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What Century Is This? The Conspiracy Timer

What Century Is This? The Conspiracy Timer

By Don J.D.
January 3, 2006

A New Year

As December holidays stay behind in this First Day of Trade in Wall Street and Third Day of 2006, most of the world population left last year's preoccupations hidden in their sub consciences, along with their hopeful wishes for a better New Year.

For others, the battle to 'defeat greed' on earth is a never ending and serious undertaking that sees no vacation time.

Greed is not only defined in the dictionary as an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, i.e. wealth. But according to what Henry Fawcett suggests, there is a relation between selfish greed and the attachment to competition.

Ideologies vs. Greed

That would explain many theories and hypothesis on how ancient, contra-productive ideologies survive and are energized in societies every so often. Thus, greedy extremism never really vanishes whereas humans are highly competitive.

There will always be people competing against each other to reach and maintain a position in space within political, religious, and economic arenas. The ultimate goal is always 'competition for power.'

The proof reveals itself consistently. Bush supporters continue to advocate for unlawful and awful actions against people. They rather ignore facts than giving up their political ideologies to keep power or fallacious status.


In the United States, it is not surprising that impressive numbers of non-voters do not exercise their right to vote at their local or national elections.

These Americans purposelessly contribute to the re-election of corporate advocates who will never stick out their throats for them.

Their skepticism permits them to see what voters cannot. They mistrust anyone who gets elected to lead their lives. Life quality and personal improvement after all have never reached their communities; hence, their political apathy is apparent and understandable.

By fact, they may be correct in their assessments in most, if not all, instances. Historically, promises of positive change have knocked at their doors on regular basis and they only proved to be that, promises.

Can we blame them? No. Political cynicism has been part of American history. It can be observed in the early years of print, and especially through political campaigns. Critics then were patriots.

It is a healthy symptom for democracies and citizenship to be able to criticize our governments in order to improve what is not working for us.

In other words, 'non-voting' is a positive non-violent democratic type of resistance against corporate based governments, even though it may not appear to be.

Most likely, this patriotic resistance is waiting for the right type of representation.

Scientific Aid

As technology keeps moving on, we do too. The Internet continues its marvellous contribution to societies. It has changed public opinions and policies around the globe for free and for the better.

It is not a secret that common Joe Does like me are a bit wiser than recent previous years thanks to it. Because of computer savvies and powerful search engines, people read more and are more educated in Politics and other matters.

However, as expected, negative digits exist in complicated equations, and the Internet phenomenon cannot remain untouched by the other side of the spectrum.

And because the Internet cannot discriminate, it also aids in the dissemination of counteractive data doomed to influence foreign cultures for the worse.

In the past few years, several countries have become more conservative and fearful of their own people 'quicker' by reading instant news from the Internet rather than using standard types of media.

It is not coincidental that foreign Internet readers became more conservative.

Since newer democracies are dependent on American investment, the Internet is a popular commodity in those countries.

The American news broadcasting is very influential abroad and has reached a more sophisticated readership through the net.

Traditional mainstream cable network corporations have been passing on their biased news during the age of terror, for four long years, that's enough time to leave an extreme conservative footprint anywhere.

Realistically, global technology in the hands of right-wing conservative extremists is a dangerous tool that may be extremely useful to spread more inequality around the planet.

The good news is that international human rights watchers denounce any abuses instantly as well.

The Extreme Incorrectness

If you have not observed it yet, contemporary conservative right-wing institutions are visibly very well organized and have solid partnerships with the powerful, as they did hundreds of years ago.

They count on private large foundations and the blessings and money of their conservative governments to subsist. (Notice that the same type of 'equal opportunity' ruling is not applied to progressive charities or secular groups).

By using the internet, their 'charity work' of global evangelization is much easier, cheaper, and less time consuming (and they have all the time in the world to do so).


It only takes a click to spread fear, discredit and distort truthful realities, to finally destroy the laws that protect humanity.

Interestingly, medieval conservative ideologies are effectively designed to manipulate the minds of thousands of devoted, obedient communities, very fast.

As cited above, 'newer democracies' have joined forces with developed nations which were already 'divided by biased ideologies.' Thus, they may be on their way to serve private interests, as well.

These ideologies were suppressed and controlled through history at one time or another by fairly-thought legislations and Constitutions (which may need or not, to be more inclusive); and they are furtively at large now.

What is troubling is that there is more evidence indicating that the right-wing religious philosophy penetrated our Government, was incorporated to the Republican ideology, and has been part of one of the greatest American dividers in our political history.

American Struggle

In the United States, for instance, the Separation of Church and State principle guarantees lawful protection for all citizens regardless of their religious or non-religious affiliations, and it is not an anti-religion Amendment as some may think it is (

There is a legitimate threat to its elimination, if Judge Alito should get nominated as Justice for the Supreme Court of the U.S. (see above website).

Fortunately for the Europeans, this principle is one less struggle for them as they treasure and respect its concept gracefully.

It seems that the beginning of the 21st Century in the U.S. will be recalled as one of global stress. It is pounding policy makers and 'freedom, liberty and democracy advocates.'

Laws that were written to safeguard common civilians from abusive governmental behaviours and threats are being discarded again under our own noses.

Newer struggles and challenges to reinstall Civil Liberties are also faced by dedicated political activists.

An Entity

In very small doses, Politics and Religion have merged as one leading force that disembodies citizens' opportunities for civil integration and community progress.

Sadly, powerful governments are usually composed by groups of competitive individuals with personal agendas and ambitions, who are allowed to modify entire societies in their own image; this is nothing novel and can be transformed by voting.


It is true that in spite of the large 21st Century Celebrations in New York City and Sydney in the year 2000 (with all the sparkling feelings mirrored from the Great American Disco Ball and the absorbing luminosities of Sydney's fireworks), there were serious social and economical disadvantages around the globe.

They were buried under the carpet of the 'zero deficits era' and remained there passively.

And yet, nothing compares to the current and on-going deficits created by the Bush administration.

There is not an accurate and reasonable calculation given by Economists that provide us with a timeframe on when we will be out of debt.

We are stuck in debt for unlimited time and unlimited quantities.


Still, voters choose to vote for more tax cuts for the 1% wealthy of the country, choose to vote for wars, and multiple miscalculated strategies that always result in human loss, social programs cuts and numerous unnecessary expenses (that will only benefit the same small wealth-keepers' businesses).

Why? Ask yourself. Is it to shield social status? Again, perhaps, the answer is human greed.

Having put themselves in the delicate position where they are no longer envisioned as the party of the people, the Democrats will have a hard time trying to convince their increasingly impatient base (that questions the real motives for which their leaders voted for the war in Iraq and their changeless take in keeping Saddam as the main excuse for the attack and not leave Iraq immediately) for another Presidential opportunity.


Incidentally, there is an explicit general anxiety about the recent scandals and lies piled up on the desks of the American Democratic leadership, with crimes that occurred systematically in the first years of the current administration.

Last year, American government's alleged corruption was finally exposed from different angles and with certain force. This year, it will be found and prosecuted publicly.

(Not to mention the allegations of political briberies that keeps popping up against members of both party lines.)

The task to prove inadequacy and mishandle of a great Republic is attentively followed by political junkies, and the anticipation grows.

No doubt the public will be bombarded with distractions of substantial scale on a daily basis, or perhaps, only by deadly silence.

Historical Disappointments

The fact is that even nuclear specialists, military officials and their families suggest that the magnitude of the weapons of mass destruction's lie is 'unforgivable.

A lie that supposedly led the House and the Senate of the United States to authorize the President to invade Iraq, and to the approval of an unconstitutional legislation, The Patriot Act, the one that disenfranchised Americans from their Civil Liberties.

Citizens accepted unknowingly to believe in government's mythological dangers, such as, the war on terror and opened the door to the 'spying on Americans in America.

The referred American war on terror targets innocent, non-violent activists who work for the people. Its mission attempts to intimidate dissenters.

In other words, the administration received a blank check to limit our freedoms to disapprove wrongdoings and abuse of power. Indeed, Americans lost much in 2001.

Solutions to Perpetual Threats

The ACLU warned us accordingly of the consequences of this act; nonetheless, they were ignored by many of our elected politicians and the public in general.

Because the Patriot Act was granted a short-term extension to its December expiration, people's Civil Liberties are still not off the hook. Newer threats have fallen over the skirts of this fine non-profit organization for the people, and it deserves crucial public support as we speak (see their website).

Our citizens deserve much better this year. The public expects principled, inquisitive, intrepid political alternatives to replace the traditional ones that have not served it at its time of need.

Some already announce that the future of our children lays on new leaderships and new third-parties to disassemble overdue political corruption, which is better summarized on campaign finance and voting practices.

As more elections take place in our domestic and international territories, it should be a relief for voters to find third parties in ballots participating in political races for local seats.

Governments need regular community folks whose advocacies for people are proven and have the interests of the people first and only, over ideologies and philosophies.

They will advocate for the principle of peace and justice without corporate influence or special interests.

Generally, 'firing traditional' political parties may be difficult and emotional, notwithstanding, may also be the only solution to next elections, unless a valid anti-war leader emerges from their ashes.

In the mean time, the Internet will keep us informed on current affairs. Elections are around the corner in Canada and the Green Party is refreshingly gaining ground there

It is also expected to win some local leadership in the U.S. this year . The GP has announced several candidates to be running.

The Socialists who are living a more widely political momentum are also on the table worldwide.

Repairing the damage inflicted in the world by Americans' decision to attack a small Arabic country based on a lie will take a long time, and cleaning up the current Washington corruptive operatives too.

For that reason, honest and effective, comprehensive policies will have to be implemented by the new American government to rebuild the trust of all peoples.

The New Century

It took many years to break the divisions and bigotries established in civilized nations by old traditions, and we have to do it all over again.

2006 should be a year that watches over all peoples' liberties and rights. Our Constitutions were written 'in protection of ordinary people' by innovative idealists who understood the weaknesses of humanity and its biggest allied, 'power greed.'

In that token, voters just need to vote right every time to defend themselves from messes like this one, and learn their Constitutional rights.

Fortunately, this is only the third day of 2006, and there is time to find solutions to our problems. First of all, the American government has to explain a lot of its actions to its people.

A special 'independent' committee needs to be appointed by the House quickly to ascertain the types of abuse of power that Americans were subjected to in the past few years.

And last but not least, a fair 'crooked politicians' clean-up and a Presidential impeachment are due before the end of 2006! That will be the day to celebrate officially the 21st Century!


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