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Letters: Howards End: Is ACC a Vexatious Litigent? - Does the PM Keep Her Word? - In response to Ian Gear's recent statements on TV 1 News/Radio - A pigeon special perhaps? - If the UN vetoes the US, it risks irrelevance? - No Satisfaction with the UN - Sen. Edward Kennedy's Opinion regarding the Defense fund - Banning Mainstream Media From Waitangi Is Right - The Scoop shuttle profile - Scoop Rocks! – Scoop “WOW”-ed…

Re: Howards End: Is ACC a Vexatious Litigent?

Yes they are a Vexatious Litigent, the more so because they utuilize this process so that many like myself are so battered and bruised in the end that suffering the equalivalent of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, they can miss the 28 day right of Appeal to unjustly loose all right forever to their legal claim.

How vexatious do you figure that is?

I have not lost my home, like many others have, I have not lost my family, like many others have, but I have lost my quality of life and my opportunity to save towards retirement. I have also lost the ability to pay for those services I can no longer do for myself.....I have weeds in the garden up to my ears for a start. I have lost peace of mind. I have gained an irritant that I do my best to ignore...I try to make sure others don't make the same mistake I did and I spend time trying to figure out who I can finger in my case for the fraudulent act of illegal disentitlement.

Just one of many do not fight from the start....all the disentitled claimants should be entitled to a new internal review in which they have the right to take part. Only this would go anywhere towards putting right all the wrongs that have taken place at offices of the ACC and only if these were overseen by an unbiased overseer.

Thanks for all the hard work you put in digging out the dirty dealings which have been sanctioned by the government ministers in the last tne years or so.

Gloria Mitchell – New Zealand


Does the PM Keep Her Word?

Does Prime Minister Helen Clarke EVER keep her word? First she says she won't attend Ti Tii Marae, then she does just the opposite, stating that her "position" was to show up anyway, eventually. She then describes the media ban as "unfortunate", lamenting that, had the Pakeha media been given access to the event inside the Marae gates, they would have secured quality and respectful footage of the event. As a fencesitter, Clarke's backside could metaphorically span the Great Wall of China, and still have room for the overflow. I was fooled into thinking that, by stating her intention not to attend Ti Tii Marae, Clarke was at last practicing personal conviction. Obviously, I gave her way too much credit for integrity. If this is the sort of leadership character that most of the NZ voting public support, then may God have mercy on our country, because Helen sure won't.

Steve Taylor – Auckland, New Zealand.


In response to Ian Gear's recent statements on TV 1 News/Radio. I cannot believe how irresponsible MAF are being, not only to the residents of Auckland, but also the workers involved in the breeding programme of the Painted Apple Moth. I would of hoped MAF knew the caterpillars hairs cause slight reactions to the skin, therefore would insist their workers wear gloves from the very beginning of this programme. It has taken more than a year for one of these workers to react. Not surprising with the 1000's of caterpillars she handles daily. How do we know if these symptoms are caused by the caterpillar ? I think we need proof. This may well be a psychosomatic response. I'm sure I would react this way if I worked for MAF, stress causes many reactions to the body. MAF must surely be under a lot of stress at present. On the other side of the coin approx. 10 000 residents have reacted, many quiet severely, even hospitalized, in response to this pesticide. A realistic ratio would read: "reactions to caterpillar/BTK foray 48B", as most likely 5/10 000+. Symptoms such as headaches, nosebleeds, vomiting, severe skin rashes, respiratory difficulties, long term effects unknown. I have included a photograph of one such reaction. I am also confused as Ian Gear talks of a similar caterpillar in the States, reactions so severe that parks are closed down. How silly does he think we are ? This is a different species, the Painted Apple Moth comes from Australia, we don't hear of parks being closed there. The ignorance of this man is clearly concerning, especially to those of us subjected to his aerial spray campaign. Finally, if MAF is able to breed so many female moths for their traps .... could they not use these females in traps to eradicate the Painted Apple Moth ? The last trapping record I saw on MAF's website just showed 7 moths found in the whole spray zone. Note: MAF have since removed this service on their website, and still haven't been able to tell us whether the moth has left Auckland, making spraying the city futile. Surely it's time to seriously look at the viable alternatives to aerial spraying as detailed by the recently disbanded Community Advisory Group. Safer eradication is the way forward. Please MAF, no more of you idiotic propaganda, the public is more intelligent than you give us credit for. Rachel Wapenaar – Pt Chev, Auckland.


A pigeon special perhaps?

Sir, I understand, that as part of the arrangements in the capital for celebrating the completion of the New Zealand Defence Force's tour of duty to East Timor, there is to be flypast over the parade route.

With what I wonder.

Could it be that the government has purchased a flight of camouflaged homing pigeons for release at the appropriate time, or perhaps they have chartered New Zealand's Warbirds for the occasion?

Mirek Marcanik – New Zealand


Re: If the UN vetoes the US, it risks irrelevance?

Very will written. Would you take your opinion one step further? Why is Pres. Bush so intent on going to war now? Are his intentions to build up the Defense fund.? Is the Defense fund one big "COOKIE JAR", with no "ear marks" or as Mr. Al Gore would call a "lock box" Right after Pres. Clinton was voted in but before Pres. Bush Sr. left office, from "out of nowhere" we went into Somalia. I question the timing on this. Was it a case that it was the "right timing" to drain the Defense fund. There has got to be a "method to his madness" why is he so intent on going to war immediately. My last question is, Can Defense funds be used to go into our very beautiful "pristine" areas, to drill for oil, if our oil is cut off from Iraq. I'm sorry, I'm not a very good writer. Ever since "Somalia" these questions have been on my mind. I would really like your opinion. Thank you so much.

Susan Wolfe – USA


No Satisfaction with the UN.

"It's interesting how we have involved our country to promote peace across the world, and most of the very countries we assisted in peace, are now formed together in the United Nations, and are now attempting to rule the USA. No one wants a war, but it seems likely that rogue leaders across the world want to acheive world power and domination, which causes war for any of those who believe in freedom.

My personal feeling is that we have extended the hand with duckets too long. George Washington had it right. Our involvement with other countries only leads to inconvenience, and the tragedy will ultimately lead to our losing our rights if we join them. I hope our government never makes this mistake."

Mrs. Edie Bukewihge – California


Sen. Edward Kennedy's Opinion regarding the Defense fund.

I would give "anything" , to hear Sen. Ed Kennedy and/or Sen. Clintons opinion/s regarding questions on the defense fund. (1) " From out of nowhere" we ended up in Somalia, just as Pres. Bush Sr. left office and Pres. Clinton was about take office. My question is: Do you feel going into Somalia, at that time, was a must, or was it away of draining the Defense fund before the changing of the guard. (2) Is the Defense fund like a "BIG COOKIE JAR" that can be used at the Presidents discretion, or are funds "earmarked" (as Mr. Al Gore would say "in a lock box" ) I believe that we need to go into Iraq, but I' m not convinced that it has to be(instantly, over night, right this minute) build up the troops lets go right now. I am not sure how to put this, so I'm going to "cut to the chase" Could the timing be, the result of, wanting to build up the Defense fund, immediately, right now.

Susan Wolfe – USA.


Banning Mainstream Media From Waitangi Is Right

Bruce Gregory of Ti Tii Marae exhorts that the banning of Pakeha media from covering Waitangi Day is not an act of racism. He is right. It is something much worse. The post-modern Maori mindset is one in support of "positive discrimination", a term used to describe the sanctioned discrimination by Maori against the supposed "colonial oppressors" - Pakeha, while at the same time fighting against any perceived "negative discrimination" against Maori by anyone. The media ban is an example of this ideaology in action. Mr Gregory apparently fears "adverse reporting". As neither a TV camera or a telephoto lens can lie to the viewer, what I suspect he fears is the truth. I admire Helen Clark for finally discovering a conviction in this matter, and staying away from the pantomime that is Waitangi Day. The sooner we dispense with this national charade, the better.

Yours faithfully

Steve Taylor – Auckland, New Zealand.


The shuttle profile

I enjoyed this piece, thank you.

I also wondered, though, if the high profile the Colombia shuttle tragedy gained in our media warranted sending a TVNZ journalist to Houston (Network News, 3 Feb)? What would that have cost?

Alison Allsop – Christchurch, New Zealand.


Scoop Rocks!

You guys rock. Would that more sites like yours existed, and that editors always had the decency to act in such good faith. Cheers.

Thor L. Halvorssen – USA.


Scoop WOWed!!!!

Just read your mission statement and feel all gooey. and relieved and interested and excited and like the world really is a great place Its so good to know you are out there, and I look forward to checkign in with you often. Yippeeee for Scoop! Warmest regards and all that (and love).

Hilary Jackson – USA.


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