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Egypt to Iraq - An Israeli Expansionism Discussion

From Egypt to Iraq - An Israeli Expansionism Discussion

(Anyone can join in)
By Genevieve Cora Fraser

Dear Jeff,

You make a very interesting point:

"According to Ben-Gurion, it was essential that the Jewish state maintain tension between it and its Arab neighbors because were a peaceful relationship to develop, the Jews would eventually become flabby and the Arabs would over-run them. As a consequence, Ben-Gurion would have Israeli snipers shoot at Egyptian, Syrian and Jordan officers across the border (this was before King Hussein became their lapdog) in order to "heat up the border" and lead the Egyptians, Syrians and Jordanians to retaliate and thus keep the cycle alive."

However, if all Israel did was "heat up the border" there would be far fewer issues. Palestine has never had a partner in peace efforts. Israel has always had a sense of entitlement to greater Israel which to them means not only all of Palestine but parts of Egypt to Iraq - anywhere the Hebrews once roamed belongs to them, they think, (though throughout history they were mostly just part of the overall population, which included Arabs). The Arabs wandered in recently - (some claim 1967, can you believe...?) and took over, according to the Zionist mindset, they are just taking it back. America exists to serve Zionist interests, seems also to be part of this mind-set. We are their piggy bank and provide manpower/weaponry for their exploits. In essence we serve as slave labor through the bleeding of our tax dollars and lives lost in exploits, such as in Iraq. Increasingly Democrats and Republicans fall under their spell (through financial contributions) and play their role as assigned, with total disregard to the Constitutional safe-guard of the seperation of church and state.

The rest of the world must agree or will be labeled anti-Semitic and wherever they can get countries to pass anti-Semitism laws, those who oppose them openly will be fined and jailed. That is what this humble group must face with our sling-shots as we fight Goliath Israel and its propaganderized minions.

The problem is that though Zionism is largely a Jewish enterprise in bed with certain cultish Christian groups and intra-national business interests, many Jews do not subscribe to this and fight as actively as we do to expose and derail the plan. Separating the wheat from the chaff is not always easy though, because even groups that seem reasonable can sell out, if Zionists infiltrate and confuse the issue.

However, bottom line - Israel stole the nuclear plans from us and sold them to China (which shows they are allied) - and then there's India etc. etc. The new world order is just that - global in scope with nuclear proliferation growing by the minute. If we don't get a handle on this soon, all our gooses are cooked.

Currently we use the internet to communicate - which as we all know is spied on. But still, we must use what we have... and afterall communication is vital - worldwide - if we are to join forces and change the world into one where justice and fairness have a chance.

It's the Zionist super/ego, ChosenOne self-centered attitude that somehow must be forced to grow up and join the human race. I do not subscribe to anti-Semitism and I suspect none of you do either. I do not wish to see the Jews come to harm - but the Entitled Ones among them must stop harming others. The million dollar question is how do you get them to change? Isn't the bombast of the Iranian president and the counter-violence of the Palestinian resistance movement attempting to do that by forcing them to see that there might be consequences to their behavior? Let's face it the UN resolutions get no where, though it is still important that the resolutions exist if only as a score card. But violence met with violence can escalate out of control - especially if we attack Iran and they counter...

'Tis an interesting world we live in. We have our work cut out for us. Perhaps the best strategy is to boycott Israeli products and continue to promote that other churches/organizations divest. Money has won over the American political parties to Zionism, perhaps money can bring people back to their senses.

Happy New Year.

(Just think - President Bush turns 60 on July 6, 2006. What's that about 666?)


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