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Rajat KC: The Background of Maoist Strategy

The Background of Maoist Strategy

By Rajat KC

Most of the peace loving Nepali people and people from outside of Nepal who love Nepal are now dreaming to see Nepal again as a peaceful country. They have seen some sign of peace after series of agreement and understanding signed by Seven Party Alliance (SPA) led government and Maoist rebel. Now, SPA becomes a major actor to resolve the crisis in Nepal to solve a decade long crisis which had taken life of more than 15 thousand Nepali citizen.

Maoist leadership decided to change the strategy when they realized that their dream can not be materialize only by terrorist act. It has been said that the number of casualties they suffer in the war with security forces is much higher than the one revealed in official data. When the Maoist noticed that the gap between monarch and political parties is widened they cashed the situation by shaking hand with SPA and join the agitation program by infiltrating in the crowd as a normal demonstrator. In fact, the Maoist played key role in the movement of April 06 to change the political scenario of Nepal. Therefore, at present, in ground reality Maoist's mood is seen as victorious and in every face of life their influence and pressure is distinctly visible.

At the same time instead of drawing Maoist in to Political mainstream SPA is trapped in the Maoist stream and is taking controversial decisions which pushed the peace initiative towards uncertainty. In this environment the question raise here is "are we moving forwards to achieve desired objective or moving towards brink of Civil War?"

If we give a look at steps of government so far three major intentions can be clearly seen. It gives impression that their objective are; firstly to take revenge with the King and make him powerless, secondly, to pleased the Maoist to create conducive environment for them and last but not the least to make own cadres happy and privileged.

Indeed, all political leaders now remember Martyrs name and promise to fulfill their dream and frequently mentioned substantial achievement of people's power and sovereignty. But in their deed are they honest and real people are able to enjoy their so called power? Or in reality situation is even worst compare to past? The truth is always questionable.

Present parliament of Nepal was revived by King's proclamation on demand of agitating political parties (SPA). This House of Representative was dissolved three years ago by King himself on recommendation of then Prime Minister Mr. Sher Bahadur Deuba. That decision was endorsed by Supreme Court by giving verdict in favor of dissolve of the parliament. The same parliament, which was elected for the periods of five years, also expired almost two years ago.

When political parties lunched agitation program against Royal Regime main political party Nepali Congress carried this issue as their prime agenda. According to them only parliamentary exercise can ensure democracy so it is the mandatory elements. Realizing the gravity of agitating political party's demand King revived the House through his proclamation on 24th April 06. But this house did not do any thing more than taking revenge to the King. The first and main step was "House Proclamation-2006." This was solely targeted to take step against the King. If the issues which were brought up in the Proclamation would have confined to solve the political issues perhaps it would have well popular. But in addition to political issues most of the agenda indicates SPA are taking revenge by raging personal types of issues. The environment was created in such a way that the bulk of parliamentarian willingly and unwillingly had to make proclamation's decision unanimous. Since then certain group are continuously digging and creating environment to make King virtually figurehead.

Most of the decision taken by government are now is politically motivated and biased. Efforts are solely made to targeting the royalist and those people who are not politically attached with the SPA and Maoist organization are not getting any opportunity at all. All key appointments of almost all organization and institution are appointed in the basis of political affiliation not by their professional back ground and their qualification.

On the other hand Maoist are playing very dangerous move. They are strengthening their political and military power simultaneously. The government forces are deprived of lethal and non lethal support almost from one and half year, where as, there are evidences that Maoist is getting same from the South and the North. However, the governments of both side are not providing such support directly but it is sure that Maoist are smuggling arms and ammunition continuously. If the Maoist is faithful to peace process and wants to solve the problem politically, why they are developing rebel forces in present context? Infiltration of Maoist in various organizations is also there, for instance some Human Right Activist, Representative of Civil Society and significant political figures from SPA, who are in influential position, are speaking Maoist's voice strongly. Besides that, killing, kidnapping, torture and extortion are continuous from Maoist side hence violating code of conduct. Specially, Maoist recruitment, training and preparation of rebel force and continuously denying decommissioning their rebel force creates suspicious situation. Despites these all the governments decisions are purely focused to make Maoist happy and ultimately create favorable environment to their path to seize the power by declaring Nepal as a communist state.

The present parliament, which SPA is using as their main tools to fulfill their political goals, was used to be attached with the personal ego of Mr. GP Koirala, Nepali Congress President. On 16th June 06, he as a Prime minister, in his first formal meeting with Maoist leaders at Baluwatar is willing to dissolve the parliament without consultation with other elements. What the Maoist did so that he has to take such undemocratic decision? All Nepali citizens want to know, is it just to make Maoist happy unless otherwise what make him to take this decision?

As we believe that country is heading towards election of constituent assembly, management of Maoist arms and rebel force become the prime issue. As per the Maoist strategy they want to create favorable environment for them, so they are forcing to draft new interim constitution and interim parliament. This platform will certainly allow the Maoist to make better position in interim government. Therefore, Maoist keeps on mentioning that they will not lay down weapon in any circumstance; rather they are showing their rebel forces presence in close vicinity of capital city, Kathmandu. This type of attitude always undermines probability of peace and creates uncertainty. At the same time the Maoist is giving maximum pressure to all concerned authorities to declare Nepal as a Republic State without any verdict of people. Where as, majority of Nepalese people still wants constitutional or ceremonial monarchy in Nepal. Despite so many hurdles put by Maoist and government itself last month thousands of people gather at Royal Palace to celebrate King's birthday.

Now, Nepal is in transitional period. If things move towards positive direction peace is not far away but if things goes wrong no one can stop Nepal from possible bloody civil war. Therefore, it is the time to take all decision judiciously and correctly. No any elements of country should feel humiliation and deprived from any short of opportunity. Selfless service is required from those who are in power and position. Hasty and bios decision will not produce lasting result, rather creates unhealthy environment. Every one should get room to play positively in nation's reconciliation process. No one should be neglected at all, the voice of minority also to be addressed at appropriate forum. If any element feels neglected and deprived from exercising of its democratic power, believe me that will create another revolution in the country, on which many more Nepali may have to sacrifice them self once again to restore the peace in Nepal.


(Rajat KC is Historian and freelancer and his Email address is

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