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Buzzflash Analysis: The Leaker-In-Chief

Okay, So Let's Get This Straight: On Monday, Bush Admitted That he Lied About Leaking a Lie to Smear Someone Who Revealed the Truth About His Lying

April 11, 2006

Okay, so let's get this straight.

Bush admits he selectively leaked classified information that wasn't declassified until days after he and Cheney had Scooter Libby leak it to Judith Miller, the pro-war megaphone for the New York Times publication of Bush lies. Bush "authorizes" this leak at a time that he is claiming that if he ever finds the leaker, he will basically fire him, meaning himself. Then he continues a public and Department of Justice vendetta against leakers, but not himself: the leaker-in-chief.

Okay, now Libby is sent out with the leak in order to debunk Joe Wilson's accounting of the truth about the non-existent Iraq-Niger uranium deal. Libby actually makes language up that doesn't exist in the document to further the lie that Wilson exposed. In short, Libby selectively used classified information to try to smear the truth with more lies.

Okay, it gets better (or actually, worse). When Bush is exposed through Libby's revealing to Patrick Fitzgerald that Bush gave the green light to leak a lie to cover up a lie and prevent more lies from being exposed, Bush admits to leaking, but tells the American people that it was to get the "truth out."

Are you following this? (And we haven't even gotten into the actual Valerie Plame outing to Novak yet. We are still in the sideshow.)

If this sounds like some farce, remember that thousands upon thousands of Americans and Iraqis have died in this farce -- and the nation is nearly bankrupt.

No nation can long endure when such bird brains, criminals, liars, cheats, and incompetents are running the nation.

What is this man still doing in the White House? Please someone tell us. This is beyond comprehension.

Okay, you know what the worst thing is; Bush doesn't even know what a fatally flawed and dangerous fool he is. He thinks that denouncing leaks while leaking, obstructing justice, lying in order to prevent the truth from coming out, and starting a war based on lies is fine by him.

Because he, de facto, admitted to all of the above on Monday in a rambling explanation of why he had to leak, then lie about his leaking, and then leak a lie to hide the truth. Meanwhile -- while all this was transpiring over the past couple of years -- others were being pursued by the federal prosecutor for leaking, when it all started with Bush.

This is whacko, psychotic stuff.

The mainstream press keeps saying that Bush didn't technically break the law. Oh come on, as Greg Palast has pointed out, at a minimum we have a prima facie case of obstruction of justice. We also have the RICO Act as a distinct possiblity here. Not to mention that he didn't actually declassify the information he authorized leaking until days later. There is a process for this sort of thing, you know.

The bottom line: He's a lunatic in the guise of an "everyman," and it would be hard to think of a person who could have done this nation more harm.



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