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Bob Zimmerman: Bush or Kerry? Stark Contrasts

Bush or Kerry? Stark Contrasts

By Bob Zimmerman
Tiburon, California, May 14, 2004

Military Leadership: Bush shirked his wartime military obligation by holing up AWOL in Texas and Alabama. John Kerry fought heroically in Vietnam. After he received three purple hearts and bronze and silver stars for heroism, Kerry worked hard to bring our troops home.

The Invasion of Iraq: Bush lied to Congress and the American people about his motives for invading Iraq. The Bush-led Iraqi War is an evolving human catastrophe from which Bush has no exit strategy. John Kerry, a seasoned veteran, will explore every option before placing our troops in harms way. As our president, Kerry will end Bush’s occupation of Iraq quickly and honorably.

Outsourcing Jobs: Bush says outsourcing America’s middle-class jobs is good. Bush distains unions, favoring giant corporations. Bush is unconcerned with American job losses. Bush favors exploiting cheap labor in China and India. John Kerry supports America’s middle-class and the rights of union workers. Kerry says the outsourcing of American jobs is a serious mistake. Kerry has proposed concrete solutions to reduce outsourcing and create 10 million new jobs.

National Security: Bush militarism is creating millions of new terrorists. Though repeatedly alerted, Bush ignored the 9/11 terrorist threat. Instead of protecting us, Bush vacationed in Texas. Prior to 9/11, John Kerry supported vital anti-terror legislation, but Senate Republicans quashed it. Kerry will strengthen our defenses, put an end to Bush unilateralism, and restore respect for America by rejoining the world’s family of nations as an equal partner instead of as a dictator.

Health Care and Social Security: Bush ignores the 45 million Americans, mostly women and children, who have no health insurance, and did nothing to reduce ever-burgeoning healthcare costs. Bush also seeks to gut Social Security and Medicare. John Kerry has a cost-effective plan that will immediately insure all children, 98% of all Americans, and begin the process of lowering healthcare costs. Also, Kerry, a Roosevelt Democrat, will protect Social Security and Medicare.

Women’s Rights/Civil Rights: Bush promotes governmental control over women’s bodies by appointing judges committed to reversing Roe v. Wade. Bush has also severely restricted our civil rights. John Kerry supports a women’s right to choose, and he will restore our civil rights by revising the overly intrusive provisions of the USA Patriot Act.

Taxes and the Economy: Bush tax cuts for the wealthy have transformed a large federal surplus into an endless sea of red ink that mortgages America’s future. John Kerry fought for a balanced budget amendment, and he is a proven fiscal conservative who favors reversing tax cuts for the wealthy. Kerry has pledged to halve the Bush-created federal deficits in his first term.

Corporate Welfare: Bush promotes policies that help giant corporations like Halliburton the right to pay no taxes, the right to influence elections, and the right to receive no-bid contracts worth billions of dollars. John Kerry will constrain the role of the giants, put an end to no-bid contracts, strive to take the big money out of politics, and actively prosecute corporate crime.

Education: Bush undervalues education. He became president having rarely read a book or a newspaper. Under Bush our schools are falling into disrepair, teachers are underpaid, and tuition rates are soaring. Bush initiated a program to “leave no child behind” and then failed to fund that program. John Kerry esteems education. Kerry will restore funding for our schools and will strive to assure that every American can achieve the education of their choice.

Religion: Bush says he gets advice from God. He says that advice has led to his policy of perpetual pre-emptive war. John Kerry is an independent Catholic who ardently defends a women’s right to choose. Kerry will work diligently for “Peace on Earth.”

Our Environment: Bush sought to dilute bedrock environmental legislation, including the landmark Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. John Kerry, a proven environmental leader, will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and immediately rescind Bush anti-environment policies.

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A continuing public interest project initiated by Bob Zimmerman, author of The American Challenge: Twenty-One Winning Strategies for the 21st Century. Comments: Bobbi Pallas at

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