring us up & says gee, this is a good package, thank you for doing it & we’re that happy with it too.

Women. You’re happy with it & your the face of IFES & you know exactly what we all want

IFES FACE OF AUSTRALIA: I know what you want. You want to make money & you want to keep it. But it you’ve got any doubts how you should do things just refer back to you IFES teaching. The answers are in those tapes. Listen to them absorb it. The whole idea of the education programs is to make you get to the point where you can make the decisions Now you don’t have to rely on others to make your decisions. Sooner or later if your going to get into the really top money it requires quick decisions but essentially it takes decisions. Get use to making them. Get comfortable with the knowledge there and get your knowledge level up to the point where you’re reasonably comfortable with making decisions. Your going to make some wrong moves, That’s just the way the world is. Learn from that & if you employ what you learn, there is no way you cant become a millionaire in two years with employing what your taught in IFES. We had some that have done it in 9 & 10 months. Sure. They’re taken more risks than the average person but hey isn’t that what its all about. They took the risks, they’re ran across the tin roof. One of those guys is on his way to his 3rd in something like 14months It just depends on you & what you require. Unless you do something with what you’re learning, nothing will ever happen. Make it work, make some decisions. Just start off small put in some money you can afford to lose. Make your decision … OK that looks good. In goes your money, its either going to work. If it doesn’t work, You’ve learnt something & its worth what you’ve lost, because the next time you can double up that money & know you’re going to be that much closer to making the right decision. So your going to make 2 or 3 bad ones in the beginning but so what. So what. Then when you’re comfortable with how it all works put in the larger amounts, & I can tell you, out there, there are situations that can return you 500-750% pa

Women When you say small amount, how much would you invest?.

IFES FACE OF AUSTRALIA: $5000 is probably the smallest amount. Yes in Aust. You know, there are good deals out there & a lot of people say, oh the higher the return the higher the risk but let me tell you some of the particular situations are actually insured. These very high returns, your money is insured while its in, so the worst you can do is get your money back & thats on very high return stuff …. Correct, we don’t like the PILL trust
It your taking your domicile out of the Bahamas it would probably be a little bit difficult but …… Antiguas finished. No more. They will close antigua as a “centre” within the year.

Women: so that's why were moving to Switzerland.

IFES FACE OF AUSTRALIA: I wouldn’t go to Switzerland either unless you want to pay $20000 a year in fees. Bank of Switerland, Bank of Zurich & all of those They….


IFES FACE OF AUSTRALIA: ….. These only 6 Traders in the world by the way. Anyone who tells you, theres more than that, theres only 6 traders…… All the trading programs are funded by the Federal Reserve. The whole lot of it is always in US dollars, & this particular program, it is the Reserve that fractionalizes it. End of story. Thats what they use, they multiply it by 20 to 30 times, & Charge interest on it, that’s what the money is used for. Its used as the basis for that fractionilization pure and simple. When we come in to these programs we had to agree on very strict grounds & guidelines that we control and yes you can get in for $5000 - $15000 that will attract 500% pa… $15000 upwards is 750%pa the money will be paid into an IBC. We will never bring back any money in NZ or Aust. We will only go with an IBC or Bring back the original investment if you want. You have to contact us 2 months before maturity & you have to tell us what you want to do with your money. You roll the lot. You take it all out. You roll some, whatever you want. You can always get money out at any time. If an emergency arises you can get your money out. It takes 17 days but you suffer badly on the interest rate OK? Very severe penalties if you cash out & that's about it. When you have an IBC set up & if you want to know more about it, You would have to come to Queensland to attend a meeting & if you can’t do that, then don’t worry about it, If you come along and decide not to participate we ask for an undertaking, that for as your concerned nothing happened. Because if you do talk about it, anywhere else, we have a $1,000,000 writ waiting for anybody who does the wrong thing. If anybody talks about it after they enter the program & they talk about it, to anybody, & I mean anybody, we will cash them out of the program within 7 days world wide, forever. They’ll never get into another program. So pretty tough rules but hey pretty good returns.


IFES FACE OF AUSTRALIA: In this particular charitable trust they only trade in the top 5 banks of the world. 3 of them are American and 2 are Swiss. The money doesn’t go really to far away. It goes into a central holding situation. Banks can’t fractionalize there own money, it must be depositors money. That’s why they need you, that’s why you need them. OK? So they have to have proper deposits, and these deposits that go in are certified deposits. John certifies them as part of his roll in each month. But you know its a certified deposit…. But banks cant say “hey we’ve got $50,000,000 here, lets slide it over there,” Wrong. Because the Reserve Bank probes each account they probe them to fine the origins Believe me, the Federal Reserve knows about every transaction in American “hot” dollars anywhere in the world. They can probe any account anywhere. So were using American dollars. So the moment you send your money across to get into the program, it has to be in American dollars, so you have to convert & send it across. And so you will never the name of the trust, and you will never know where the money goes. And you’ll never know what its doing. But anytime you what to know where you are in making money, John gives you a letter with all his numbers on it. You can ring him at anytime and say “how am I doing”? Now he won’t get straight back to you, to tell you how your doing, because all of his records are encrypted, & they are kept in other places. He will go and source them, he will tell you exactly where you are at any time. So theres no problem with ringing him up, but understandable because hes accumulated his account with your money, you will never know any of the details of where it is, you have to rely on his letter for that side of things That’s it. But at the end of the 12 months, the money comes back when you meet the guy. You’ll understand, he has a really…….

Woman: I still don’t know why the trader is so charitable to us, us small investors

IFES FACE OF AUSTRALIA: Ah he makes money out of it. He’ll tell you straight up.

Women: is that right?

IFES FACE OF AUSTRALIA: He says “I make money out of you. Don’t worry about it.”

Women: That’s alright then

IFES FACE OF AUSTRALIA: he wouldn’t do it otherwise

Women: But he can make more money out of

IFES FACE OF AUSTRALIA: But the difference is Jay & I ask him as a favour & we will not abuse his privacy, right, with anybody we bring in. We would chop those people off so fast & we would make sure they never get another opportunity anywhere again. But those are the rules. Like I said they tough, but the returns are good too. That's the bottom line. So when you guys are set up, & want to participate, get in touch with me, I will arrange a Time with you to come across, meet the guy, that's the only way it can happen.


IFES FACE OF AUSTRALIA: The chain of events is simple. This, we need from you the amount on those sheets, that have already been handed out $3250.00 Aust. When we get back, we also need a copy of your drivers licence or passport. Then 3 weeks after that, you have sent to you from us your company documents, your bank sign in equipment, & a letter of instructions telling you exactly how to do it all. Now it would pay you to get that signing bit done as quickly as possible, cause that's an important part of the time chain. When you’ve done that, there are 2 signature registration cards in your pack. Theres one for your personal account & there is one for your IBC account. And theres also another form that you have to fill in for your debit card. Those 2 sign in cards, one of them, the IBC card is to be signed in front of a JP with a rubber stamp a fully qualified JP. And the second one, the personal account needs to be signed in from of a notary public, & that's a bank requirement. We had quite a fight with the bank, we won the right to NOT have the IBC signature card witnessed in front of a notary public, because a notary public in fact records what they witness, its signature. With your personal account it doesn’t matter. With your IBC it does, so DON’T get your IBC card signed in front of a notary public. Go to a JP. All they’re interested in is your signature. So it make s it a lot easier. So it would come to you. You would sent it back to us when you’ve sign it. We would sent it back to the bank. From the time you’ve signed those documents & got them too us, your accounts are operational but understand, until your signatures get back to the bank, there is no way you can withdraw funds. But you can put funds in, in the meantime. So the whole process, roughly about 5 weeks.


© Sludge 2000

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