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Kamala Sarup: Women Give Birth To Create Peace

Women Give Birth To Create Peace

By Kamala Sarup

To have a child can be looked at a number of ways. In women, accidents and missteps are more the rule than the exception as children discover their experiment with it. In adulthood, children are the expected result to marriage, the societally-condoned and approved building block of any civilization.

Planned or unplanned, children are the expected, not the unexpected. In middle age, children, once again, are often a pleasant surprise as two adults find God has decided they need some excitement in their lives.

Regardless of how they are conceived and brought forth, children are a life-affirming act, the most hopeful thing two human beings can do. They are also messy, time-demanding, and some say, the ultimate teachers of the parents. Women tend to look at children as destiny, which is not surprising. Birth is the act which defines most women and perpetuates the human race. Women give birth to create families, as well as to fulfill the dream states they have maintained since their own childhood. Men can only look on in awe, protect and earn, and eventually die. It's the way of things.

So what do these women pregnant with child in the year 2005 dream of in the year 2020? Peace and prosperity, certainly. In the collective dream-state of a nation, they probably harbor hopes that India, their own "mother", will become even beautiful than they perceive it to be, which is very good indeed. These pregnant women nurture the fierce determination that their child (and only their child) will have a great say in these matters. That their child will discover the key to mystery that is the future.

Perhaps they dream of great wealth, great accomplishments, or great fame? Or perhaps their dream is more humble: survival and perhaps some slight advancement? Precisely what these mothers-to-be dream of is known only to the gods who look down and ponder such requests.

One thing is for sure, no matter how these women conceive of their and their children's future, the rest of the world will be just as eager as they are to see how it all develops, for may well hold the key to many puzzles as it finds its own rightful place in the sun of tomorrow, in the year 2020.

It is true, majority of the people think the women deserve the development and peace. Theoretically, women should be elected to control local, state and Federal governments. A modern day women could become President and rule democratically and/or commandeer the army and become a development women.

Political stability, and Peace are some of the causes to turned the women into development. It could explore several women opportunities in employment-oriented activities.

We should be committed to addressing the challenges of development and is also committed to empower local bodies, women, to participate in the mainstream of development. Tourism could be leading export with an enormous scope for further women development.

World has become the workshop of the world, has very prosperous enclaves on its coast. So we have seen a stunning change to its fortunes as the world has changed with rise.

Our modern rise can be traced to the same period, 1990-2005, but its course has been quite different. So What will their world look like in 2020?


Ms. Kamala Sarup is an editor of

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