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BuzzFlash: The Martians Have Landed!

The Martians Have Landed!

A Little Conspiracy Theorizing from BuzzFlash... Patrick Fitzgerald, Rove Has Got You In His Sights, Take Care.
July 17, 2004

Karl Rove has now given us an astounding insight into PlameGate! According to Karl, Bushevik journalists leaked classified information TO him!

Holy, Batbrain, Karl was the last to know! Will wonders never cease?

And for the first time in White House history, a President's chief domestic policy adviser, who has classified clearance, was leaked classified information destructive to the national security of the United States by members of the media! Zowie, simply astounding!

Of course, it's all a crock of hooey from the Turd Blossom. At a time when Scott McClellan keeps repeating that Bush doesn't want anyone in the White House to comment on an ongoing investigation, Rove is orchestrating a major PR defense of his treason that is offensive to common sense. And Bush makes sure that Rove is seen ambling at his side during photo-ops. Is this hypocritical? Hey, is a mob boss a thug?

Meanwhile, Bob Novak -- Rove was fired by Poppy Bush for leaking to "Baghdad Bob" in 1992 -- disproved Turd Blossom's entire alibi. Novak, in an early PlameGate interview, defended himself this way: "I didn't dig it [Valerie Plame's name] out, it was given to me," Novak said. "They [two White House "senior" officials] thought it was significant, they gave me the name and I used it."

And then there's the latest hypothesis: Rove may have read a State Department document on Air Force One that identified Valerie Plame Wilson as a CIA deep cover operative specializing in tracking WMD...Rove may have then called Judith Miller -- a drama queen, who likes to be a player inside the Bush Administration -- and told Miller of Plame's cover and sort of indicated that it was a "useful piece of information" for reporters to know (or Scooter Libby may have done the calling). Then Novak and Cooper called Rove, among other reporters, already knowing about Valerie Wilson Plame's cover because Karl or Scooter had used Miller as a "virus" to spread it around.

That way Karl (and Scooter) had what is known as "plausible deniability." So Rove could then claim that he found out about Plame's undercover status from journalists, even though he was the original leaker. Another theory holds that Karl had Ari Fleischer leak it to Miller to "spread around."

Mind you, Rove still committed a crime and breach of national security in confirming to reporters Plame's status -- even if you accept his ludicrous current cover story (which has set off the B.S. alarm everywhere but at the RNC and in the mainstream media). Rove's "alibi" obscures his culpability -- even given his current lie about betraying the nation -- by blaming journalists for outing a CIA operative who specialized in tracking WMD, the very reason Bush and Cheney claimed we urgently needed to attack Iraq. Rove also exposed Wilson-Plame's CIA front company, anyway you look at it.

Does anyone know if Rove is on Al-Qaeda's payroll? Because Osama bin Laden would die to do this much damage to our national security.

And, remember, Novak claims a second senior administration source confirmed Valerie Plame was a CIA operative. Who might that be? Are Ari Fleischer and Libby Scooter squirming, wondering if Fitzgerald is the rarest of commodities, an honest man upholding justice in the Orwellian land of Bushevik betrayal and lies? Or is the whole so-called "Iraq Working Group" in the White House trying to figure out whether to hang together or hang separately?

And don't forget, as BuzzFlash has recently reminded our readers (something the mainstream media has forgotten), Bush retained a personal attorney to represent him in the PlameGate investigations shortly after legal proceedings began.

So it doesn't come as a surprise that the normally Bush-biased Washington Post published a story on July 16 that Judith Miller may get a charge of "criminal contempt" thrown at her, which would lengthen her prison stay if approved by the judge, which appears likely.

Because, as the Post article observes: "But in this closely held investigation, federal appeals court judges of very different ideological stripes and Hogan have reviewed secret evidence and have agreed that Miller's and Cooper's claims of a right to protect their sources is outweighed by the public interest in investigating a possible breach of national security."

So as long as BuzzFlash is entering the Twilight Zone of potential conspiracy theories, then here's another one.

Soon Bush's Rotweiller, Rove, will have his minions tone down the vicious attacks on Joe Wilson. Rove's next target will be his highest stakes maneuver yet. In a "go for broke" attack on the fundamental tenets of the system of American justice, we predict Rove is already using cut-outs to try and figure out a discreet way to personally expose some skeleton in Fitzgerald's closet that will then call the "character, judgment and motivation" of the prosecutor into question -- and sink the investigation through an ad hominem attack. This is Rove's pathological gutter tactic. He doesn't know how NOT to use it when backed into a corner.

And then there's the Attorney General who might just be open to a discreet tete-a-tete with Karl about how he can rein in Fitzgerald. After all, Alberto Gonzales is Bush's former attorney as Governor and President. He approved a record number of executions in Texas and signed off on the U.S. becoming a nation that condones torture. He's also number one on Bush's short list for a seat on the Supreme Court. In short, he's a full-fledged Bushevik "made man."

Karl knows that loyalty is everything -- so watch for slime about Fitzgerald to start oozing from the mainstream media if Judith Miller shows signs of starting to talk, in return for immunity from prosecution.

Of course, in Fitzgerald's case, Rove will have to make up the allegations, but he and Bush are master B.S. artists -- and the mainstream media loves to turn their fictions into fact.

Just look at how the mainstream media abetted the Bush Administration lying us into a war and then undercutting our national security by exposing a CIA operative who specialized in tracking the very weapons that Bush and Cheney claimed we were going to war to stop from being used by Iraq.

Of course, there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Tens of thousands of people have died as a result. Billions upon billions of our taxpayer dollars that could have been used to improve the lives of our people here in America have been wasted. And all Rove, Bush, Cheney and the GOP can do is defend outing a CIA operative who was trying to prevent the spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

My God, that last paragraph must be a conspiracy theory, except that it's true, which puts the security of the entire nation at risk as long as Rove, Bush and Cheney love their power before they love the nation and the truth.

Bush is giving Rove carte blanche to take no prisoners in his effort to defend the indefensible, because if Rove is prosecuted for his treason, Bush is left without a brain -- and his veneer of credibility shattered beyond repair.

If we were Patrick Fitzgerald, we'd apply a few layers of teflon coating right now and get ready for the broadsides from FOX and Rush, because it's time for Karl to start trash talking the prosecutor. There's nothing left for him to do if Judith Miller breaks ranks.


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