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Kamala Sarup: More Peace, More Tourism

More Peace, More Tourism

Kamala Sarup

World Tourism Day (WTD) is celebrated worldwide every 27 September. The theme of this year's WTD is "Travel and Transport: From the Imagination of Jules Verne to 21st Century Reality". The State of Qatar will host this year's World Tourism Day. Village tourism, rural tourism, community tourism, mountain tourism, agro tourism, are jargonised today as a new dimension of tourism.

Tourism promoter always holds economy as the prime motivator of anti-poverty activity. Tourism promoter without ability will complain that they aren't receiving enough tourists. The only agreement possible under these circumstances is to promote more eco, bio or rural tourism those who have ability. It is an important measure because it indicates whether tourism promoter are expended a given output of services.

However, tourism promoter can changes in quality of tourism business so they must work with businesses, government and agencies track it regularly and watch it carefully as an indicator of eco-tourism development. Tourism promoter or industry must make everything right for the tourists, leading to the eventual goal of full economy on economic development.

"Increasing the tourism business, of course, business investors who are convinced that they can achieve similar profits will enter into competition. The point is that by increasing the number of tourists, increasing tourists destination and make more hotels available to more people, assuming sufficient profits. Environmental improvements and associated costs can be added to tourism industry. As we know, much of a tourists industry is taken up by pride in the ability to contort into the wider economic position". US tourist promoter Stanly said recently to

Tourism promoter must believe, promoting tourism means poverty and inequality in any form can be eliminated forever. So, tourism promoter must establish a worldwide network. They can also project their effective work onto worldwide over Eco and bio tourism, planning and expansion. So, most of the businessman, and tourism promoter are struggling to keep the doors open for the tourists. Ideas, tourism business is one of the attractive desirable attributes. And also eco tourism or rural tourism is measured by region, and by nation.

"The rise and fall of municipal and regional populations and their incomes over the history is often caused by changes in tourism business and associated with those areas". Stanly further argued.

Good tourism means good money. Therefore, tourist industry's object must be to eliminate terrorism and violence. The violence and terrorism always hurt the tourism business. Violence and terrorism also have caused declines in tourism industry and also is a major factor of tourism destruction. A tourism is one who protect economy. So, the tourist promoter must think and act without peace and security, tourism cannot be recognized.

On the other side, a lack of adequate infrastructure especially of airports and roads is also a major obstacle to tourism growth.

Nepali Tourism

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), is also holding various programs on September 27. But, many tourists who were set to fly into Nepal, it is reported, cancelled all their plans. So, how Nepali tourism industry and promoter can develop Nepal's tourist industry?

There are a number of other concrete real steps to take to get the Nepal back on its feet and functioning as a viable and prosperous economic entity. They should network with as many tourist industry people as possible and gather as many good ideas about where the industry is growing (who is actually traveling and spending money these days Japanese? Chinese? Indians? Britons? Americans? Germans?) and what type of destinations they prefer (beaches, lakes, mountains, cultural centers, etc.).

Nepal should also invite all the interested business groups in Nepal and would seek their advise on how best to develop in a fair and just manner Nepal's economy with an emphasis on developing two industries: agriculture and tourism, both of which can employ large numbers of people. Guarantee them safe passage to and from the Eco tourism organizations.

An US Journalist John Scherb said " Economic power is much more important in this time so listen to all reasonable proposals and weigh them carefully. Nepal also must get together to discuss the results and how best to employ the currently large numbers of unemployed people now milling around Nepal. Nepal, can also develop a mutually reinforcing agricultural and tourist industries. Almost always, there is more money to be made in cooperative ventures. But, hostilities are usually bad for business, so everyone has a stake in seeing a good peace established".

It is true, Nepal producing two things: Nepali citizens and tourism. How best to harness the energy and talents of citizenry to produce more and better (higher value and value-added) tourism business is the key to running a successful Nepal.

Nepal is beautiful. Nepal has certain geographic and natural attractions that can be used to build the New Nepal. She will not be without suitors. Tourists come to Nepal for trekking. Almost all the trekking areas are en route the rural villages, which are benefiting the locals. Nepal is a unique destination for tourists because of the warmth, affection and friendliness of Nepalese people. In Nepal tourism can intervene to provide better opportunities, empowerment of poor at local level.

Right now country's tourism industry that suffered due to such a senseless violence. The hotels have very low occupancy and business is not what it used to be.

Nepal must plan to upgrade the country's tourism master plan to make it more relevant and effective. We also must work together to develop common packages as well as pursue joint tourist marketing strategy. The fall in tourist arrival must be taken seriously. If the tourism sector suffers, the Nepal suffer and people suffer. The marketing approach should be changed. Special packages should be developed keeping into account their changing tastes and preferences. Special attention should be paid towards tourists personal security.

Nepal would continue to remain a popular adventure and nature-based tourist destination even in the days to come.


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