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You Can Be Certain & You Can Be Wrong

You Can Be Certain & You Can Be Wrong

By Allen L Roland, Ph.D.

I wonder how anyone who watched the presidential debate on September 30th could feel comfortable calling George W. Bush our commander-in-chief. Someday, I suspect, a popular consensus will characterize the year 2001 as a time when an uninformed man with a bullhorn was mistaken for a world leader: Charles D Hayes

You can be certain and you can be wrong .

Those words said by John Kerry at the first debate are the definitive difference between George Bush and John Kerry. John Kerry knew that the Vietnam War was a mistake and spoke the truth and it was not a popular decision.

John Kerry knows the war with Iraq was a mistake , even though he voted for the war, and that alone qualifies him for President ~ for George Bush refuses to admit he was wrong and is blindly leading our country into a catastrophic defeat because of false pride and blind arrogance.

Thursday night Kerry brilliantly revealed that Emperor Bush has no clothes ~ and millions of Americans watched in shocked disbelief.

But Tuesday night you will meet the master puppeteer of this failed neo conservative pipedream, Dick Cheney ~ who will be fully revealed as the Darth Vader of this imperial war ship.

Yes, Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, the scourge of the Jedi, a master of the dark side of the Force, and one of the Emperor's most trusted servants if not the guiding force of Bush's short sided and imperialistic ambitions.

You and millions of Americans will clearly see the false hubris and certainty of Cheney who is responsible for not only continually misleading the American public but still maintains these deceptions in his public statements.

Fortunately young Luke Skywalker, John Edwards, is armed with a powerful light saber of truth and is more than prepared to trap Cheney in his own misleading words of fear and war mongering ~ and yes, prepare yourself to be equally shocked.

Kerry has set the stage and Edwards will deliver what should be a mortal blow to the most deceptive and arrogant Administration of our lifetime . Remember, this is our only court appointed President and self appointed Vice President ~ and we are more than paying the price for this white house coup.

You can be certain and you can be wrong and this Administration was absolutely certain that its own radical and fringe neo conservative agenda , based on lies and deception, was America's destiny ~ and they were wrong !

The tide has turned and not a moment too soon .


Allen Roland is a practicing psychotherapist who also shares a daily political and social commentary on his weblog and website

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