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Behind The Veil: American Elections


American Elections

By Aesha Lorenz Al-Saeed In Saudi Arabia

Many in America are hoping and praying John Kerry will win the next Presidential election. Bush and his cronies have destroyed many important programs, with the effects reaching far and wide.

Respect for the United States and the credibility of its government and its ability to guide other countries to form their own government is at an all time low. The failure of the US to more strongly comdemn the targeted assasinations of Palestinian leaders and the demolishing of homes of native citizens is shameful. There has been not enough attention to insisting on a two state solution for the Palestinian natives, although the ''enclaves'' for Palestinians are really not an equal two state solution either.

Besides this, Bush and associates have done other things, such as pushing the federal budget to mostly support the expensive pentagon with a vast amounts of money, while important things such as health care for all Americans, world hunger, head start academic programs for low income children have their budgets suffering and shrinking into almost nothing.

When an American can lose his house due to medical bills he can't afford to pay, or have to choose between eating and medicine, that is sad indeed. Bush has also extremely pared down the veterans benefits that soldiers in Vietnem and Korea that were drafted without their choice into a war they didn't agree with, were due to them.

Besides this, the Kyoto agreement wasn't ratified by the US, and his enviornmental policies have murdered the clean air act aims with frank disregard for humans rights to fresh air, water and clean soil. Wildlife needs to live in a natural environment where many trees can help filter our air and we can enjoy pristine settings as ou Creator designed them.

Many democrats have their hopes tied to John Kerry, and even some former republicans are professing to be "partyless" so they can vote either way in this election and the future.

It's been suggested that republican senator John McCain be given the vice president position on Kerry's ticket, providing a "unity" government that may be beneficial. But the word is that he is flatly refusing, probably due to the fact that he is against abortions and might wish to ooverturn the Roe vs Wade court decision allowing a woman control over her body as she wills, if he had the chance.

It would be interesting to one day have a liberal muslim candidate offering unique and special viewpoints, reflecting above all consideration for God's stucturing of our societies.

Muslims would no doubt encourage public charities, equal education, respect for environement and animal rights. Encouragement of the family as a unit, would certainly be a big priority, perhaps counseling being required before divorce is granted. (God says in the Quran that of all things allowed by Him divorce is the most undesirable. It indeed pulls lives, hearts and relations apart, especially childrens. However, in the case of physical abuse, drug or alcohol abuse or adultry, a woman can request a dissoloution of her marriage by the court.)

The abortion dilemma would be solved by pointing out that abortion is a time critical issue. The female has a very small time window in which to make a decision, approximatly two or two and a half months to eject the fetus before the angel comes to breathe the soul into the fetus and it begins moving with its own muscles and desires, and develops from a fetus into a baby. The Quran provides details of the stages of development before science realized the Quran's explanation of it was correct.

If a woman removes her baby after this two and a half month period (and it shouldn't be removed for a selfish reason) then it may be as murder, unless God forgives her. Perhaps she doesn't know that this child may be the one who looks after her the best in her old age?

Now there are approximatly 3-5 million muslims in the United States. I'm sure they are getting disgusted as well as the general public with candidates who can't maneuver well in the worldy arena, or even at home.


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