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Because Bush Won't Answer Questions: "Question W"

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Unanswered Questions : Thinking for ourselves.


Because Bush won't answer America's Questions: "Question W"

....Announcing the Launch of...

It is growing massive. It has become newsworthy. It can be devastating.

And yet, it's so simple.

- We, the people, have chosen to hijack the question mark. If the Bush administration can hijack the media, the truth, and the Constitution, we will hijack: Questions!


George W. Bush can run, but he can no longer hide from our questions. "Question W" draws attention to the hundreds of questions the world has about this administration and its policies. A simple --?-- will do, or you can add graphics (Graphics Gallery for ?:, questions (Questions gallery -- and add your own --, or use issue-oriented --?-- artwork (

"I used a magic marker to write a ? on duct tape. I wear it on my jacket."

*** (How do you explain the worldwide animosity America now faces?)

"A busload of us are headed to our state capitol to raise a ruckus. I am taking a ? sign, a camera, and making ? stickers. In case you don't know, you can buy sticker paper for your printer. graphics:


*** (Why, after Andrew Card told him America was under attack on 9-11, did George W sit there reading a book about a pet goat?)

"I had the woman who does my nails put a question mark on each one."

*** (Can you please explain why Mr. Bush thought an embezzler was an appropriate choice for a leadership position in Iraq?)

"I've added the 3 ??? image to the back of my car" graphic:

*** (Where are the WMD you promised us?)

"I printed up some 2x4 stickers and have been leaving regular paper ??? when I go grocery shopping. I taped one to the bathroom door at the gas station. I put a sticker with magnetic backing on my car, too." graphic:

*** (Why is broadcasting knowingly false news illegal in England but legal in the U.S.A.?)

"My husband is a trucker and he will be leaving ??? across the country as he goes." graphic:

*** (Do you feel it is an abuse of power to make 9-11 documents “classified” in order to avoid embarrassment for failing to act?) "I'm planning to print some t-shirts and stickers to donate to the cause as soon as I can get some press time at my shop." graphic:

*** (What precisely did Bush mean when he promised a "humble foreign policy" while campaigning for president? )

"I've done flyers posted on telephone poles in the dead of night about the Iraq Invasion. No reason I can't do the big ? out there, too. graphic:

*** (Why have people started saying "be careful what you say?")

"If the QuestionW site can have printable flyers I'm willing to print a bunch of flyers off and attach them to telephone poles and to the various public bulletin boards around my town." (We are working on that, and they will be in .pdf format. Check the ART GALLERY

*** (Why would Mr. Bush rather play golf on lushly watered greens in the desert than talk to citizens at a town meeting?)

"I've got a little sidewalk chalk campaign going. I don't consider it graffiti, more like art. If I got busted? HEADLINE: Arrested for questions. Mine are small simple "W"'s with a question mark above (6-8"). Clean and to the point! I plant one every day and like to think that I'm planting seeds." graphic:

*** (Why hasn't Worldcom been prosecuted for its 9 billion accounting fraud?)

"I like to add Hispanic ¿ to my ? (hold alt key and type 0191 on number keypad for ¿)

*** (When Mr. Rumsfeld illustrates his words with a hand like a claw is he trying to remind us of that movie "Liar Liar" with Jim Carey?)

"I'm going to print out a bunch of business cards with a “?" on one side and questions for George W on the other side - leave them in waiting rooms, lunchroom, train seats, cabs, bars, everyfuckingplaceIgo. By the way, this is the best Idea I've heard in a long time."

*** (I'd like to ask why Bush and Powell both cited a forged document as evidence of Iraq's alleged nuclear program, even though the C.I.A. told them it was a fake.)

"I got removable stickers, like they use in garage sales, wrote ? on them and I tote them around in my purse. I put them on lavatory walls, on people's desks, and near the checkout stand at the supermarket."

*** (Why did NORAD deviate from Standard Operating Procedure on the morning of 9-11, failing to scramble jets?)

"I'm putting a different “?” graphic on every page of my website and linking each one to a different page with a different question on each, filled with links to stories about George W. Bush."

*** (When will we be able to properly audit our vote?)

"When I get junk mail, I write a ? on a slip of paper and tuck it into the envelope. Sometimes I write below it: "Question W." Then I return mail it."

*** (Why did the administration deny that it was drafting a second Domestic Security Enhancement bill (Patriot Act II)?)

"I bought chalk and draw them on the sidewalk all day. When I am out and about."

*** (Question from the back! With Homeland Security initiatives like First Responders being under-funded how do you reason that creating more foreign enemies is making us any safer?)

"I have made buttons with ? and you can buy them at

*** (Why is it that $65 million was invested in investigating Clinton's penis, and $50 million allocated to investigate the Columbia shuttle disaster, yet only $3 million was allocated to investigate 9-11?)

"I have made bumper stickers."

*** (Why is Mr. Bush so anxious to seal records that are nearly 20 years old?)

"I'm getting a bunch of lapel pins!!!! I'm going to pass them out as gifts to everyone I know for every occassion. I want to use this question mark design. Enamel, do you think?" graphic:

*** (Why is it illegal to verify the accuracy of electronic voting machines?)

"I've made it my email signature. ?? go out with every email. I've posted ??? to every board I've checked in with so far."Text block of ?: ?????? ?????? ??????

*** (Is it true that you are recruiting soldiers in Mexico?)

"I marked ? on a whole bunch of dollar bills."

*** (Why did anthrax only go to Democrats and media enemies?)

"I don't like to draw attention to myself. I stick slips of paper with ? into books at the bookstore, and into menus at the restaurant -- anything where I think it's harmless."

*** (Why doesn't the press ask and follow up on these questions?)


The "Empty Chair" event held last weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Read story, see photos: An empty chair, set on a pedestal in front of the Round House (State House) in Santa Fe proclaimed W's absence. Nevertheless, some 150 citizens ranging in age from eight to 80 asked their questions to the empty chair, which wore a sign that said "Where's George?"

The media busily jotted notes. One reporter then tracked George Bush down at a nearby golf course. "I'm not answering questions," Bush replied. "When I say I'm not answering any questions, it means I'm not going to answer questions, but thank you for trying."

Chapters of the Empty Chair project have now been set up in 30 cities, and it is the group's intent to allow citizens to question the empty chair in every city that "W" travels to. A web site is soon to appear for the Empty Chair Project, stay tuned.


Originally from ideas by American Stranger, Bartcop (, and Take Back the Media ( Jeff Matson suggested using the ? as a meme in a post at Democratic Underground ( Within 48 hours, forum participants had voted on a name, created graphics, contributed artwork, and nabbed domain names. ProTalion, the new Progressive Communications division of (, developed Question W web pages and is publicizing Question W. Global Free Press ( is hosting a permanent site, which will soon be up at

ProTalion will soon publicize Question W to the mainstream press, after the world has been seeded with many more ?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿.

Do you solemnly agree: That we must continue questioning W until his regime has ended?

Please join us and invite your friends. Post information on your web site, and please forward this to your own e-mail list.

# # # # #

This information was distributed to you by ProTalion, currently proud to be featured "Most Hated" Freedom & Democracy web site. Within 24 hours of launching Question W, its web site was hacked out. (Thank you to the techies at Democratic Underground who immediately traced the hack and put up mirror sites.)

STANDARD DISCLAIMER FROM UQ.ORG: does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the above article. We present this in the interests of research -for the relevant information we believe it contains. We hope that the reader finds in it inspiration to work with us further, in helping to build bridges between our various investigative communities, towards a greater, common understanding of the unanswered questions which now lie before us.

© Scoop Media

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