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Full Coverage: Israel Attacks Lebanon (Part III) Full Coverage: Israel Attacks Lebanon - July 2006 – PART III

New Zealand Govt. Backs UN Call For Ceasefire In Middle East - Prime Minister Helen Clark said today that New Zealand was strongly supporting the efforts of the UN Secretary General to bring about an immediate ceasefire to the conflict in the Middle East and to negotiate and implement a solution to the crisis. See... NZ backs efforts for Middle East ceasefire And ...PM Pleads For Peace In Mid-East And Close To Home

  • Progressive Party - Protecting Civilians, Progressing Justice

  • PHRC Welcomes PM's Statement On ME Conflict

  • Green - Government must support Lebanon ceasefire now
  • 10 Beirut Apartment Buildings To Be Bombed For Every Haifa Missile Strike - IAF Officer - A high-ranking IAF officer caused a storm on Monday in an off-record briefing during which he told reporters that IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz had ordered the military to destroy 10 buildings in Beirut in retaliation to every Katyusha rocket strike on Haifa. The officer said that the equation was created by Halutz and that every rocket strike on Haifa would be answered by IAF missile strikes on 10 12-story buildings in the Beirut neighborhood of Dahiya, a Hizbullah stronghold. See... 10 Beirut Buildings Bombed For Each Haifa Missile See also... 150 Terrorists Liquidated Since Soldier Kidnapping

    Dahr Jamail Reports From Beirut & Baghdad - Hundreds of Lebanese refugees languish in a city park in downtown Beirut. Fleeing southern Lebanon, as well as south Beirut, thousands have already made their way through this camp as they are farmed out to schools, abandoned buildings and anyone ... See... Dahr Jamail: "Aren't People Seeing All of This?" ---/--- "Habibi, to live in Baghdad now is to live in a big prison," he told me recently, "You stay in your home, and that's it. You only go out when you must. So many are being killed daily, and you only hope that your day to die is not today." See... Jamail: Lebanon Bleeds, Iraq Burns, People Flee

    Tyre, Lebanon - Dirty bandages hid the worst of 8-year-old Zainab Jawad's swollen, bloodied nose Monday. Her arm, fractured in two places, was strapped to her chest. See... Israel Drops White Phosphorus Bombs On Children
    New York - The United Nations Security Council today discussed the future of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) as the force reported further heavy exchanges of fire between Hezbollah and Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) close to its positions in the south of the country. See... Council Debates UN Force in South Lebanon

  • United Nations - Disproportionate Force Used in Gaza, Says Official
  • United Nations - UN Food Agency Supplies Are Distributed in Lebanon

  • Washington - A delegation from Saudi Arabia asked President Bush on Sunday to push for a cease-fire in the conflict between Israel and the terrorist group Hezbollah - something the United States has refused to do. See... Saudis Urge Bush to Push for Cease-Fire in the ME
    Rome - With violence continuing to tear through Lebanon for a twelfth day, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan leaves for Rome today for an international meeting aimed at resolving the crisis, expressing hope that concrete measures will emerge from discussions there. See... Annan Heads to Rome in Search of Lebanon Measures
  • United Nations - Lebanon: UN Launches $149 Million Appeal
  • United Nations - Term of Head of Hariri Probe Extended
  • United Nations - S Lebanon Force in Heavy Fire, Actions Impossible

  • London - Britain dramatically broke ranks with George Bush last night over the Lebanon crisis, publicly criticising Israel's military tactics and urging America to 'understand' the price being paid by ordinary Lebanese civilians. See... British Split With Bush As Israeli Tanks Roll In
    Jerusalem - Israeli officials believe they have approval from the United States to keep up attacks on Hizbollah guerrillas in Lebanon for at least another week, an Israeli newspaper said on Sunday. See... Link: US to Give Israel Another Week for Attacks
    Beirut - Israel today called up reserve troops as it appeared to prepare for a ground offensive in southern Lebanon, warning residents to evacuate the border zone, as its jets continued their relentless pounding of the country from the air in the face ... See... Scoop Link: Israel Gearing Up for Ground Offensive
    Washington - The Bush administration is rushing a delivery of precision-guided bombs to Israel, which requested the expedited shipment last week after beginning its air campaign against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, American officials said Friday. See... Link: US Speeds Up Bomb Delivery for the Israelis

    Am Johal Reports From South Of The Blue Line - Jerusalem/Ramallah - I am contemplating what is now known as the Haifa Suitcase Dilemma. I left it in an apartment and left with only a backpack last Sunday when the rockets started to land. See... Am Johal 100 Hours in the Holy Land. As US Secretary of State Condolleeza Rice arrived in Israel to talk about the possibility of a ceasefire, Jerusalem protesters were pushed and shoved away from sight and in to the middle of the street near the Citadel Hotel on King David Street on Monday night. See... Security Forces Arrest Jerusalem Peace Activists


    Open Letter: Chomsky, Pinter, Zinn, Vidal, Klein, Ali on Israel and Palestine - The latest chapter of the conflict between Israel and Palestine began when Israeli forces abducted two civilians, a doctor and his brother, from Gaza. An incident scarcely reported anywhere, except in the Turkish press. The following day the Palestinians took an Israeli soldier prisoner - and proposed a negotiated exchange against prisoners taken by the Israelis - there are approximately 10,000 in Israeli jails. See... Chomsky, Pinter, Zinn, Vidal et al on Israel

  • Cindy Sheehan - Cindy Sheehan: Helplessly Hoping
  • Bernard Weiner - From Bombs in Beirut to the Ballot Box in November
  • William Rivers Pitt - William Rivers Pitt: The Pin in the Grenade
  • Martin LeFevre - Apocalypse Means "The Uncovering of Hell"
  • Scoop Feedback - Letter From Pinter, Saramago, Chomsky and Berger
  • Ramzy Baroud - More To Lebanon War Than Meets The Eye
  • Sam Smith - Undernews Extracts - Lebanon War
  • Kamala Sarup - Peace in Lebanon Immediately
  • Henri Bou Saab in Beirut Reports On His War - It is now the middle of summer in my village in Mount Lebanon, Dhour el-Choueir. It is beautiful here, high up above the Sea, the heavy heat of Beirut on the coast cannot reach us It is Friday afternoon. Normally I would be down in that heat at my business, trying to find some customers to buy the beautiful Brazilian bathroom accessories that I sell. But not today. Not yesterday, either. See... Christian town opens arms to Moslem refugees

  • Xymphora - Blogwatch: Reassessing The Hariri Assassination
  • Mike Whitney - Wild Dogs Are Devouring The Victims Of Israel
  • Michel Chossudovsky - Israeli Crimes Against Humanity?
  • Tel Aviv Notes - Syria's Role In The Israel-Hizbullah Confrontation
  • Democracy Now - Nader IV: US Responsible For Israeli War Crimes
  • Michael Hammerschlag - Why They Hate Us
  • Sonia Nettnin- All Are Equal, Middle East Included
  • Sol Salbe - Middle East Round-Up
  • Sol Salbe - While Beirut Burns
  • Paul Levy- Middle East Madness
  • William Blum - The Anti-Empire Report - July 22, 2006
  • Translation by Sol Salbe - Translation: Zionist Call For Ceasefire Effort
  • Syed Atiq ul Hassan - Attacks On Lebanon Condemned By 1000s In Sydney
  • William Rivers Pitt - The Ballad of Dumb George
  • Mike Whitney- Lebanon's Expendable People

    IndymediaWorld Watches Lebanon As Noose Tightens On Palestine - Since around 5am this morning the Israeli army has surrounded the Mukatah (local government building) in Nablus with close to 100 military vehicles. Israeli soldiers have occupied buildings nearby and they are shooting into the Mukatah. This comes on the same day that the Israelis stormed a government building in Ramallah, arresting five people. They also stormed the office of the Palestinian Wafa News Agency in a pre-dawn raid. The Israeli military has bombed refugee camps, civillian infastructure and government buildings in Gaza in the last few days, killing many civllians. See... World Watches Lebanon, Noose Tightens On Palestine

    United Nations Releases On Lebanon:

  • US & UN Share Broad Long-Range Objectives On ME
  • UN Emergency Chief To Travel To Lebanon
  • UN Force In South Lebanon Maintains Activities
  • UN Middle East Envoy Calls For United Effort
  • UNSG Briefing To UNSC On Middle East Crisis
  • Annan Proposes Package Of Actions For Lebanon
  • Probe Urged Into Power Plant Destruction In Gaza
  • MORE:

  • Physicians For Human Rights In Israel - Stop Killing Civilians
  • ICTFU - Middle East: The killing must stop now
  • Australian Jewish Democratic Society - AJDS: This Is No Time To Be Silent!
  • Gush Shalom - "Stop The Killing!" - Tel Aviv Anti-War Demo, Sat
  • ISM - Bil'in Mourns Hundreds of Cilivian Deaths & Mourners Procession to Raise Black Flag at Bil'in!
  • See also... Full Coverage: Israel Attacks Lebanon (Part II) & (Part I)

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