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UQ Wire: The Essence Of GWB's Inner War-Child

Unanswered Questions: Thinking For Ourselves
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Raising The Bar On The Cultivation Of Hate

By MalcontentX


Please look at this face. Tell me. What do you see? Do you know who this man is talking to? He's making a speech in front of a group of soldiers in Texas, on January 3, 2003. He's talking to the television.

He's not talking to anyone in particular. He's watching the teleprompter screen which is telling him what to say. He's wanting the American people to join him in hating whoever he's talking about.

Can you see the open, snarling mouth? the flared nostrils? The beady, blackened eyes that give no hint of a soul in behind the hardened mask?

Please understand that this is not an example of a "bad," or unflattering picture. This is a look that this man has been intentionally crafting and cultivating for years.

Here is the essence of his inner war-child.

He has been working very hard at hating things. He thinks that is his job. There are many powerful, hate-filled people who think he is doing a very good job. They can smell the power, the profits swirling around his acts of war. Many vultures great and small feed off the routine.

Tens of thousands of people are going to die horrible deaths because of this face. Can you imagine a little smile begin to curl on the edge of his mouth? Or perhaps, we would more-properly call it a smirk: the closest thing he has come to a genuine smile as near as he can remember. Millions of people are going to continue to starve this year because of this face. Do you think he is going to lose any sleep tonight? Is he on the same planet as you and I?


Look at this man's hand. He is reaching for something. Is it your neck he is reaching for? Is he attempting to strangle someone? Is he reaching out to say, "God help me. I don't know how all this got started and when it's going to stop. I can't stop lying and I can't stop protecting all the people who are counting on me to lie for them."

Is this man the consummate little coward who can't think beyond the next round of staged-applause?

Now look at the people in behind him. No, I don't mean the financiers, chickenhawks, and media moguls who put him in office. I mean the other people in this picture. At least, I think they're people.... The camera lens has made their faces blurry, which is maybe as it should be; for these are the largely still-born beings who have been taught to believe that they are nothing more than a part of a great big machine: clones, for whom blind obedience is the ultimate oath. I can tell you that these are all very young people, (most of them in their late teens and early twenties). They have never experienced war before. They don't really know what it's like. That's why they believe this man when he tells them that he cares about them. He gives them food to eat, and a career to look forward to. In reality, they are witless mercenaries, killers, and cannon-fodder for "das capital" -paraded around like heroes because they'd rather thrust a knife in somebody's gut than think. See how dutifully well-fed and shiny they look in their brand-new uniforms?

You may also notice the man's uniform. It says "U.S. Army." This man has never had to go to war, and he never will. He won't be telling us that he went AWOL when he was stationed with the weekend National Guard. He was given a lieutenant's commission so that he wouldn't have to eat with the enlisted soldiers. Neither he nor any of the other men who are planning this war are going to have to fight it. They'll just count the receipts and divy up the spoils at the end... between solemn speeches about the "great sacrifices our young men have made."

Minute of silence, now back to business.

The newspaper caption to the story that goes along with this picture reads, "We're ready, Bush vows."

Ready for what? we might wonder....

To kill tens of thousands of people to cover up a whole host of crimes? (whether or not weapons-inspectors find the evidence upon which this man doth ratify his wrath). To ignore the democratic will of one's own population? Is he ready for what "we, the people" are going to do when we realize just how hateful this man and all his cronies are?


Take a good look, dear reader, at this picture.

Please look inside yourself, and see if there is any vestige left of the gutless rage you see on this man's face. Do you still have a taste for the convenient excuse? for blaming someone else for your problems? Would you still trade a mountain of privilege, bright lights, and arrogant ignorance-on-fire for the opportunity to avoid being real? If you could wash your hands of the struggle for justice and decency in the midst of so much pain (compliments of such a relative few, made manifest on a massive scale by the fearful oblivion of many more), would you?

Know ye well that the great wheel of deception by which whole new generations are sucked down to destruction is made up of millions of tiny spokes like you and me. Each and every knot of tension in this man's face is fastened to a different facet of our planetary pain, made brutally plain in our own, limited acts of denial.

Do you have the courage, dear reader, to look into this face and SEE how such anger no longer serves us?

Can you let it go? Can you see the creative capacity of "we, the people" shining a little brighter, now that you have taken another step away from the secure boundaries of this man's "new world order"? Can you envision what kind of power WE will invoke when enough of us realize the depth of this, our terrible dilemna? -demanding beauty, tolerance, and a patient determination?

If so, then perhaps we should thank this man for showing us the way. Perhaps it's pointless to feel anything more than pity for such pathetic little puppets, as we turn ourselves to the real tasks at hand.

It may yet be that he could actually end up doing some good in the world.

How so? you may ask?

By printing off this photograph, hanging it on our wall, carrying it on our signs, loading it onto our computer screens, I believe we may be moved to love more deeply, to live more fully, to have compassion even for those who could find no compassion for others -such that, one day soon, we will be truly and abundantly grateful for the world we have wrought.

If you believe we are going to succeed or fail, you are absolutely correct.

Peace be with you always.



MalcontentX is a writer from somewhere in the United States. His writings on 911 have been seminal to the growing public inquiry into the events behind September 11. His website is located at

STANDARD DISCLAIMER FROM UQ.ORG: does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the above article. We present this in the interests of research -for the relevant information we believe it contains. We hope that the reader finds in it inspiration to work with us further, in helping to build bridges between our various investigative communities, towards a greater, common understanding of the unanswered questions which now lie before us.

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