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Protection Of Peace Through Education & Media

Protection Of Peace Through Education & Media

By Kamala Sarup, PhD

I think education is a vast subject. Education enhances ones ability to get better work and become an informed citizen, which is important in a peace. If people left uneducated, they won't know too much about a possible better life. Education always promote from the earliest times in the centuries. Since many people had strong beliefs, an education is necessary to read and understand the peace. That education also is useful in work and business pursuits too.

On the other side, good education system and objective media will reduce terrorism, and violence. So, we need to wage war against the poverty, illiterates and terrorism. We can't forget how thousands of people in the world have lost their sense of security and thousands face an indefinite period of uncertainty and anxiety. Everyday countless innocent victims including children and women are dying. The war in the world has been epitomized by gross violations that have increased dramatically over the past years.

I don't see how a peaceful nation can function adequately unless the general population has at least the ability to read to know what is going on so that they can choose leaders intelligently. If the people are uneducated in the nation, then the minority of educated people will pass laws who do not promote the interests of the general population. I also can't imagine how the some rich countries could become so technically proficient and rich without considerable investments in education so that expertise could be disseminated throughout industries to people who work in them.

So I think good education or media in general, if it remains somewhat objective is the only way the Nation can be in Peace. The more objective media and good education, the better. Without a objective media, and education the Nation cann't be successful and peaceful. So government-should promote good education system.

We can think of a particular media who publish terrorist propaganda when it loses it objectivity so much that its articles are lies by any standard, or at least gross distortions from the truth by any standard. We should remember to assist the two requirements for a peaceful country, it is necessary to have a objective media and a people educated enough to read the media. That way, when noncooperation and selfishness are exposed by the media, a literate population can put effective pressure to protect their Nation.

There is and always will be incompetence, noncooperation and terrorism in every Nation but when brought to light in the media and literate people are informed of them, so that they can pressure the legislators to eliminate at least the worst faults. As long a terrorists persist in frightening in the countries as reported by the media, the rich countries will not tire of spending money to eliminate them. In this case, terrorism will be defeated because of superior arms and intelligence arrayed against them. However, it will take a long time because it is difficult to stop.

Support a voice for peace which is recognized worldwide - stand up against a system which considers the massacre of humans. Today many of the people are routinely subjected to massacres, torture, disappearances, kidnapping and forced displacement. Humanitarian crisis is taking place in the world. Ordinary people, including children, are the targets of brutal attacks by the terrorists. And the government are always failed to address the issue.

On the other side, most of the political groups, including the rebels groups, are using educational institutions and media as their playgrounds for politics. Most intelligent students are being used by so-called politicians and their future is being destroyed.

But we all should respect the student's right of being unaffected from the armed conflict and they should not be used by any party involved in the war. Poverty and lack of social services remain pressing problems for rural students, despite economic development and poverty alleviation having been the primary objectives of the government.

More students are getting more frustrated and depressed due to such instability. Apart from physical inconvenience, there will be tremendous psychological impact to students whose attention will now get diverted from their studies. Basic education and media should not be used for political means.

So media can show that the war philosophy, has been unworkable in practice. Several war philosophy were attempted in the 19th century and every one failed and was abandoned. On a national scale, war philosophy left the country underdeveloped.

As for the objectives Media, I don't know how much opportunity some media have to make political analyses. The trouble is, the media doesn't give it any attention and people don't read the alternative media. But Media must be fair, and accurate.


(Kamala Sarup is editor of )

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