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It's Israel's Racist Apartheid Wall, Stupid

It's Israel's Racist Apartheid Wall, Stupid

By Genevieve Cora Fraser

I wonder if Abbas had Joshua's trumpet tucked inside the maps he carried to Washington, the maps of Israel's ever expanding "facts on the ground." The maps demonstrate Israel's continued expansion of Jewish military outposts and settlements in the West Bank. They illustrate the path of the Israeli Racist Apartheid Wall which divides Palestinians from their land and from one another and signals the proposed disappearance of an Arab controlled East Jerusalem. It is only through a careful examination of the maps that issues of the viability of a Palestinian state come into focus.

The maps Abbas warily carries on behalf of the Palestinian people at home, in refugee camps and scattered in a Diaspora throughout the world do not contain the Roadmap to Peace but to Palestinian extinction. The maps clearly show that even if direct aid by the millions of dollars is given to the Palestinian Authority, unless something is done to stop Israeli expansion and force Israel's retreat, it is a matter of time before the Zionist attempt at genocide - the complete erasure of Palestine - is complete. As wishful thinking Zionist often state, "There is no Palestine." Make no mistake, it is a battle cry for total eradication.

As Abbas wandered through the spiritual desert of Washington's power elite all the way to the Presidential high command, I couldn't help but think back to First Lady Laura Bush's whirlwind tour of the Middle East which touched down momentarily in Jericho.

Around 1400 BC Joshua's trumpet blast reputedly caused the wall to crash. Is there a message here? Laura's visit to this particular Palestinian city, Jericho, rather than the seat of Palestinian authority in Ramallah - where laying a respectful wreath on the grave of the one Bush deplored became an issue - also evokes speculation.

Accompanied by Palestinian MP Hanan Ashrawi, Laura Bush visited Khirbat al-Mafjar, the Hisham's Palace hunting lodge built near Jericho in the 8th century AD. But this was more than a tourist visit to an historic Biblical site.

According Ben Lynfield reporting for the Scotsman, "Palestinian women leaders told Mrs. Bush during a meeting in the West Bank town of Jericho that their foremost problem is the Israeli military occupation, which they said is paralyzing all aspects of life in the West Bank."

"Terry Boulata, a school principal, spoke with Mrs. Bush and showed her a map illustrating how Israel's security wall, built inside the occupied territory, is annexing Palestinian land to Israel and breaking Palestinian territory into enclaves," Lynfield continued.

"'I spoke to her about the wall and how it is undermining the possibility of the viable Palestinian state which her husband has been promoting. It is destroying the chances of a two-state peace solution,'" Ms Boulata said.

The First Lady is reported to have said, "I want to tell the people I met earlier that the US will do what it can in this process. It will also require the work of the people here, of the Palestinians and the Israelis to come to the table."

If the table Palestinians and Israeli representatives come to contain the maps that clearly tattle-tale on Israeli intentions and President Bush is truly receptive, he will hear Truth speaking to Power. But does he have the political will to stand up to Sharon? If last year's visit where Bush capitulated to Israeli demands to permanently shelve the Palestinian Right to Return is any indication - when push comes to shove - he will cave. If that happens, it's time for the world to do what is right - Boycott Israel until they return to the 1967 borders.

(As an aside, the Palestinian Right to Return in non-negotiable under international law. It is a legal fact. The problem is its implementation.)


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