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Nepal: Departure Of Absolute Monarchy

Nepal: Departure Of Absolute Monarchy Will Be Seen Very Soon As A Litmus Test.

By Mitra Bandhu Poudel

Nepal’s political situation is notoriously difficult to predict. It is rather volatile in terms of existence of monarchy in the country.

Violence has been flared because of security personnel. Intellectuals and political analysts are filled with an overwhelming sense of outrage due to royal government’s involvement on firing protestors in the capital Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal. Moreover, government is failure to ward off criticism. International pressure has been mounting in King to initiate the dialogue with political forces to end the present dispute. Meanwhile Seven Republican members of the US congress urged the King to respect the basic freedom and Civil liberties of the people.After the massive violence from the regime, King offered dialogue with the political parties for election.They rejected this offer outright and continue their agitations to bring- LOKTANTRA- full democracy.Maoist supremo Prachanda alleged, “ there is no alternative to building a republican Nepal by sweeping a way the royal regime through the wave of people's movement.”This allegation came right after the King vowed to hold the election by April 2007. His offer, according to senior political leaders, was too little,too late. Parties are going to intensify their protests.It is an unfortunate fact that Nepal will remain a battlefield for a while.

It is not wise enough to overestimate the loyalty of armies to defuse spontaneous demonstrations and despleasure of citizens as we have seen invincible courage of people who are coming out to the streets despite the brutality of King's regime.Although Peace is the most profitable enterprise on earth (L Ron Hubbard) King is ignoring this fact by means of his action.Consequently,peaceful agitation is gradually turning into real battle.Security forces seemed to forget minimum values of Human Right.If not, they would not open fire on a procession of lawyers,writers,poets and artists.The more they act like this the sooner they will have to pay for their crimes agaist humanity. The regime is ignoring a greater obligation to respect the provisions of human rights.

It is alleged that Royal regime is using slush fund to improve the image of King by hiring American Consultant. According to the Indian Express where prominent journalist Mr. Yubaraj Ghimire writes, “ The King’s regime a top government source said, is also spending around Rs 50 million for the dissemination of favourable news through the local media. The government, he claimed, has also secretly hired an American Consultant company to boost the king’s image, which charges $600 per person for every hour they work.” On the contrary, people are not scared of arrest, batons, boots, bullets and government brutality for restoring democracy.King, however, seemed to be busy for his ‘Image building project’, consequently, he does not like anyone probing into this issue.

Professor Warren Bennis has written in an article about leaders, “Tomorrow's leaders will have to learn how to create an environment that actually embraces change,not as a threat but as an opportunity.” He futher emphasis that what effective leaders are going to have to do is to create not just a vision, but a vision with meaning. Bennis belives that leaders have to specify the steps that behaviorally fit into that vision, and then reward people for following those steps. Vision should be still relevent,still salient and that it should have some resonance.Once I compare the Vision -Election with absolute monarchy-of King Gyanendra to that of Warren's principle, the former is full of threats with out having any opportunities.It is equally apparent and applicable for our political leaders who need to lead the movement from the front to achive latter's goal.Beacuse leaders do not blame others they better act.

The King does not seem to budge an inch on the present issue. It is obvious that the more he remains dictator the worse sinister he invites. His action through out the country is no more different than that of a ruthless dictator. Pro-democracy protesters are deploring and condemning the brutality of security forces. Security forces ghastly incursion on many areas of the country was repulsed simultaneously. Cops were involved to shoot innocent people who were in peaceful demonstration lying about the “Maoists infiltration”. Considering the present circumstances, one can easily notice that the King is narcissist and warmonger rather than a peacemaker. Otherwise, he would not repudiate the proposal from international communities for conflict resolution with out any conditions.The indication of the outcome of present violence-departure of absolute monarchy- will be seen very soon as a litmus test.


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