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Mary Pitt: First Light

First Light

by Mary Pitt

Out here on the prairie, shortly before dawn, there comes a time called "first light", sometimes referred to as "false dawn". Before the sun is near enough rising to shed its clear light over the hills, it sends ahead its glow which provides a soft light that allows one to see sufficiently to begin the day's work or travel.

It appears that we are beginning to see a "first light" in the affairs of the government of the United States. After the abysmal darkness which engulfed our nation after the dastardly attacks on our centers of financial and military power and the long night of mis-direction by the military-industrial complex and the ever-greedy multi-national corporations, the people are beginning to see the damage that has been done to our nation and to realize that we must get to work on recovering that which was lost to the storm. We have cowered in fear and prayed to God for deliverance, but it is time to get up and to be about the business of recovery of our democracy.

The recent elections have demonstrated how vulnerable is our electoral system and the loss of almost two thousand of our sons in the quagmire of Iraq, along with the maiming and crippling of thousands more, the vast and growing national debt combined with the devaluation of our currency, and the destruction of our social programs as more people slide into poverty and illness, have caused people from all walks of life and from the entire political spectrum to realize that something is wrong!

Now, with the realease of the Downing Street Minutes which offer conclusive proof that the invasion of Iraq was not only planned well in advance but was actually begun by the intensified bombing of civilian facilities in the summer of 2002, people are beginning to make out the shape of a campaign of lies and misleading that is unrivaled in modern history. We can now see that the stories of terrible nuclear war which could bring about an attack on our mainland in "45 minutes" as well as all the dreadful biological warfare germs that were measured by the ton, were simply propaganda pipe dreams. Furthermore, despite the protests of spokespersons for the administratiom, we have not won the war but will settle for nothing less than total control over that devastated nation.

But we are awakening! People with experise in many fields are beginning to lend substance to many of the previous "conspiracy theories" and questions are being asked regarding the pre-determination for the invasion of Iraq and the speculations that the "9/11" incidents may be other than what we were told officially are now being expressed openly. The long-obeissant American press is beginning to investigate more thoroughly and to question more forcefully. At last, ordinary people are daring to doubt the veracity of the official versions of happenings that could affect our lives for generations. Those who have lost loved ones in this endless war are asking, "Why?" Those who are simply tiring of war are asking, "When?" As we determine more facts, the question will be asked, "Who?"

Many are still sleeping and must be gently wakened, though they prefer to remain in their dreams of power and glory. For them, the dream has not yet become the nightmare that their neighbors have seen, with unemployed breadwinners, hungry children and elders, homeless people struggling to survive on the streets and dying needlessly for wnat of medical care, and ever and ever, the absence of loved ones who can never return. Waking will be harsh for them, fraught with disappointment and disillusion, but they must be gently steered to the task at hand, rebuilding our nation according to the original plans, and we do so need their help!

Does anybody recall the statement by President Bush that, once the new government for Iraq had been formed, "If they ask us to leave, we will leave"? Now we are told that we will leave when WE think they are able to protect themselves. However, that little lie just does not matter when weighed against the whopperism that has been practiced ever since the 2000 elction. Once more, the President has thrown "9/11" at us to whip us into line; however, we now know that Saddam had nothing to do with that incident. In addition, the many theories that the World Trade Center disaster may have been a controlled demolition rather than an attack by any foreign forces is beginning to gain traction, not only on the internet, but also in small asides in some mainstream media.

The first problem that we face is to "nail down" those institutions and programs that have not yet been destroyed and to prevent further damage. As the result of the actions of our "perfect storm", our reputation as kind, gentle, caring people in dealings with other nations must be reclaimed, and a good way to accomplish that is to see that the obvious plans to attack yet another nation, (Iran), will be stymied and a peaceful way found to deal with that conflict and the rest of the campaign against the "Axis of Evil" Our dedication to the principles established in our Constitution must be shored up and returned to their original meaning, the right of all persons to self-determination and an active part in our democracy. Only the preservation of these vital standards can prevent the total collapse of our national structure and leave us with something worth rebuilding.

We may, in the full light of day, see much more destruction that is not yet visible but, once we begin to work, those discoveries may be taken in stride and remedied as they are identified. As the City of New York prepares to rebuild the famed towers, so must we all be prepared to assist in the rebuilding of the rest of our national institutions that have so cruelly been damaged. Yes, the sun is rising and light is spreading across the land! The fearful people are awaking from their national nightmare, looking about, and seeing our situation clearly for the first time in a long while. It is time to bid farewell to the tornadoes that swept over us, assess the restoration that has to be done, and to get our "hired hands" into the fields to clean up the rubble, throw away the trash, and begin the rebuilding of our democracy on its original foundations. It will take time and require the expenditure of even more money but, one day, we can again look with pride upon our "Shining City On A Hill".


Mary Pitt is a septuagenarian Kansan who is self-employed and active in the political arena. Her concerns are her four-generation family and the continuance of the United States as a democracy with a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people". Comments and criticism may be addressed to .

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