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Public Address 02 & 05/09/05 - Ugly As


PUBLIC ADDRESS 05/09/05 - Ugly As

Naked fear | Sep 05, 2005 10:07
Living the invasion with Tze Ming Mok

Don Brash looked up 'feminist' in the OED, and decided that he is one after all, even if he isn't a woman. But is his wero-phobia Victorian prudishness about n*ked natives or confusion over whether he might also be Maori as well as a feminist?...,

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Ugly As | Sep 05, 2005 09:01
Russell Brown's Hard News

Last night's Colmar Brunton poll was about as ugly as could be for Labour, which can only hope that it's as much of an outlier as Pete Hodgson says it is. It certainly makes the position of New Zealand First interesting: if Peters does, as suggested...,

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Be careful what you wish for | Sep 05, 2005 08:18
David Slack on his own account

Can we take it from the latest poll result that 46% of New Zealanders number themselves in the mainstream? Maybe. It would be astonishing if National could pull off an MMP election victory by campaigning as though it were still working under First Past the Post conditions, but remarkably, it's...,

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White Nation | Sep 04, 2005 16:22
Che Tibby's view from Wellington

In response to the Pauline Hanson phenomena Ghassan Hage wrote a great book called White Nation: Fantasies of White Supremacy in a Multicultural Society. It's a great little read, and recommend you to do so, if you can lay your hands on a rare copy of it...,


PUBLIC ADDRESS 02/09/05 - Another Email Emerges

Another Email Emerges | Sep 02, 2005 08:42
Russell Brown's Hard News

News reports have made much of the fact that there were no outbound emails among the hundred pages in the "Brash files". Not true. Today, Hard News reveals a previously unknown email - from Dr Brash to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair...,

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Dragon In | Sep 02, 2005 09:30
Living the invasion with Tze Ming Mok

In the spirit of election lolly-scrambles, here is a random and never-to-be repeated Yellow Peril giveaway, worth actual money even. But with social responsibility inevitably worked in to the equation. You gotta learn before you earn...,

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Metics Five | Sep 01, 2005 22:28
Che Tibby's view from Wellington

One of the reasons people seem to underestimate the power of sameness is that it's so ingrained. And much like any habit we form, usually unknown to the holder. Worse, it's difficult to pinpoint how we all get that way...,

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File --> Export --> Brash Inbox.txt | Aug 31, 2005 16:57
Keith Ng on the election trail

With the Nats throwing out wild accusations at Labour and ACT over the leaked emails, I thought - as a geek with an intravenous email system - I'd just add some fuel to the speculation...,


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