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His Majesty The King Of Nepal Makes The Right Move

His Majesty The King Of Nepal Makes The Right Move

By Dr. Khagendra Thapa

Ever since the inception of the so-called multiparty government, the party bosses and their relatives and cronies have been looting the nation and its destitute people. The 'Elected Criminals' had disregarded all norms and standards of human decency and kindness. They have sucked the blood of the people. Had these elected criminals such as Girija Koirala done their job and discharged their responsibilities properly and honestly, there would have been no Maoist movement. The country and the people would have never suffered as they are right now. The multiparty followers created such a situation. All the party bosses must be held accountable. All the party accounts including those of elections of candidates must be transparent.

The whole country is in a terrible turmoil. The people have become much poorer than they were prior to the implementation of the so-called democracy. Under the circumstances created by mainly the Congress Party, His Majesty the King had no choice but to act. By rendering the corrupt, immoral, unethical, and unfit government powerless, His Majesty the King Gyanendra has taken a very bold, essential, and commendable step towards relieving the people from relentless corruption, injustice, and the immense suffering.

The peace loving people must whole-heartedly support the King in his attempts to help the country and the people. His Majesty in turn must take steps to punish each and every individual who has used the so-called democracy as a license to loot the people and the country. His Majesty cannot afford to let the criminals go scot-free. The people of Nepal have great faith in Monarchy. They believe that only the King can deliver the justice.

In the meantime, the people must help His Majesty and His Government arrest all the multiparty criminals and seize their illegally collected wealth. These criminals must not be allowed to run away to India and other countries. In addition, His Majesty and His Government must punish and ban any party, which has been involved illegal solicitation of funds. They must show their source of income. If they fail to do so, such parties must not be allowed to operate. Recently, it was reported that both Girija and his brother B.P Koirala were collecting money (in the sixties and seventies) from poor Nepalese workers in Bombay and its vicinity all in the name of Democracy. This is an act of deception and fraud. Moreover, the new government must find who was involved in destroying RNAC, the commercial banks and other corporations. It must also investigate the sale of all corporations such as Bhrikuti Paper factory and others and find out by how much the party in power benefited in terms of donations from those who purchased these factories.

The experience of the last twelve years has proven once and for all that Indian imported democracy spells DISASTER for Nepal and her people. Now, His Majesty must appoint individuals who have integrity and honesty to run the country. They must be highly ethical, moral and are willing to work hard to serve the people. The party bosses have no right to howl democracy now because in the last twelve years, they never practiced democracy. There was no rule of law and democracy without the rule of law is nothing but anarchy. His Majesty the King has the moral, historical, and constitutional responsibility of safeguarding the sovereignty and integrity of the nation.

The constitution must be modified to prevent people with shady character from running for the office. In addition, a candidate must not be allowed to run from more than one constituency. For example, party leaders such as GP Koirala run from more than one area to ensure their election to parliament. Moreover, there must be provision whereby an elected member of the parliament could be recalled by the people if he/she does something the people do not like. There must be a spending limit by a candidate during election e.g. not more than the total salary a minister makes in a year.

I also believe that His Majesty must introduce a higher form of democracy what I termed "Meritocracy". It is the right form of true democracy and not the fake one we had for the last twelve years.



Dr. Khagendra Thapa has served in the Association of Nepalese in Midwest America (ANMA) as its president, vice president, and editor of Viewpoints. He is an award winning and distinguished professor at Ferris State University. He was elected to the Academic Senate of the University for seven times and served in the senate for 14 years. He has brought over 3.5 million dollar worth money, grant, equipment and software for Ferris State University. He earned five degrees from four different countries.

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