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Palestinian Rights Face Israeli Terrorism

Palestinian Internationally Guaranteed Rights Face Israeli Terrorism

By Genevieve Cora Fraser

The irony of the Israeli hand-wringing regarding Hamas' victory is that it is Fateh's militant wing that is fighting back, not Hamas. Yet Israel wants Fateh back! Hamas is stating clearly that under international law they have a Right to Resist (which is true) and under international law they have a Right to Return (which is also true). Resolution 181 under which Israel was created did not allow for transfers of population and the displaced population of Palestine, if it wishes to return, has a right to return (as do all displaced people throughout the world.) Basically, Palestinian are doubly protected under law - which Israel with its partner and enabler the USA ignores and continuously attempts to invalidate.

Fateh is angry with Hamas because they are frugal. Simply put, a Fateh minister might receive $200,000 per year, whereas Hamas leaders have pledged to make due on $2000 or less. Fateh bigshots drive Mercedes. Hamas bigshots drive beat-up old cars - and why shouldn't they? They know that Israel will only bomb the car - why waste money on something that will end up in little pieces? All joking aside, in addition to a common sense philosophy they are committed to restore Palestine. That means all resources must be carefully utilized to secure the greater good of Palestine. Hamas is also fearless in the face of death which is terrifying to Israelis who are obsessed with security. Many in Israel see nothing wrong when well-armored soldiers kill Palestinian children throwing stones to protect their loved ones as the IDF uses tanks and bulldozers to assault their villages and homes. Even the children of Palestine are fearless in the face of death.

Hamas hopes to create calm out of chaos - a chaos that is Israel's making from dehydration and starvation tactics and non-stop assaults. Hamas is the honest man in the crooked world. If Israel continues to play hardball and escalates its crimes against humanity - the whole world is watching including the Arab world which they have chosen to alienate from Day 1 in 1948 by creating the highly illegal Absentee Property Laws which were strengthened in the 1950s, followed by the 1965 Planning Laws. Based on these laws Israel believes it has a right to ethnically cleanse and create other hardships on Arabs in Israel and increasingly in Palestine. Frankly, Israel does not recognize a shared humanity with Arabs though they would like to make them dependant on Israeli goods and services. But as Israel laughs up its sleeve, the Arabs are not amused.

Personally I find it insulting that Zionist Israel claims to represent a Jewish state reflecting Jewish values. The fact is that millions of Jews throughout the world are outraged by Israeli Zionist tactics. And over a million True Torah Jews believe that Israel does NOT have a right to exist and is in defiance of G-d's law. For people to assume that Israeli represents the Jews creates anti-Semitism because Israel is a Jews-Only state that subsumes all other people beneath its claim of dominant rights. Master race philosophies whether disguised as Aryan or American Supremist or Chosen One designations when enacted always create havoc and backlash and horror as Israel has done and continues to do, and as America does in its pre-emption policy that claims a right to murder and maim innocent people in Iraq, South America and wherever else we wish to steal resources or create strategic bases.

If Israel wishes to survive it must adapt and shed its racist skin. Let's face it, Israel is a Western state in an Eastern region which insists on bucking all known international laws regarding human rights and defiles in language and deed everything Eastern. Palestinians have existed in harmony with their land for centuries and date back to the Persian empire (approximately 500 BC - based on archival maps and other resources). Israel is a nation of newcomers that is creating urban/suburban sprawl and pollution throughout the region.

I know there are good people in Israel who are not racist and truly love the land - somewhere between 25-30% wouldn't mind living next to an Arab according to latest polls. And Hamas has made it clear, it's issue is not with the Jews but with the racist Zionist state of Israel. Historically Palestine has been a crossroad of civilizations and for the greater part of its history has existed in relative harmony with all race and creeds, as it does today (despite occasional clan warfare).

Hamas was elected for the good of Palestinians, not Israelis. If allowed to reorganize and streamline the Palestinian infrastructure and create security within Palestine, let it be. That is what they were elected to do and will make a good partner in peace - honest and fair-minded. But if the Israeli Occupation continues to create havoc within Palestine, though Hamas may not take direct action, they are well within intentionally guaranteed rights to allow others to resist the state-sponsored terrorism Israel insists on.


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