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Terror and Terrorism in the World: The Remedy

Terror and Terrorism in the World: The Remedy

By Tanveer Jafri

Last days; there was an atmosphere of great anger & sorrow, in all the countries having Muslim majority, because of publication of some objectionable cartoons, in a newspaper from Denmark. In some countries, where these demonstrations turned violent & the most of the people who joined these protests might not have even seen these objectionable cartoons, the publication of which was being protested. Although these cartoons are not being published now & those have been removed even from the website, yet my strong curiosity & efforts through internet gave me success to have a look at these most controversial cartoons. Those who have neither seen nor heard in detail about those controversial cartoons, to them, I shall like to inform, that through these cartoons it is not only an effort to insult or to show Prophet Hazrat Mohammad in an objectionable way but it has been tried to prove through those cartoons- “the Islam that propagates itself as a religion that believes in peace & harmony, is in fact a religion that is synonym of murder, terror & anarchy.”

The above said very controversial & insulting cartoons made the Muslim world very angry. Even the impartial & liberal Muslims, who saw & knew in detail about these controversial cartoons expressed their sorrow & showed their disagreeableness with the language expressed in these cartoons. Majority of the Muslims who took part in worldwide organized demonstrations against the publications of these cartoons were seemed blaming the western countries for it. Although many western leaders including American President George Bush criticized the publication of these controversial cartoons yet the Muslim protestors, demonstrators & their leaders were stressing that western countries especially American policies were mainly responsible for this incident.

The demonstrating Muslims didn’t try to pay attention on some sides of the publication of this controversial cartoon that what circumstances made a cartoonist or the newspaper or in the language of demonstrating Muslims ‘the western countries’ to publish such a controversial & objectionable cartoon? In fact, it is annoying & thinkable question. Which powers are being helpful to those powers who are seeking a chance to oppose the Islam since the origin of the Islam? Not only the Mohammedans but followers of all the religions in the world also happily agree that since the sixth century, when religion Islam came into existence, in this holy process, there was a great contribution of simplicity, love & harmonious messages of Hazrat Mohammad. Undoubtedly the Muslims consider Hazrat Mohammad as the Messenger of God & according to the Islamic traditions he is considered as the last Messenger out of the series of one lac twenty four thousand Messengers since Hazrat Adam. But the followers of other religions also consider Hazrat Mohammad as a great saint, social reformer & a personality that was quite near to the God. Obviously, in the life of Hazrat Mohammad, taking his relations with the Islam, there is no incident showing terror or terrorism. Even Hazrat Mohammad himself never fought against anyone, in his lifetime. Now the question is, in spite of all this, how & when, terror & terrorism entered in the Islam? What was its reason? Who were the persons who made the Islam, face to face, with terrorism & what is their present form? The time, till a common Mohammedan ignores these realities & doesn’t accept them, the powers that are sitting in the hope to oppose the Islam will get the chance to jest it as in the same way as it was seen at the time of publication of the controversial cartoon in a Denmark newspaper.

Is it not true that 1400 years ago, in the ground of Karbala, the relatives of Hazrat Mohammad were made to suffer in the very first incident of terror & terrorism of the Islamic history? Were those people who killed the relatives of Hazrat Mohammad with their prowess, valour & sword, the Christians? Were they the Jews? Were they the Hindus? Or were they Muslims who call themselves the followers of Hazrat Mohammad? This is the bitter truth that has to be accepted by all the Muslims of the world. Intoxicated in the power of rule, the Muslim rulers started this work of blemishing the Islam 1400 years ago & the same extremist & terrorist powers in the guise of representatives of the Muslims are trying to increase their nefarious desires, here & there 1400 years ago, Yazid, Muslim ruler of Syria did a cruel act, in a day’s war at Karbala, against the family members of Hazrat Mohammad, that is untraceable among the painful incidents, in the religious histories of any religion. On the other sides, just five years ago, the talibans during their regime in Afghanistan, played such a game of terror & terrorism that people of Afghanistan began to cry in agony. These barbarous & cruel actions of The Talibans made the people of the world to question “if that wasn’t the real face of the Islam?” During their seven years rule, the Talibans gave excessive pains to the persons even at the crowded places, who weren’t followers of their extremist ideology. Women were forbidden to come out of their houses. The Talibans didn’t accept any role by the women in the uplift of society. The 2000 years old statues of Mahatma Buddha were demolished there on the ground saying that- “some people had faith in these statues & prayed before them, which was against their own religious belief. And if the people say that it wasn’t their belief but a mere sign of past history of Afghanistan then what, we are just breaking a stone.”

After giving one sided argument, the Taliban Supreme, Mulla Umar not only gave orders to demolish the ancient statues of Mahatma Buddha but got hundreds of cow slaughtered immediately after that, just to show repentance for setting up of the statues of Mahatma Buddha in Afghanistan. Do such types of self styled religious custodians of the Islam not inspire to think of negative approach in the Islam? There is no place of drug addiction & such type of trafficking in the Islam. But Mulla Umar gave this argument in this regard- ‘Use of Opium is bad but its trade is not bad according to the Islamic laws’. These wrong arguments encouraged the innocent Muslims of Afghanistan to indulge in the trade of Opium. This was the extremist Talibani thought that became the cause of the accident of 9/11 of World Trade Centre. This is the same ideology, which is the cause of affronting the Islam by day to day terrorist activities & is playing an important role in connecting the Islam with terror & terrorism. By god’s grace, their rule in Afghanistan ended in time & now according to their position & condition, being unable to show their face, they are hiding themselves in the caves of the mountains. Otherwise, they had craving to establish their Talibani rule in Pakistan also during Talibani rule in Afghanistan. Their spokesman in Pakistan used to roar again & again-“Soon, there will be complete Islamic kingdom in Pakistan by the Talibani rulers of Afghanistan. Pakistani constitution will be burnt & in its place only Quran Sharif will be the main source of guidance & the gold currency will be in use in this country.”

Anyhow, thank God, such rulers, who had been affronting the Islam by their barbarous & inhuman activities & along with that they were spreading anarchy by their outrageous works aren’t even remembered today. But we can’t deny the truth, that the every work done by them is credited to the account of the followers of the Messenger Hazrat Mohammad, who call themselves the Muslims. Undoubtedly critics of the Islam are active, day & night, plotting for planned conspiracy against the Islam for defaming & insulting it. But before accusing the outside powers, it is essential that we should expose those powers & thoughts, since the origination of the Islam till now, that are the severe enemies of the Islam & because of them, the enemies of the Islam get a chance to jest & insult the Islam & propagate it as a religion of terror & terrorists.


(Author's Introduction)
- Writer Tanveer Jafri is a columnist in India related with more than 100 most popular daily news papers/portals in india and abroad.Almost, he writes in the field of communal harmony, world peace, anti communalism, anti terrorism, national integration, national & international politics etc.He is a devoted social activist for world peace, unity, integrity & brotherhood. He is also a member of Haryana Sahitya Academy & Haryana Urdu Academy (a state govt. bodies in India). More than 1000 articles of the author have been published in different newspapers, websites & newsportals throughout the world. He is also a receipent of so many awards in the field of Communal Harmony & other social activities.

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