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Kamala Sarup: Nepal's Relations with China & India

Nepal's Relations with China And India

By Kamala Sarup

Nepal has two very unique examples next door. India struggled to modern nationhood through the courage of Mahatma Gandhi, whose non-violent revolution against the former British colonial empire has inspired millions throughout the world.

China is a model which every other Asian nation respects and admires.

What can Nepal learn from these two giants?

Perhaps India and China represents the light, beauty and strength of the human spirit in times of global war, fascism, totalitarianism and economic upheavals --- the Twentieth Century in other words.

Both countries have a vision of a respect Nepal, a glorious future based on both countries unique past and modern economic theory.

There is an almost great quality to India and China.

There is an almost magical, inspirational quality to both of these great nations.

Nepal, in her spiritual wisdom, has a variety of visions and dreams to choose from, and that is to her great benefit. Indeed, Nepal can pick and choose from these three great examples in deciding what course is best for her future.

And choose she is doing.

Nepal is currently negotiating, I might add, a new path to nationhood among a variety of competing interests.

Nepal is, of course, influenced by the world. And it, in turn, influences the world in many subtle ways. For Nepal is the only Hindu religion in the modern world. Nepal is also the birthplace of Guatama Buddha, known as Shakyamuni to many. Thus, two of the world's greatest religions can lay claim to a place deep in Nepal's heart and spiritual bosom.

Asians and a few Westerners know well what Nepal means to the world. That these Westerners are predominantly the fierce falcons who climb the world's tallest mountains is perhaps not a coincidence, for they see things few other humans actually get a chance to.

Will Nepal choose wisely? Every indication from the world's press reports indicate that it will. The sorrow and grief this has caused all the citizens of Nepal has perhaps sowed wisdom into their councils of peace and compromise. They give and take with the full knowledge of what has transpired in the brutal recent past.

We all can hope and pray that 2006 will bring peace, prosperity and continued progress on the long march of human endeavor that we call "Life".

And may Nepal, as well, find her way to her own unique destiny.

Transit economy between China and India

Transit economy between China and India will serve as a milestone to generate employment and boost Nepal`s economy. The trade volume between China and India stands about 10 billion US dollars and the two countries plan to increase it to 30 billion US dollars within 20 years.

India and China, are good neighbors, share a common border. Our relationship is based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and good neighborliness. We must ensure that our traditional bonds of friendship always remain. Both countries have been a consistent partner in Nepal's development, thus, Nepal is grateful to the aid and support extended by the both countries.

From the strategic point of view, Nepal is no less important for China or India. I would like to say both countries should fight trans-border terrorism. Nepal also will not allow any anti-Chinese or anti Indian activity on its territory.

Our different conditions, social systems and historical and cultural backgrounds, have witnessed sound and smooth progress of our bilateral relations.Our bilateral relations, featuring equal and sincere treatment, mutual support and friendship for generations.

We face similar development challenges and we can learn from each other to utilize trade and other economic tools to address needs of our common people.

Nepal is a good investment venue, with variety of sectors to invest, such as cement, ceramics, electronics, electrical items, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, food processing and garments,among others.

Tourism itself has emerges as a good business opportunity, indeed it is one of the fastest growing sector of economy in many countries, including in Nepal.

Nepal is interested to work with China and India in promoting bilateral and regional tourism. We do hope additional air services that may commence soon between Beijing and Kathmandu and Deli and Kathmandu will accelerate the process of cooperation in this regard.

We have been traditionally close and have reflected the links of history. Nepal continues to maintain very close and friendly relations with both countries.

On the other side, there are many items, which can be traded between the countries and to the mutual benefits of the countries.

We should develop lines of common interests. Our relations have improved and the major stake in the relation lies in strengthening the border areas and in improving people-to-people contact and furthering economic relations and trade.


Journalist and Story Writer Kamala Sarup ( Journalism) is an editor of Some of the main focus of the e-magazine has been on disarmament, conflict resolution, nonviolent sanctions, conflicts and crises. Its activities include training,research and supports peace, democracy and development in societies undergoing crisis and change. Kamala Sarup is specialising in in-depth reporting and writing on Peace Resolutions, Anti war, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, Development, Politics and HIV/AIDS. She wrote and published many articles, books and research papers.Some of her publications are: Women's Empowerment(Booklet). Prevention of trafficking in women for prostitution through media, (Book) Efforts to Prevent Trafficking in Women & Girls - A Pre-Study for Media Activism. Her interests include international conflict resolution, cross-cultural communication, philosophy, feminism, political, socio-economic and literature. Her current plans are to move on to humanitarian work in conflict areas in the near future. She also is experienced in organizational and community development. Kamala Sarup contributes regularly to World Security Network (WSN), Scoop Media, News blaze, World press, and Share The World's Resources. Kamala Sarup has been nominated as Universal Peace Ambassador [2006] in the framework of the Universal Peace Ambassadors Circle, Geneva Switzerland.

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