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UQ Wire: Confronting the Evidence – Report/Review

Distribution via the Unanswered Questions Wire .

"Confronting the Evidence"

Review by Judy Andreas
Report by Co-Scriptwriter Nico Levis

"Regrettably, I will not be able to do justice to all the speakers and certainly will not be able to communicate the electricity in the room."
- Judy Andreas on "Confronting the Evidence"


A report from "Confronting the Evidence" scriptwriter and co-organizer Nicholas Levis:

Dear People,

As the old saying goes, lies march halfway around the world before the truth can put on its boots. This is once again the case, at least on the Internet, with ''Confronting the Evidence''.

A near-capacity crowd of 1200 people converged inside the Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom in New York for this event, which was held on the evening of Saturday, September 11, 2004. The content was co-produced by people associated with, NY 9/11 Truth and INN World Report. During the four hours of the program, some 20 panelists and filmmakers from New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada made often brilliant presentations, covering every aspect of 9/11 research.

Soon, you should have a chance to see this seminal moment for the 9/11 truth movement yourselves, as there are plans to post-produce and release it as a DVD. The entire production including promotion came together in just three weeks, starting from scratch, thanks to a gargantuan effort by a dozen dedicated, often sleepless but razor-sharp minds - and to a donor who was extremely generous.

Within hours, however, the attack mails began to circulate. These puff up inevitable technical snafus and describe the lively stage debate as though allowing a diversity of opinion is a crime. Be aware that several of the mails originate with people who were involved on the periphery of organizing the event, which had an extremely convoluted background. Some of them appear to have been among the hecklers who tried to disrupt the proceedings. Perhaps they can't stand the smell of success?

People invested in such an endeavor will tend to complain about whatever they feel went wrong. I for one was rather frustrated that the big scoop several of us had worked hard to prepare - the discovery that three out of four of the black boxes at Ground Zero were found after Sept. 11, and that the government is covering it up - did not end up in the final program. But hey: shit happens. This story will be breaking soon anyway.

As one of the two scriptwriters and many organizers of "Confronting the Evidence," I was gratified to receive a review from one Judy Andreas, a stranger to me. She was among the 1100 people in attendance who were not involved in organizing (or disorganizing) the event. You can read what she says below.

Based on the enormous energy in the audience, I suspect her opinion will prove typical.

In recent weeks, countless New Yorkers have begun to voice the truth of 9/11. The Zogby poll commissioned by showed that about half of us reject the official story. So do 41 percent of the good people upstate, which is almost Middle America. Two-thirds of those polled in the city demanded a new investigation of the crime by the New York state attorney general.

More important perhaps was the high energy at the "Summer of Truth" events during the RNC and at "The Omissions Hearings" and "Confronting the Evidence," which made the case for a criminal investigation.

Hundreds of people in this city are now actively spreading the word - fighting to reclaim reality from the invasive media who have defined it for us. Within weeks, hundreds can become thousands and reach millions.

Rather than battling over personal arcana, those who are serious about breaking the great deception of 9/11 should think about securing the nearest available church basement, classroom or other locale and putting on their own show.

Two people can do this within a few days: Pick out videos you like, contact local speakers you trust, find a sympathetic musician for the interludes. Invite your friends and family, put up some posters, send out an e-mail blast, add your event to online calendars like the one at Be sure you know the research and style your own "talking points" for the most usual objections to the idea that 9/11 was a great deception. (This is unavoidable.) Talk up your event, call the press, get your local independent media lined up. Think about providing snacks. Gather up leaflets, videos and books. Slap them on a table and wait. When your audience of five to 500 arrives, impress upon them that they can do exactly the same thing you did.

It's easy.

The Omissions Hearings were held throughout the day at the Symphony Space Theater in in New York on Sept. 9. Hundreds of people saw a dozen presenters demolish the 9/11 Commission Report, before a panel chaired by Cynthia McKinney and including Dr. Faiz Khan and Sept. 11 relative Bob McIlvaine. Complete transcripts will be available soon at and, and a DVD is in production.

The hearings were followed by the world premiere of Barrie Zwicker's "The Great Conspiracy: The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw," screened to a crowd of 600. A family of three prospective Bush voters demanded and received refunds. And the Atlanta Journal-Constitution did something almost unprecedented: they reported the facts. However, the writer obviously left within an hour, as (See

New York is not alone. Nine Eleven Zero Four was a break point, and who can keep track of it all? The true patriots, those who love truth and the good life on a beautiful planet, took their stands in Washington DC, San Francisco, and many other towns. (See the events previews at Reports are coming soon. Read a review of The Omissions Hearings and a critical overview of 9/11 truth action around the country by Sander Hicks at

The truth wave is about to hit the whole country. Meanwhile, officials who are themselves heavily implicated in the 9/11 attacks and cover-up constantly promise us that the new 9/11 is coming before the November election.

Which comes first? The death of the lie? Or the snuffing of the spark of democracy?

That's the real story.

Take it away, Judy Andreas!

Nicholas Levis


Judy Andreas: An Evening in Pursuit of the Truth

(Sunday September 12th at 10:18 AM)



Words cannot express what an inspiring, exciting event I attended on September 11, 2004 in New York City. It was called Confronting the Evidence: 911 and the Search for Truth.

My friends and I arrived at the Manhattan Center at 7:00, a full hour before the program. The streets were already full. The Manhattan Center must hold 1000 people and yet there were additional hundreds outside hoping for cancellations. This was a very good sign. Recently a Zogby poll stated that over 40% of New Yorkers do not believe the official story of the events that transpired on September 11, 2001. Several people believe that the 9/11 Commission should have been re-titled the 9/11 Omission as it was nothing more than a whitewash.

The evening was hosted by Ed Begley Jr and co-hosted by Jamey Hecht.

The presenters included such notables as Jenna Orkin, World Trade Center Environmental Organization, Kristina Borjesson, author of Into the Buzzsaw, Dr. Robert Bowman, USAF Colonel (retired) president, Institute for Space and Security Studies, Paul Thompson, author of The Terror Timeline, Christopher Scheer, journalist, Los Angeles Times, John Prados, journalist, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Karl Schwarz, chief executive of Global Axxess, Jeff King, M.S, physician and engineer, Webster Tarpley author of The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush (Sr.) , Christopher Bollyn, The American Free Press, Tom Gordon, 9/11 Science and Justice Alliance, David Von Kleist, host of The Power Hour and director of the film "911 In Plane Site" and Barrie Zwicker, filmmaker, "The Great Conspiracy"

The evening began with a brief but heart wrenching film called A Tribute to the Fallen by Mike Berger.

Next, Jenna Orkin, for the World Trade Center Environmental Organization, talked about the cover-up of the air poisoning at Ground Zero.....the asbestos, mercury and lead that had been released into the air. The EPA lied to the American people and told them that the air was safe to breathe, even allowing the White House to edit their press releases. And since then, over half of our heroes have begun manifesting respiratory problems. There are firefighters who can no longer work and, as a preview of what's in store for us, 14 rescue dogs have died.

The Bush administration was more concerned with opening Wall Street than with the safety of the first responders and the American People.

A segment from the film "Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American the Empire " produced by the Media Education Foundation, was shown. This led to a discussion of the Project for a New American Century, known as PNAC, a document that had been crafted in Sept of the year 2000 which, in essence, was a plan for increasing defense spending, preemptive action and use of military force and domination. The creators of PNAC were the same neocons that are running the Bush administration, including the brains behind the plan, Paul Wolfowitz. This project included regime change in Iraq as a central element. The originators of the plan, realized that the American populace would not allow this to happen unless there was an event of catastrophic proportion - "A New Pearl Harbor." 9/11 was THAT event.

Webster Tarpley gave a superb talk. Mr. Tarpley has a book that will be released in October called 9/11 Synthetic Terrorism Myth of the Twenty-first Century. This book explores the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 as an example of state-sponsored, false-flag terrorism, carried out by a rogue network within the US government - a rogue network which is the current form of the invisible government behind the Iran-contra scandal of 1986-88.

Because of the constraints of time, Mr. Tarpley could only touch briefly on the roles of patsies, moles, expert professionals, the controlled corporate media and a privatized command center, as he showed how the empirical evidence around 9/11 made sense. Tarpley demonstrated that the official accounts of the Pentagon crash, the fall of the Twin Towers, the fall of WTC 7, and the crash of United 93 in Shanksville are physically impossible, and the idea that "four misfit highjackers" could pilot commercial jets is beyond the bounds of physical and technical reality.

Another dynamic presenter was Dave Von Kleist who showed a portion of his film "9/11 in Plane Site." Through the use of actual television news footage and eye witness testimony, Mr. Von Kleist presented a most compelling argument disputing the official story on many fronts. Why is there no wreckage or crater from Flight 77 on the lawn of the Pentagon and how does a plane 125 ft wide and 155 ft. long fit into a hole which is only 16 ft across. Von Kleist's footage showed a "pod" attached to the bottom of "Flight 175" and questioned the reason for its presence. Why did an eye witness report seeing no windows on Flight 175 a commercial United Airlines jetliner? Why were there dozens of reports of bombs and explosions going off around the World Trade Center before any buildings collapsed? These are just a few of the myriad questions asked in Mr. Von Kleists remarkable documentary, a film that should replace Michael Moore's meager attempt.

Karl Schwarz, chief executive of Global Axxess, talked about the Bi-Partisan nature of the elements responsible for the 9/11 tragedy. Mr. Schwarz said that if he had the time, he could have shown a 30 minute power point presentation that has already convinced 30,000 Conservative Republicans not to vote for Bush/Cheney. On a humorous note, Mr. Schwarz told the crowd that he had become a Republican because of Bill and Hillary and had now become an Independent because of the Bush Administration.

A small clip from a film called The Collapse of WTC 7, a film by SGTV, was shown. It really crystallized the case that WTC was PULLED.

The evening was ambitious and the program was complete, including presenters that spanned the political spectrum. Regrettably, I will not be able to do justice to all the speakers and certainly will not be able to communicate the electricity in the room. People were not always in accord, but they were able to give voice to their positions

The event posed more questions than answers but these are important questions which must be asked. The American People have to wake up to the lies that are being perpetrated and the destruction of our civil rights. The power elite has mistaken our Constitution and Bill of Rights for a roll of toilet paper.

We must continue relentlessly in our pursuit of the truth. We owe this much to the victims of 9/11, their families and future generations of Americans

You can reach Judy Andreas at


STANDARD DISCLAIMER FROM UQ.ORG: does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the above article. We present this in the interests of research -for the relevant information we believe it contains. We hope that the reader finds in it inspiration to work with us further, in helping to build bridges between our various investigative communities, towards a greater, common understanding of the unanswered questions which now lie before us.

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