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Death Squads Wear Suits as Well As Uniforms

Israeli Death Squads Wear Suits as Well As Uniforms

By Genevieve Cora Fraser*

You've got to hand it to Israeli planners working hand in glove with the military. Not since the Zionist take-over of Palestine in 1948 have the pieces locked into place so perfectly. During Al Nakba as Zionist forces massacred, raped and pillaged, Zionist planners locked into place the Absentee Property Laws which allowed them to steal Arab lands and possessions which were needed to amass the territory and funding for the bloody birth of Israel.

Flashing forward, from the mid-1990s to 2000, Israel appropriated land for more than 800 miles of bypass roads for settlers in the occupied territories, according to the Israeli Peace group Now. This not only prepared the way for settlement activity, the Israeli-only roads function as a giant net across the Palestinian territory, a maze of dead-ends and blocked paths for residents.

By the late 1990s then-Foreign Minister Sharon "urged Israelis to 'run and take the hilltops,' and within three years, more than 40 'outposts' had been created on thousands of acres of West Bank land," Nancy Updike pointed out recently in the LA Weekly article "Hitting the Wall." This is a classic martial redeployment where the Israeli military, aided and abetted by settlers consumed by a belief in their entitlement, maintain the advantage of the high ground as they create a reign of terror on the cities, towns and villages below.

"Now, in addition to these outposts, bypass roads and settlements, the separation barrier is being built, and so far, 7,000 acres have been expropriated in order to accommodate it," Updike said, quoting the Israeli human-rights organization B'Iselem statistics. Not since the Nazi creation of the ghettos and concentration camps have a people been so securely squeezed into holding cells where the full power and fury of the American funded Israel military can maintain absolute power of life and death over an entire population.

Strategically, Israel has pulled quite a coup. The PA infrastructure has been blasted into rubble. The population is starved, dehydrated and constantly terrorized by the bulldozing of their homes. Many are forced into a Bedouin existence in tents as fighter jets and helicopter gun ships strafe the defenseless in a frenzy of ethnic cleansing. Strangely enough, resistance groups such as Hamas may also have been initially orchestrated by Israel.

Writing for Counterpunch, Israeli Refusenik Asaf Shtull-Trauring states, "Many people are perhaps unaware of the fact that Israel, towards the end of the 1980s, actively helped in the establishment of the Hamas terrorist organization, hoping to create an Islamic opposition to the more moderate and secular PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization)."

It was hoped that by creating a fundamentalist opposition to the PLO, Israel could break their political monopoly and thwart demands for a Palestinian state.

"Israel's counter-terrorism is perhaps a continuation of this strategy of killing off the moderate voices by strengthening the Palestinian terrorist groups," Shtull-Trauring continued. "This is a cycle of blood and death, where one side gains from the other side, all at the expense of Israeli and Palestinian lives."

Though Israel historically and Sharon in particular are masters of deceit in terms of the end-game, have their Machiavellian stratagems become too obvious? The Zionist controlled media in America still manages to keep most of the public ill-informed, but due to the internet and satellite television others are catching on to what the rest of the world knows. Aside from an over reliance on the misnomer anti-Semitism, the only propaganda tool Israel now enjoys is the ever tragic and bloody suicide bombings used by the Zionist to excuse their heinous crimes against humanity. And as their crimes grow so too does the despair that leads to a family's nightmare and Israel's latest photo op.

Meanwhile, Israel's Apartheid Wall not only entraps Palestinians and confiscates their most fertile farm lands and vital water supplies, but it also serves as the backdrop for the growing Peace movement in Palestine. Here the Israeli Death Squads can really show their stuff as unarmed Palestinian, Israeli and international Peaceniks are mowed down by live IDF fire. And the whole world, except of course their financier America, is watching!!

Yes, Israeli planners have done their job well in terms of creating a living hell for themselves, Palestine and the rest of us that must now live under terrorist threats such as Al-Qaeda that claim the unholy Israel/American alliance as the raison d'etre for their existence.


*Genevieve Cora Fraser is a poet, playwright and journalist as well as an environmental and human rights activist.

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