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Kamala Sarup: Development Nepal & Securing Peace

Development Nepal And Securing Peace

By Kamala Sarup

How major changes in Nepal, democracy and violence by Maoists affected the Nepali life? Nations development, and peace are not the only means to improve the nation. A nation might use more of the securing peace, e.g., build more roads, bridges, hospitals and houses. It can put more Nepali youth to work more efficiently. In addition to the existing violent society and threat of the Nepali life must changed. Nation need improvement in business, regulations, tariffs, and extended education.

As for our country, peace depends not on any one side, but on all sides wanting it and compromising to achieve it. We don't know yet at this point, and fly in ointment again is meddling that may end up causing renewed conflict.

Securing peace is not inevitable because of countervailing events: economic depressions, Maoists wars, resource depletion, environmental pollution, product substitution and more. Tying development and securing peace,including those refugees displaced people, accounting and financing economic programs among people operating good reconstruction and can secure the peace of the nation. All development reconstruction and peace must affect the economic development program in agriculture, education and in health sectors. We should not forget development affect all functions directly. The business functions and the economy and security are related to Nepali people's life. Greater efficiencies and development of industries usually result in higher standards of living by reducing the costs of production and the prices of delivered goods and services, which would be good for the Nepali people and the nation.

We cannot forget like development and securing peace are replete with value. We should remember here that reconstruction of the development can never reach the ideal of 100%, since there is always some waste or defects. As an example, consider agriculture productivity. In Nepal we must remember the development measure is persons supplied with peace.That also increase resulted in cheaper food, better health, and more worker time available.

A significant measure relating changes in reconstruction and in peace of the nation is economic productivity. It is an important things because it indicates whether more and more Nepali people are expended to economic development a given output of goods and services. Development and reconstruction must be focus on with sufficient competition, lower prices to Nepali people. This means more people can buy the food and full society are thereby improved.

"Reconstruction, peace and development does not always increase with new ideas because of countervailing causes. Economic depressions, terrorism, fewer available resources, etc., have caused declines in development work in Nepal. If we see in the U.S. before the end of World War II (1945), the northeast and Midwest regions, then known as the "industrial heartland", but now known as the "rust belt", had higher average incomes than other U.S. regions; today they do not. Horses and blacksmiths were replaced by tractors and machinery where producers and consumers benefited from the changes, but horse breeders and blacksmiths did not. Therefore, the story of changes in development and reconstruction has morals. It is a tale worth telling" Says An American journalist Norm Stanly.

The rise and fall of Nepali populations and their incomes over the war and violent period and costs associated with those areas. However, in violent period we cannot account for changes in quality of life. In spite of this shortcoming, development and peace is a measure so important that nation can track it regularly and watch it carefully as an indicator of economic progress.

Increasing the development and peace will increase the production rate; that is, it will increase the number of goods or services produced and delivered per time unit. In a market economy, competition among businesses will drive down the unit cost of goods and services and consequently make more of the goods and services affordable, i.e., the price will be less to more consumers, who will be able to buy more, thereby improving peace and development.

Stanly further added "of course, people who are convinced that they can make similar or substitute products in peaceful society to achieve offer lower prices to achieve sufficient revenues. The point is that by increasing the number of revenue, will make more goods available to more Nepali people".

Development and peace is a measure of the ability to move things. In this case, the economic are great enhancers of people because they save human effort in a long production chain and many industries, thus multiplying the cost savings and price reductions of consumer goods and services throughout an economy and, by means of international trade, throughout the world including in Nepal.

Peace and development can be converted from one form to another, which is vital to life, and work. There is no other alternative than to embrace this burning reality by all sectors of the society and political fronts. Without assimilating this truth existence with national integrity can become only a far away moon and gets lost in obscurity.

The peace both apparent and real, may well have come under the peace and development. So the answer to rolling back anti war people influence around Nepal is to simply do things much as before and let the rebels be rebels. With perhaps a gentle reminder here and there about who really runs the Nepal.

The peaceful Nepali people will look to their own traditions and lore for inspiration in business and life. This partially explains the popularity of animated. If you are peace loving person, you are exactly civilized existence. There should be movement if the people are deprived of their peaceful right in Nepal.

About the treatment of illegal violent groups , just an improvement on security to eliminate war groups in Nepal. We must remember Nepal no longer can bear any more murder and violence by Maoists. If one looks at the reality of the country, any kind of violent movement is not appropriate for the country. The country cannot progress without peace. So, all should focus on keeping and maintaining peace in Nepal.

Today, the 'desire for permanent peace has become the most sought after goal of the entire people. This is the top most priority, to which one must focus one's attention discarding all unwanted prejudices and move in keeping with the wishes of the people in Nepal.


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