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Alun Fosta: Fahrenheit 9/11-A Review

Fahrenheit 9/11-A Review

by Alun Fosta

A truly amazing and long overdue film. This is not a film that you "enjoy" it is one that you experience. Michael Moore exposes "the Establishment" which consists of the government OF the few, BY the few, FOR the few. I don't know about " favourite scenes" but some that really stuck in my mind were, when Bush was addressing addressing a fundraiser and referred to the attendess as the "haves and have more" and then said that some called them "the elite" but he called them "his base. " That remark angered me beyond words, the arrogance of the man. Then there was the part where Michael Moore tried to interest some of the politicians in getting their children to join up and go and fight. That was hilarious, in a dark way. There were then views of houses in Flint, Michigan which were in a really delapidated state but from which quite a lot of the "cannon fodder" was recruited.

It was desperately saddening that the lady whose son was killed in the "Blackhawk" had to have such a devastating experience to finally realise that it is not "Dulce et decorum, pro patria mori. "Her son did not die protecting his country, he died to further the profits of the Bilderbirgers, the international moneylenders who are always the answer to the famous question "Cui bono-Who benefits?"

The Failings and flaws" discovered while watching the movie, were not in/with the movie itself but with the system and the people running it that made the making of such a film necessary.

I have, up to now, seen the film only once and I was totally unprepared for what I saw. I do intend to see it again and next time, I shall make notes so that any other "reviews" or comments that I may make, I can refer to notes and not rely just on memory. I left the theatre very angry but also, at the same time, very frustrated because there is so little that I as an individual can do to change things.

My wife, whose son is a navy medic attached to an MEF battalion and was in Iraq, was totally devastated by the movie and burst into tears as we left. We went in a coffee shop and she just could not stop crying for several minutes, so distressed was she at the corruption, injustice and waste, both human and financial, that she had just seen.

The movie showed, especially the "haves and have more" bit, the total disregard of the "elite" for the ordinary citizen. Billions of dollars are spent sending space ships to places where nobody in their right minds would want to go anyway, while people in in slums and parts of the country's history rots due to lack of funds to restore it. I refer here to the Tennessee Valley Railway in Chattanooga, which my wife and I visited after seeing the movie. Oil is supposedly getting in short supply, so why were some of the wasted billions not spent on developing alternative fuels sooner? Ah well, that would upset the oil companies and the oil producers. The oil companies don't want derelict gas stations everywhere and what would places like Saudi Arabia and Iraq have to sell if nobody wanted/needed the oil? You can bet your life that by the time the last barrel of oil is pumped, someone (probably the oil companies) will have come up with some miracle alternative fuel, which they will have had in moth balls for years, ready to replace the now exhausted supply of fossil fuels.

It is my personal hope that at least some of the fat, dumb and happy in the USA will have their eyes opened by this brilliant movie which, at last, shows "the other side, " the side which "the Establishment" and the "One World Government Conspirators" fear.

Verdict: I'd see it again in the theater
What stood out: Story/screenplay
Recommends: To all

- Alun Fosta is a New Zealand Writer, a committed “Government OF the (few) Bankers, BY the (few) Bankers, FOR the few Bankers conspiracy theorist and avowed anti-establishmentarian. Comments can be sent to otherside532@yahoo. co. nz

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