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Buzzflash: Bush Locks Horns with Being a Loser

Bush: Locking Horns with Being a Loser

March 13, 2006

Okay, it's no stereotype to say that they love their football down in Texas.

High school, college and professional: the Lone Star State is one gridiron crazy place.

And the football in Texas is often combined with prayer. In the heavily Baptist state, God is on every team's side.

Even the coach of the Dallas Cowboys when it was "America's Team," Tom Landry, and his star quarterback, Roger Staubach, were constantly invoking God in their glory days of championships, when Texas Pro football stood for winning.

No doubt George W. Bush and Dick Cheney fashion themselves in the macho tradition of Tom Landry and the winning Texas football tradition.

Except there is one problem with this analogy: Landry was a winner, a laconic strategist who knew how to anticipate his opponents and outplay them, through skilled "CEO" game plans and excellent "personnel picks" to play on the Cowboys.

Bush and Cheney are just the opposite. They are losers who keep telling their "fans" that they are winning the game, even though their team is behind 56-0 at half time. The scoreboard doesn't lie, even if Bush and Cheney do.

America is near bankruptcy, our global environment is imploding, the number of Islamic fundamentalist governments is increasing, Iraq is engaged in a civil war, our nation's ports and strategic targets remain as vulnerable to terrorism as ever, the nation is increasingly isolated internationally, our military capability is deteriorating, our national economy is being outsourced to nations overseas, our most basic social service infrastructure is being dismantled, and our Constitution is being daily violated by illegal activity such as the wiretapping of our citizens. And that is just the short list; but the germane issue here is that it has been a losing game plan.

If Tom Landry ran the Dallas Cowboys like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney run America, he would have been removed mid-way into his first year of coaching, oh so many years ago.

Bush cheerleads the nation. He claims that he has a game plan that is working. But in professional football, bragging without a winning record just gets you fired.

As for the personnel selection of the Bush Administration, the writing was on the wall that we were going to be dealing with a bunch of minor league failures when Dick Cheney selected himself as Vice-President. From then on in, it was all downhill.

This is an administration that has been so filled with nepotism (including the Cheney, Rehnquist, and Scalia families) and Bush league loyalists that you are left thinking this country is being staffed like a privately held family business would be. The only difference is that most family businesses want to succeed, not collapse. And you can't deny the reality of the marketplace, in a business, unless you want to cook the books and risk going to jail.

In professional football, you pick players for what their skills and talents can bring to the overall ability of the team to win.

The Bush administration has reversed this basic rule of player selection and picked totally inexperienced people, often in their 20s, to run major agencies, solely because they can be "trusted" to do whatever Karl Rove or Dick Cheney ask them to do. And they are tied by personal relationships to the White House that are such that they are highly likely to keep quiet about any illegalities or improprieties in the Bush Administration.

The Bush White House is like a corrupt royal court. As long as your commitment is to Bush and Cheney before the interests of the nation, your background and skill are generally irrelevant. In fact, knowing something about what you are hired to oversee could get you into trouble, because then you are likely to start making reality-based recommendations.

So this is the bottom line. In football in Texas, both teams believe that God is on their side. But only one team wins. In the case of the Dallas Cowboys in their golden years, it was because they had excellent coaching strategists and a roster of players selected for their outstanding abilities.

Yeah, we got a team that prays to God. All of them do in Texas.

But what we got with Bush and Cheney is the losing team: bad coaching and lousy players.


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