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With No Justice, Terrorism Will Remain

With No Justice, Terrorism Will Remain

By Kamala Sarup

Leaders or terrorist who kill innocent men, women and children for any cause are cold-murderers. They both must be hunted down and brought to justice. Killing innocent people must end completely by terrorists or by any countries leaders.

World is currently facing the crisis of killing and injustice.Leaders and terrorists are engaged in illegal arms trade and threat the innocent people.

They both routinely recruit children and youths for combat and often forced to become fighters, and human shields. Many youths are poor,and gives them a weapon.

Socio-economic development and employment promotion policy would help those youths to resolve their problems and would never join the killing force. Thus, world leaders must know political, socio-economic, corruption and ideological factors that must be addressed for the terrorism to be finally resolved.

People who have suffered from direct attacks by war or terrorism, experience emotional trauma. Now, we have serious question, can the world leaders who make war control war and give justice to the people?

The last decade was seen terrifying abuses of human rights in war, terrorism violence around the world including Nepal. Also, they should find hidden parts of terrorism. Leaders and terrorists must know when people from different cultures come together there is often misunderstanding and war. The people of each culture know and understand what is appropriate for their society.

Leaders must focus on conflict analysis, terrorism problem solving strategies, negotiations skills and facilitation. It is very necessary that these leaders and terrorists understand the important of the peace, respect for the dignity.

It is true, the social, political outlook and attitude towards poor have made poor people helpless. There are both social and economic problems which have contributed to the upward trend of terrorism and violence.

At present, violence, murder, and terrorism are some ugly realities which have been plaguing every societies. While in one hand terrorism is being difficult to control, on the other hand, poverty is on the rise, injustice is on the rise.

Information on peace and justice should be strengthened.The above priorities are influenced by host of activities in homes, educational institutions, workplaces, communities peace and human rights related sectors such as education, employment, environment and life style related behaviours.

Indeed, the leaders and government needs to act actively to abolish terrorism and give justice to the people.

Leaders in the world aware that the use of arms, whether by the terrorists group or by the any state, causes physical, mental, and psychological suffering, as well as the death of many innocent people. Peace and justice resolution through governance requires an analysis of all the relevant actors that fuel the sources of peace, war and terrorism, realization of the importance of their common interests, communication among the conflicting parties, coordination and non-violent and creative handling of conflict.

It is true, until the world government eliminates the poverty, injustice, people's ignorance, terrorism will remain. Any party involved in violent war or terrorism should take special measures to protect civilians. They should also respect the innocent people. So toward eliminating the condition that sustain terrorism, leaders should work between the people.

It is true, terrorists are criminals and murderers, but what about the leaders who kill innocent people? We people condemn both of them. We have a particular dread of terrorism. On the bottom line, we have great respect for those people, women and children who were killed. The terrorism and war barbarism must be stopped immediately from this world.

The terrorists and leaders both carry out a campaign of sabotage, bombings, and murders that damage billion worth of property. It is also true, mass death is certainly no stranger to terrorism.

I can't understand why people kill each other. I've seen many horrible dead, swelled, naked body floating down. Millions of people are dying of exhaustion, and malnutrition.

It is true, since the war and terrorism started rural areas have been among the targets. The general climate of corruption that stimulates excessive violence affects the economic, education and political sector as well.

The leaders have to fight within itself against injustice and also against bad governance. It must also fight against poverty which provides a fertile ground for the terrorism.

Can the leaders provide enough funds, security and good training for people? Today's children from Iraq to Nepal, from Israel to Palestine, from Russia to Chechnya, from Afghanistan to India and Kashmir are tomorrow's future, so they ought to be able to live without fear. They need to argue with pens rather than with guns.

The tragedy with our system is that the entire bureaucratic and academic plus other institutions are brought under strong influence of politics. The leaders machinery is intimidated, undermined and weakened due to excessive political interference. Politics has eclipsed the whole government machinery.

The crisis of confidence in the system and the distrust on political leaders have come about mainly due to the blatant abuse of power, lack of political and ethical values among the leaders. The political leaders lack social finesse and the people are disenchanted from the country's politicians who do not give much ground for the people to be optimistic.

On the bottom line, In order to maintain stability as well as improve the living conditions for the people, essential infrastructure, needs to be rehabilitated.

Only Peace and justice can provide the space in which this beautiful world can diversify its economy. Ideological differences between the people often resulting in outbreaks of violence.

It is extremely important to fight this terrorism, war and injustice. It is necessary that understand the importance of development, peace and provide people with various training, and education. It is also necessary to make arrangements for their social and financial development. Only then can the terrorism reduced to some extent. Widespread starvation and powerlessness add to global insecurity terrorist organization increasing. The arms trade makes weapons more available to terrorists, and the leaders and other violent factions around the world.

Are we aware that almost all women, men and children who hope for love, for a home, for employment are all cheated by these leaders and terrorists?

People from Iraq to Chechnya, from Afghanistan to Palestine, Israel, Kosovo, Nepal, Kashmir, all innocent people, need justice and peace. Stop making a war and terrorizing the people. Stop attacking the people's sovereignty. Then only people will help you eradicate terrorism, Terrorism will be go away from this beautiful world , if you leaders give enough justice to the people.


A Nepali journalist Kamala Sarup is an editor of

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